Is Paula Bennett f***ing delusional???


According to Paula Bennett, the above sign is evidence of a ‘positive’ immigration story.

I. Just. Don’t. Know. What. To Say…

Homelessness the downside of ‘positive’ immigration story – Paula Bennett

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett has admitted there are more people homeless in New Zealand than there was when National took office.

But she says the reasons for that tell a “positive story”.

Speaking to The AM Show on Friday, Ms Bennett said New Zealand’s quick recovery from the global financial crisis (GFC) and the growing threat of terrorism overseas has seen people flock to our shores.

“New Zealanders decided they wanted to come back to New Zealand and stay here, so as a consequence we’ve had more people in this country pretty much in a really short period of time, and that has put pressure on the housing market – there’s no two ways about it,” she said.

…are you fucking delusional Paula?

She’s looking for a silver lining in a mushroom cloud!

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The 41 000 homeless?

The hundreds of thousands living in overcrowded and dangerous conditions?

The 1600 who die from cold houses each year?

Three Generations locked out of home ownership forever?

That’s all evidence of NZ being a positive story is it?

What the Christ would she consider a nightmare?

Paula’s argument is fucking bullshit. She’s trying to claim here that NZers coming home because of Terrorism and global recession has created the problems – that’s just not true.

It’s the open door immigration policy that is driving the property bubble and the false growth figures, not NZers returning home!

But Statistics New Zealand data shows in the last 40 years, there has not been a single year in which more Kiwis came home than left.

The exodus peaked in 2012, which saw a net 39,507 New Zealanders depart. It’s since recovered to a net outflow of 1284 Kiwis. On a net basis, most immigrants in 2017 have been from China, India, the UK and the Philippines.

This con job is how the Government is desperately glossing over their market driven failures. National pulled this stunt last week by claiming that homelessness in Hamilton had nearly been eradicated…

The manager of a Hamilton shelter is disputing the National Party leader’s claim that homelessness has almost been eliminated in the city.

…they aren’t even trying to defend their failures, they are trying to paint them as fantastic successes as if we are fucking stupid!

For them, as Minister’s on the pay they are set with the perks they enjoy and with home ownership high within the National Party, it probably is one never ending joy ride.

For those suffering on the bottom and the middle, there is no success story here, and even if there were, what kind of success is this?

The only reason National are so pro immigration is because it creates the false growth numbers they need, it props up middle class illusions of wealth via inflated property prices and because many NZ-Chinese migrants are huge supporters of National (The Blue Dragons) and because many senior National Party MPs are heavily invested in Chinese interests.

These people need to be removed from power.


  1. Exactly Martin, and I suggest Jacinda learn these stats to fire back when Bill spins his positive false story, as well as the crack down in China this year to keep Chinese money in China, hence the flat lining of our realestate market

  2. 100% Martyn.

    This was imported votes for the presiding government and we are all paying for their illegal election fraud. Simple as that.

    Bloody god article and points you raise as the voters need to be aware of the jeopardy national are placing us all under now with National’s crude desperate attempt to subvert the course of justice and conduct genocide against the citizens and indigenous people of this land.

    • We see yet another reason how National has stitched up the vote for themselves… these immigrants , the new kids on the block – I would like to know how many are either residents and now citizens, – pouring into our country and determining the future of our very own country,…

      Yet they know little of our history , are furthermore not that interested , are from a completely different culture with different values, styles of govt , laws , etc … yet here they are , – so many of them , – influencing New Zealanders family’s futures that have been here for generation after generation , voting for a political party that has systematically destroyed the lives of working people , the unemployed and the chronically ill.

      I wonder , if the tables were turned , … if they would resent a similar invasion of their country by a large group of people from another land who knew virtually nothing of their country , how it operated , their issues , – and furthermore were not really that interested anyway , – and who only migrated because they saw an opportunity for further self advancement. And yet found they could influence the elections to gain even further advantage for themselves , – often at the expense of the very people they were in the process of supplanting .

      Can you imagine what reception we would get there after a few years ???

      Only in New Zealand , boy , … only in New Zealand.

      • Could not have said it better myself Wild Katipo.
        There is no other country in the world with such a small population that has been so easily manipulated and in effect taken over in such a small period of time.
        N.Z has lost control of itself . We are not far off becoming the most southern province of China in the world. If that happens Labour are stuffed, The Maoris are stuffed and N.Zs culture and environment will be stuffed.
        We won’t know who we are….

        • So very true, scarily we are already well down the path. We need to value and enforce our sovereignty. No vote for non citizens would be a start.

