What new horizon poll should tell the Greens – hold the line on poverty!


Latest Horizon Poll gives some incredible insights into how Jacinda to date has seen a real point bounce of 10%.

National has every reason to be spooked. But inside the numbers is a very interesting reality for the Greens, while a lot of Green supporters have left them for Jacinda, the reasoning as to what they left wasn’t Metriria’s courageous admission.

3 out of 10 Green supporters left the greens for Labour because of Metitria, but the other 7 out of 10 left because of Jacinda becoming leader.

The Greens can not lose the impact they are having with beneficiaries (who rarely turn up in these polls anyway), the sudden collapse in Green vote is not supporters leaving because of Metiria, they are leaving because of Jacinda.

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Marama Davidson is outside every WINZ Office in Auckland enrolling and explaining policy. This is where the Greens need to go, they can not protect the environment if they allow the pollution of poverty to make pristine rivers and sustainable energy pointless.


  1. What this new latest Horizon poll should tell us all is that Jacinda is the winner of this months election.


    Jacinda is what we need, as one who has placed positive hope above all with words she used such as;

    “We as a government will add fairness, a voice for all, a caring government who will be transparent,” into the new way of governing us.

    We have long lived under a dictatorship of “we know what’s best” so now we have seen their best we know we desperately need change, and Jacinda with her compassion is the facility to provide this.

    NZ First & Greens will need to assist with Labour to form that long awaited “Government in waiting” they pledged they were then when those three party leaders all sat around a dinner table in 2015.

    Now it’s three weeks to election time so lets see those three parties repeat their promise to us all.

  2. It looks like a 4% gain if anything (though that is not at all statistically significant given the 8.7% GP subsection margin of error), from Turei’s stand in support of beneficiaries:

    Among 2014 Green Party voters, 24% felt the recent benefit disclosures by Metiria Turei and her subsequent resignation as co-leader made them less likely to vote for the Green Party. It did not change the feelings of 37% of them towards the party and it consolidated the votes of 28% of 2014 Green Party voters, who said they were now more likely to vote for the Green Party or would definitely now vote for the Green Party.

  3. We will have Metiria tonight speaking to us about poverty in the cardboard cathedral at 7pm – STREAMING LIVE ON TDB. Poverty is the No. 1 issue. Did you hear that doctor from up north talking about P addiction this morning and saying that poverty underlines the problem.

  4. What a mess. Just proves The Green Party can not stack votes on top of a vacant Co-Leaders position. This whole confession was a totally worthless enterprise. Sue Bradford made similarly staunch standes on social reform and was bungled out of the Greens, same with Hone Hariwira bungled out of parliament. And the line used to bungle them out was you can’t be a law maker while law braking or some shit.

    Fact is the Prime Minister sits on top of the protection racket because the legal system is total farce. It’s so disingenuous to claim Sue, Hone and now Metiria are some how responsible, or can not be law makers ect.

    And these little rats chasing cults of personalities are so dangerous, pretty much destroyed Metiria’s Political career. So stupid SJW’s can pat yourselves on the back. #results

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    • It would be great if she was Greens co leader, a good fiery no nonsense activist as a counterpart to Shaw’s quieter approach.

      That’s what NZ needs these days, – more straight talking activists with get up and go.

      And less of these ‘ professional’ types who only see things from their limited world view. Because its a big world out there and it aint all pretty.

  5. Been there done that, outside WINZ offices, most do not even talk much, they are too busy surviving. Who can give them a crash course in politics and party policies, it is near impossible to do this so shortly before an election.

    Why do parties always leave until a few weeks before an election, to talk to beneficiaries? It shows their care is superficial, and beneficiaries sense it, so they will not be moved much.

    That is the depressing truth, and the election will be won by Jacinda, perhaps, only because many female former Nat voters find her more aspirational.

    Forget the rest.

    In any case, party vote Greens, candidate vote Labour, that is all we can do.

    • Spot on Marc.
      There is a huge disconnect in how we seem to think we can just go and sign up all the disaffected and what actually happens. They are so switched off to politics and too damaged to go through the process of voting.
      Your last sentence is imperative for anyone who wants progressive change.

