GUEST BLOG: Nandor Tanczos – Tribute to Metiria


I was so sad to hear that Metiria Turei MP had resigned her co-leadership of the Greens. I think she is probably the most courageous MP of our generation and had the potential to completely transform our Government for the good. Sadly that is now unlikely to happen. Hypocrites and vampires have hounded her out, for things done over 20 years ago as a struggling solo mum. For things far less egregious than what has been done by our PM, while he was a Minister of the Crown.

My first reaction was to say fuck the lot of them.

My second is to say, don’t let them get away with this.

I want to see a Green Government in my lifetime. That starts with Green Ministers in the next term of Parliament. There is so much talent still to be tested – James Shaw, Julie Anne Genter, Marama Davidson and the rest of the current caucus. So many potential new MPs like Chlöe Swarbrick, Golriz Ghahraman, Green Party Candidate Teanau Tuiono and others. That means maximising the vote.
We need a united and powerful Green Party to rock the last few weeks of this election and make sure the new Labour Government is genuinely progressive.

Something they are unlikely to do on their own


  1. Well said, Nandor!

    I hope once the dust settles and the media pack are back in their pens, Metiria’s legacy is that the can of worms she opened showing our broken welfare system enters into public discourse.

    She’s sacrificed her career, it can’t be in vain.

  2. I’m picking this will be an albatross around Nationals neck , – that combined with the Barclay scandal , and Peters text information. Then there is going to be the constant comparison of the Double Dipper from Dipton …

    And what Metiria did can never be silenced. It will become an ongoing thorn in Nationals or anybody’s else’s side if they try to stuff it away in a cupboard and hide it . It will just keep pushing its way out and resurfacing.

  3. Nandor i am really proud of what you have said in your post.

    We need a strong Green party in the future Labour led government it is the only way we will get compassionate sensible policy and influence in the direction of that government.


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