        • “If that happens Labour are stuffed, The Maoris are stuffed and N.Zs culture and environment will be stuffed.”

          What on earth do you base these claims on?

          What on earth has Labour ever done for Maori —remember Helen Clark’s cynical trampling of the rule of law to override seabed and foreshore claim that was progressing through the courts? And the huge overreaction in the Ureweras over a few popguns in the Urewera’s? What is Labour’s record on child poverty —hardly better than National’s.

          The ‘environment’ —-how are Chinese responsible for environmental issues affecting NZ more than anyone else —in fact the rivers are stuffed mainly because of polluting Pakeha dairy farmers.

          Maoris are stuffed? In what way? South African and UK migrants I have met tend to be far more anti-Maori than Asian migrants. China’s historical record with her own minorities, while far from perfect, is far better than that of European colonizers —minority languages are protected by law and affirmative action is far more extensive than the case of any Western country. In any case, China has never practiced the sort of outright physical and cultural genocide of indigenous people of the sort practiced by Anglo Saxon colonizers. There is far greater racial and cultural affinity between Maori and Chinese than there is between Maori and Anglo Saxon.

          Basically, the posts on this blog are just about white people having a vent because they cannot stand the fact that a non-white people are fast ascending in terms of cultural and economic impact around the world. The only reason it is seen as somewhat sinister is because the Chinese are not white. It is a good thing for all non-whites around the world that a non-white power is challenging the white powers.

          Liberal whites prefer non-whites as pets and as props to virtue signal their own altruism.

      • ” and who only migrated because they saw an opportunity for further self advancement”

        So what is the primary motive of every other ethnicity of migrant who has washed up these shores?

        What is the primary motive of the thousands of Kiwis who head off to Australia (or any other part of the world) to work and to settle?

        The fact is in terms of employment, health, welfare, and crime rates Chinese are perhaps the least burdensome immigrant group of all —a pattern that is reflected in every Western country they settle in.

        Typically Asians vote left (in the US they are more strongly left then even Hispanics). They use to vote left in New Zealand and supported Helen Clark —-this was stuffed up by Twyford’s idiocy a couple of years ago.

    • The statistics on the “missing million” indicate that many of them are recent immigrants, who tend not to vote in the first couple of elections after they become eligible to vote. Only after they’ve taken some time to learn about Aotearoa, and our political system, do they start voting. I certainly wouldn’t put it past the NatACTS to resort to “…imported votes for the presiding government…” but the theory doesn’t seem to fit the evidence (thanks to Danyl Mclauchlan for the references):

  3. Bennett not only dresses, but also sounds like Bozo the Clown. Talk about fudging statistics but what is worse is that the AM show allows her to get away with it.

    “a net outflow of 1284 Kiwis.” How do you argue against that Bozo?

  4. I think you’ll find that the majority of “migrants” (colonists) support the Transnational Capital Party, Martyn.

  5. The other delusion thing I want to see these people challenged on – English in particular – is the ‘strong economy during the GFC’ and ‘sound economic management’ narrative they run with – and the media let them run with. New Zealand’s public debt has soared during National’s tenure to five times it’s level when they took power. They go on about after 9 years they’re back in surplus – as if that’s something to gloat about.

    I know if I went to an accountant or a budget adviser and told them I’d spent the last 8 years in overdraft on my cheque account, while simultaneously racking up a huge credit card bill, then said ‘it’s okay, after 8 years I’ve got money left in my cheque account’ they’d probably want to have me committed. This is the worst economic management the country has seen and there’s no journalist challenging them on it. Not to mention private debt, especially in the form of housing loans to foreign banks, is through the roof too.

  6. Oh Paula. Where would New Zealand be with out you. Thousands of state homes would still be in use. Children in CYFs care would be able to confidently travel to Te Puea Marae for rest and relaxing away from targeted policy that prevents reconnection with whanua and even medical attention.

    MSD was not excellent when you got your hands on it but we will never know from the information you where able to leak to the public. At the recent National Party campaign launch you gave a lot of self assuring yups to yourself like a drug effected in patient.

    After a hundred or more is this all the National Party has to offer? They run away when things get a little tough. Leaking irrelevant and personal information is what they do. This can not be a feature of Kiwi leadership. When one promotes the negatives it assumes every one is dumb and takes the New Zealand spirit down to a lower level of economic performance that dirty politics is unable to hide any more.

    Is this what leadership is about?

    None of the “oh hey” “but yea know” small town kiwi girl dogma works any more because you could not progress past the laughing stage and get stuck into the work. And by work I mean progressing the lines outside WINZ and State houses and basically put in a bit of elbow grease and clean up the place. No amount of smiles can convince honest hard working kiwis that your ur not just standing around looking busy.