    • yes it’s time for women to rule again, and as a male 73yr old I actually loved Helen Clark when she took over in 1999 with her “we will be a quieter gentler caring inclusive government that will be transparent.

      That blew me away then and she personally sent me three emails one part hand written so she earned my enduring respect.

      Jacinda is cast in that same caring mold that we see already folks, so give yourselves some peace of mind that we finally have a compassionate leader now in our midst.

  6. If Labour have the numbers after the general election will honour the MOU and allow the Greens in if they make parliament and i am confident they will.

    NZF will contribute to a Labour led government and this is Winston’s last term so he will want to make it count and i can see him working well with Jacinda.

  7. Please let the caring group work together without any name calling.

    It may not be all you wanted, but it will be much better than now.

  8. An element of what’s happening appears to me to be a hint of relative normalcy.
    Metiria ‘normalised’ the tactic of lying to survive thus empowering others to feel exonerated for their own doings.
    How to explain…?
    Let’s say one might wear a frock after work to relax of an evening after steel toe caps and a pair of fluro orange overalls all day. One might think, that, for a fellow, wearing a nice frock with heels while cooking pasta is absurd at best, perverse at the very worst and one might feel lonesome and marginalised while thinking “ Only me. Oh dear. Lonely, only me.”
    Until, one night, on say the Tee Veee , a Real Man comes out and says “ God dammit! “ I wear panties ! I like panties and I wear them when I can. So get over it you’s all!“
    ( Sorry for using the man metaphor. I am one so I’m going with what I know. Not that I know, if you know what I mean xx )
    That then allows all the Real-Man, frock flouncing, pasta cooking, pantie wearers to rejoice! “ We’re not alone after all ! Woo Hoo! “
    People who have to lie and cheat and fuck $-strangers and grow weed and deal P and steal cars and live in fear and know, in their heart of hearts that what they do to survive is desperate and detracts from their Gods given humanist nature is wrong…. are suddenly given a reprieve. A way out of that inward spiral of doom.
    And people should always remember, there’s always a way out. Always.
    I don’t think Metiria knows how close she got to greatness. She got pretty bloody close though. And that must have freaked out the Freaks. The real Freaks. The dangerous Freaks, The deadly Freaks. The evil Freaks in fancy suits that get their kicks from the pain they inflict on the harmless and helpless. And that’s where we are. In there. In their world. Under their control.
    Lets change that? Lets strap them, naked to a rock on the Sou West coast of the Auckland Islands with a whip and pair of handcuffs and let the penguins get at their Diddles and Ver Jay Jay’s? Make ’em squeak.
    But OMG! See? There it is? We’re doomed to become that which we hate the most…
    Lets then make the whip out of tissue paper and fur line the handcuffs, but what to do with the penguins ??? We’ve paid them and they’re waiting to go on. I’m only human. I can’t think of everything.

    • Nah fuck off ,C.B ,… forget the fur lined handcuffs and the tissue paper , and give em to the elements.

      Let them get a feel for the organic.

      Put their bodies up on a platform and let nature decide ,… Traditional Lakota/Dakota Sundance Songs 3/6 – YouTube
      sioux sundance songs 3/6 youtube▶ 4:23

      That’s how we treat traitors to the community.

      Let God / nature decide.

      #6 – Chief Joseph – Episode 6 – YouTube
      Video for l a marzulli chief joseph riverwind nephilim you tube▶ 29:06

  9. I have no faith in Labour and faith in the Greens has gushed away by the oceans with the behaviour of Meteria’s successors. The fact you have to polemicise’m Martyn says much. I’m still very impressed by their official policy replacing Shipley’s benefit cuts, but without heart it’s nothing. The Greens understand the social deficits of capitalism are intricately caught up in the environmental debits, yet they haven’t been able to round on unfairness, post-Meteria. If a Maori can best lead nationalism, then a pakeha is ideal for poverty, located as it is deep among brown people.

  10. “Because of Jacinda…’ What shallowness, on the scale of the recent tosh about Diana Spencer. Jacinda did talk sense about poverty in her opening address but then the bribe-direct to folk who actually vote for their own interests, students. Devices. Followed by inevitable hangovers. I saw the MPs lined up behind her at whatever-the-event-was — I’d rather look at coffin doors (the ever, ever present Right).

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