Major boil over in Māori Politics – Can Māori Party finally work with Labour?


Major boil over in Māori Politics last night with Māori TVs fascinating new poll of Te Tai Hauāuru which has turned the possible core of the Māori Party on its head.

The Māori Party’s Howie Tamati has over taken Labour’s Adrian Rurawhe by a far larger margin than anyone thought possible, however Te Ururoa Flavell is in trouble with a very strong challenge by Tamati Coffey.

Meanwhile Marama Fox trails in Ikaroa-Rāwhiti and their Party vote isn’t getting above 2%.

There are 4 outcomes here and the most possible of those outcomes creates a vast new change inside the Maori Party.

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Outcome 1: Flavell wins Waiariki, Howie Tamati wins Te Tai Hauāuru, pushes Marama Fox off the list. 

Outcome 2: Flavell wins Waiariki, Howie Tamati loses Te Tai Hauāuru, Marama Fox comes in off the list. 

Outcome 3: Flavell loses Waiariki, Howie Tamati loses Te Tai Hauāuru, Marama Fox doesn’t come in off the Party list.

Outcome 4: Flavell loses Waiariki, Howie Tamati wins Te Tai Hauāuru, Marama Fox comes in off the Party list.

I think Outcome 4 is the most possible here.

If Flavell is removed, then the biggest stumbling block of Maori Party working with Labour would be replaced.

Marama Fox wants to work with Labour, it has always been Flavell who has forced the Maori Party into the arms of the National Party, if Flavell loses to Tamati Coffey and Howie Tamati wins in Te Tai Hauāuru, then you will have a Maori Party with Marama Fox and Howie Tamati.

That Maori Party could most certainly work with Jacinda rather than Bill.

This earthquake could realign the Maori Party political philosophy in a significant way that suddenly makes a Labour-Green-Maori Party Government a genuine possibility.

This could undermine Winston’s power of Kingmaker more than any other move in the rubric cube our political landscape is becoming.



  1. “Can Māori Party finally work with Labour?”

    I hope so martyn mate,

    Maori party as long traditional traits to Labour, just can to the east coast and see t for real, as every time we cal for maori amongst our east coast electorate to attend a public political meeting that will affect many maori we get solid support as a usually labour opposition backed forum.

    Last October we even invited marama Fox to attend the last forum on rail and saw support there also, so we believe the natural place for Maori Party should be aligned with the traditional Labour side rather than the greedy corporate controlled right wing party National.

    That is a very bad look for the Maori Party to se seen with, and they have almost been fatally destroyed being in collusion with National.

    Best the Maori party divorce themselves from that “unholy alliance” with the right wing traitors the National Party.

    Third time lucky for the Maori Party then?

    • You mean shonky turncoats like the party who who kicked off the neo-liberal coup and provided some of the founders of ACT from among their own MPs? Bomber’s whole point here is that political parties can change significantly over time, as different factions get their people into key roles. You seem happy to accept that Labour has left their shameful neo-liberal past behind, despite the fact that no Labour leader yet has publicly repudiated Rogernomics. Why is it so hard to believe the Māori Party could change its strategy?

  2. Good thing bad thing who knows, all I do know is that maori party is focused on putting every effort and doing the best they can into campaigning day by one has a crystal ball, Kia Kaha Maori Party

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