    What has National Party Leadership come to and was it fine before John Key became became leader I guess we may never know but your cheeky smile is telling Miss Bennet.

  7. A word about National supporters like the ‘blue dragons”
    There are actually not many of them, they have to bus them around to make the National rally turnouts look bigger.
    The other name for this is: Rent-a-crowd.
    And then they are told to howl down people who ask questions that Bill English doesn’t want to answer.
    At least the people who turn out to Labour’s rallies come because they want to come, not because they are the same National faces shuffled around from rally to rally because not many members of the public are interested enough to come.
    But that is typical National for you, try and hoodwink everyone and then if that doesn’t work then get nasty.

  8. I was reading Stuff and came across an article about Benefit inviting Stuff reporters in to her house,… there she was in her comfortable retreat , talking about being surrounded by bush , totally private , getting up in the morning and going outside to catch some sun and enjoy the vista of Auckland city , after waking up to birdsong…

    How Pulyer Benefit has come so far…

    Well ,… the homeless catch the sun shine , and the rain , and yes see all too much of Auckland’s ‘ vista’ and while they too are woken up by ‘birdsong ‘ , chances are however , … it will be more because of rush hour traffic noise and that of a rubbish truck…

    After swearing at the computer I clicked away from that in disgust and read something else before I even got halfway through the clip….

  9. Thanks Mike for the insight for that group as they came to Gisborne to a meeting once and I wondered how they got there.

    Now it makes all the sense in the world.

  10. I think Paula Bennett is for more reasons than one, like Tigger from the Hundred Acre Wood…
    Tigger is the quintessential extrovert – full of energy, fun-loving but sometimes so overconfident that he thinks that any task is “what tiggers do best”. Adventurous, Rambunctious, always on the lookout for new experiences and adventure, he is not concerned with understanding the world, only with having a good time, filled with plenty of new experiences. Unfortunately, he is sometimes so focused on the present, that he never learns from the past, and is blind to potential disaster, and will often get anyone who follows him on these adventures into a bind.

    Might explain her propensity for leopard skin outfits, because of course, she has muddled up her felines…

  11. Careful, Martyn, next thing is, they call you ‘racist’ for criticising the immigration policy.

    We all know the problem, at least most reading here, so yes, they have to bloody well go tomorrow, rather than later.

    They are criminals, they have sold the future of this country out to speculators and many desperate, who come from anywhere, to earn a buck to make a humble living even.

    Farmers want Filipinos, same do Pak’n Save and Countdown, to work the hours and low paid jobs they have. The rest is what the so far slumbering middle class idiots in the urban centres have not realised, you cannot have it both ways.

    One day the bill will be presented to you, and we are there now, health services in crisis, education services in crisis, housing a privilege for the rich prick investors, infrastructure breaking down in Auckland and even Wellington, Christchurch and some other places, as it is not able to keep up with demand.

    This country has been screwed over so badly, it will take a generation or two to pay for it all, and to tidy up the damned mess left behind by National and ACT hands off criminals in government, creaming it only for themselves and the rich and upper middle class, mostly property owners and speculators and business operators.

    • Re your last paragraph Marc, the situation won’t change until we oust the Bankers and the whole neolib system. Swapping National for the current Labour team will achieve diddlysquat. All these FTA deals are simply more and more loss of our sovereignty and ceding control to business interests.

  12. immigration is part of the reason the other reason is interest rates at near zero and banks rapidly reevaluating property to hand out even more credit.
    if banks weren’t so greedy(more loans more commission) and only loaned out what the borrower could pay back this housing bubble would never have got started.
    nationals immigration growth has been nothing but a book cooking exercise that the homeless are paying for.the canary in the mine is interest rates as they rise the bubble pops the fraud is exposed.

  13. Bennett’s not delusional, she’s just desperately polishing the turd that is National’s appalling track record. If re-election depended on it, they’d probably claim getting cancer was a positive thing, because while you’re undergoing radiotherapy you have more time to kick back and relax… you know, when you’re not puking your guts out.

    Roll on September 23rd, I say!

  14. Bennett is one nasty piece of works alright.
    But she is not alone in this National Govt.

    They seem to feed of each other just to see who can be the nastiest of them all.
    There is just no class in any of them.

    And I have always wondered what Key saw in her to move her up the ranks.

  15. If National fail to form a government after the election, which is looking increasingly likely, Bennett might well become the leader of the opposition. That would really underscore just what an empty vessel National has become, just like when Goff became Labour leader after Clark stepped down.

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