Why I disagree with banning Mike Hosking from hosting the debates for being politically biased


Shock and horror that Mike Hosking is hosting the TVNZ debates has erupted on social media with many claiming he is too biased against Labour to be an impartial host.

I disagree.

I don’t care that he is a right wing lunatic on our State Broadcaster hosting a political debate, he was actually very good as a host 3 years ago hosting Cunliffe and Key. Most pundits admitted Cunliffe won those debates quite convincingly, so Hoskings’ skill as a broadcaster with a known and pretty open political bias isn’t the issue here.

The issue here is that Mike obviously hates women.

A refreshingly honest ZB billboard advert

Hosking was at the forefront of the mauling firstly on Metiria and then on asking Jacinda baby questions. He has an obvious dislike of women, his vitriol was some of the worst against Metiria and Jacinda and his despicable behaviour attacking the young waitress who complained about being touched was so bad the Broadcasting Standards Authority actually handed out an admonishment over his coverage.

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Hosking being politically biased doesn’t stop him from successfully hosting political debates in an election year, we saw the proof in that pudding 3 years ago, but what rules him out utterly is his misogyny and disgusting sexism.

A politically biased person isn’t unfit to host a debate if we are all aware of their bias, but a bigot can’t host a debate because a bigot isn’t worthy of our attention.

Getting Mike Hosking to host the election debate is like getting Trump to judge a beauty competition.


  1. To look on the bright side of things.
    If that dickhead hosts the leaders debate it makes my fantasy come a step closer.
    What’s my fantasy?
    That Jacinda will smack him in the teeth.
    She’s probably way too civilised to do that but if she did I reckon Labour would win by a landslide from voters grateful that she finally put that loser in his place.
    Dreams are free, I suppose.

    • Mike the Lefty: “That Jacinda will smack him in the teeth.”

      I haven’t watched that fellow in years, but I’d certainly reconsider, if that were to be even remotely possible. What a sight it would be!

  2. What a arrogant, self centered, narcissist Hosking is,I won’t be bothered watching. Think I spend the time with something more meaningful,my wife and kids ,than tolerating that radio hack jackass.

  3. I actually don’t think he was very good at the last election.
    Knowing Key had been completely outclassed by Cunliffe in the first two debates he wound down the clock in the 3rd debate by turning into some sort of of lightweight ‘Happy Hour’.
    His questions in all the debates were usually flippant and shallow, reflecting his own personality…hopeless really.
    If you watched the interviewer conducting the leaders debates in the recent U.K election and then go back and watch the tapes of Hosking , it’s like watching amateur hour by comparison.
    A serious Wallace Chapman would be a better choice.

  4. I think heads should roll in TVNZ for this. They give this man an “opinion slot” on Seven Sharpe and on other media outlets. He is obviously pro National, anti-left. It is a very poor choose to use him as a moderator.

    Jacinda played it right though when asked about it. “it doesn’t bother me”.

    I think those of us who signed the partition which is likely to be unsuccessful, to actively boycott watching the debate and let TVNZ know this.

  5. I vote for Kim Hill to host the debates.

    She is forthright , tough and honest and is committed to getting the answers and the facts.

    John Campbell is a close second.

    • I agree too. That’s the first person I thought of. It would be great to hear something other then white, middle-class, middle-aged male all the frigging time.

      But I think Jacinda would put on a better showing if Hoskings were the presenter.

    • Oh MOSA

      Kim Hill is the very best presenter Radio NZ has today.

      She makes even Guyon Espiner seem like a wanker to.

      Guyon Espiner has lost much of his former sting in his tail he was known for but Kim Hill asks very dramatic pointed questions that get to the heart of issues.

      I cant get enough of Kim.

  6. Putting trust on Hoskins seems an imbalanced risk.

    The stakes are too high and his form is fairly consistent as a bias bigoted hit man for the right. .

    Relying on a performance 3 years ago could well be cherry picking to suit an argument. The scene is very different in 2017 than 2014.

    Hosking will be in a position where he could make a pivotal difference.

    Why should that risk be run.

    Who chose him.

      • Steven Joyce is the NZ equivalent to Joseph Goebbels.

        he is a professional Propagandist for his toxic National Government and it’s agencies within NZ.

        He is a dangerous devious buffoon and is considered today as the least honest MP inside his National party.

    • I believe it was Bill Rolston. He is an avid fan of Hosking. But then Rolston would be given his distinct distaste for anything anti National!

  7. Don’t agree. There’s no room for arrogant front men for National. I saw those debates and Hoskings was an amateur. John Campbell would be a much better choice…

    • I like John Campbell but in this instance I actually he would be a bit soft on both sides.
      Wish we could have Kim Hill, she takes no prisoners any time and it has been suggested that she could reduce Adolf Hitler to tears.

  8. I noted over at the Standard that Hosking couldn’t prevent Key from getting kerbstomped in his TVNZ debate with Cunliffe last time. But since you raise the issue of Hosking and women, it’s worth pausing to remember that he got BTFO when he tried tangling with Dr. Jane Kelsey on the subject of the TPPA. A serious caning from Jacinda Adern would make for some great television.

    • Yeah that’s right, – he received a good bit of biffo from Dr Kelsy . Made the loser scuttle back into his right wing shell for cover . And Jacinda ‘BUT , – YOU !!! … YOU !!!’ Adern could certainly do the same. That’d be a treat.

      But apart from that,…nah Martyn , – throw the bum out and get Kim Hill on the job.

      You can always turn the TV off if you are squeamish about the sight of blood.

      Blue blood.

      National party blood.

      Lots of it.

      • WK … Kim Hill would have English’s entrails lining the studio walls, then move on to the next question without blinking.

        Another point. I guess if Hosking wasn’t available for moderating the debates, Dr Sir John Key would no doubt make himself available as a replacement!

  9. The only thing Mike consistently brings of any substance to the public on a regular basis is his hair gel

  10. I cant bring my self to listen to that fool, Hoskings, so guess that means I wont be watching any political debates on TV.

  11. Just hope Hoskings gets some clothes that actually fit rather than squeezing into things three sizes too small and designed for teenagers.

  12. I’d like to see more pushback against these pathetic faux journalists frankly. Hosking, Garner, Gower, Henry and Soper have had their day and frankly made a cock of it.

    Let them return to the dying market of private radio where they belong.

  13. I remember clearly when hosking replaced ETV. I thought at the time ” What the fuck? This bitter little flouncing nancy is … what exactly? A Brilcream poster boy? What’s his purpose?? He’s mean and abrasive and achieves nothing. Where’s ETV? I want to do the learning again… “

  14. Have they got Hosking’s on a National bill-board yet with Bill??

    They could put him next to the PM and alter the slogan to “National delivering Hosking for New Zealanders” since he is their main media mascot?

    The other slogan changes could be “Delivering bias & misery, & poverty for New Zealanders”?

    • I reckon Hosking isn’t on the National Party list only because the arrogant prick would have demanded no. 1 position and the Tories aren’t that stupid!

    • Hee hee love it CLEANGREEN. Well put 🙂

      Perhaps on the billboard piccie of Bling and Hosk, an addition to the slogan “Delivering to New Zealanders” could be to slot in 1% between the to and NZers, making the only true statement the Natz have made in almost nine years!

    • Sounds good, however with one small alteration , perhaps…

      Instead of their faces being shown ,… replace both with a couple of cow pats.

      1) We would still instantly recognize the both of them. We could even put Hosking’s hair complete with gel on one of them.

      2) It would be truly representative of all the sort of shit we’ve had to put up with from both of them for the last 9 years.

      3) It would also be more representative of the sort of shit policy’s that A) they represent and B) the attitude they display towards the ever growing numbers of unemployed , low wage earners , homeless and exploited immigrants.

  15. How many debates are scheduled?….is it 3?…if so why not have one hosted by John Campbell, Kim Hill and M. Hosking?

  16. Sign the petition opposing Mike Hosking as election presenter; do a search at Google (Change.Org) Over 25,000 people have signed so far.

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