Rich, white, male broadcasters hating on Metiria again


After their first attempt to assassinate Metiria’s character failed and the Greens went up in the polls and just after their horrific sexism in demanding to know about Jacinda’s baby plans, rich white privileged male broadcasters are again denigrating Metiria with the treachery of Clendon and Kennedy.

You get the feeling that rich white male broadcasters in NZ won’t be happy until Metiria is forced to do this…

…Metiria’s courage in standing for the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us by highlighting how wicked and cruel the neoliberal welfare state really is has angered the establishment because the establishment need the beneficiaries to be weka and disconnected from the political process.

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The establishment needs to keep beneficiaries from changing the status quo…

…the establishment must punish with vicious venom anyone daring to challenge the spite within our welfare state.

This mornings AM Show was far more hateful to woman than it normally is with Patrick Gower making his latest vengeance fantasy against the Greens headline news.

This is a test pattern for stupid…

…I’m not sure what angers Patrick, Garner, Espiner, Hosking, Soper or Armstrong most, that Metiria has highlighted the cruelty of our welfare system and empowered beneficiaries or that the Greens went up despite all orgy of sexist hate they spat at Metiria.

Beneficiaries who are forced to live with the fear and horror of our neoliberal welfare agencies know the power in Metiria’s admission. If beneficiaries rose up, enrolled and voted Green in this election they could skate the neoliberal state to its core.

And that’s why rich white male broadcasters are so desperate to destroy Metiria.

The throbbing self righteousness of patriarchy screaming at her this morning belittles us all.

Jeremy Corbyn faced exact same type of disloyalty & betrayal that Clendon & Kennedy have exhibited – he stood strong, so should the NZ Greens.



    • Counter combo. Copy and pasta:

      It’s natural to question every interaction one has with people who go into that goodnight. How do I know? I’v meet many suicide victims. 6 and counting. So I’v lived it. Experience affords the honour of council. So how big is the problem?

      Official data tells us nothing but the 300,000 children living in poverty is telling. Those that can not instruct the youngest and most vulnerable amongst us must be convinced that pontificating from a position of power and privilege got us here in the first place. So for every 100,000 children living in poverty 150 youngsters hit the force quit button and little bit left-over for the rest of New Zealanders youngsters. Now we can argue about the detail but that’s a plausible number that is revolting.

      So it’s entirely a lottery. That good night could grade any one of them for any reason. And the solutions will never be perfect but if it isn’t youth driven, our family values will never be absolute. They are always contingent and conflicted, and life is made up of decisions in complicated situations in cases of conflicting values. If you just listen to one in isolation then yeah. That goodnight may sound legitimate and maybe it is but you have to but you have to ask what it means under particular conditions.

      >So choice is legitimate and family values are legitimate and some times they run into conflict.

      It’s reasonably understood that as woman have better opportunities, better understanding and better medical care is available, and better family planning is available fertility rates go down, suicides go down – children are better cared for and woman are healthier, and children are healthier. Those things are known. And those are things that are easily under social control and should not be controversial. I don’t think there should be anything controversial about making sure that woman have access to decent sanitary products and public spaces that alone would save hundreds of lives each year. If you wana do things that will help people there are very easy ways to do it. And it’s not just true of woman it is also true of children. And if my memory is correct NZStatistics say around 2,000 children die in New Zealand from very easily treatable diseases – some times meaning lack of drinkable water or lack of access to electricity and dehydration and diarrhoea – you know things that can be very easily treated, and could be treated for literally cents a day from progressive taxation.

      Well okay if we are serious about saving lives, saving children’s lives. There are easy ways to do it. On the other hand if you look at the same people who are most militant about saving face, are they concerned that the current government cut funding to the suicide help line. The country has plenty of wealth, the means are easily there. Social policy is just being used and designed to in-rich the wealthy even further and let the poor suffer and let the children starve and let the mothers die and so on. That is an overwhelming problem. Among the people who are willing to address those problems we can at-least take seriously when they talk about family values. When you find people who take family values seriously you can listen to what they say about other things like youth suicide which is a hard question. But I don’t think youth suicide is worth talking to people who’s values don’t care about the massive problem of starvation and mutilation and molestation CYF’s style that they could easily deal with and are doing nothing about.

      By the way like any complex historical context presenting a god that can be called upon to justify cultural genocide, and called upon to justify mercy to widows and orphans, it’s the same God, it depends what part of the text you want to interpret.

      Every one in the debate is opposed to youth suicide, and that is turning a blind eye to a child in crises because they are to much trouble to take care of. Every one agrees on that. Every one agrees I suppose that children are allowed to wash there hands, and when a child let’s out blood into the basin, I suppose you could make a case and go over to the biology lab, that when a child washes there hands lots of cells flake off and some future technology might be able to use that information on those cells to construct designer babies.

      So some where between say, washing your hands and slipping into that goodnight. Some where between that, there are decisions to be made about how to balance what we call life against lots of other problems. And those decisions are not simple. People say well I know it is with in this number of days, well they can’t be taken seriously. What we are talking about here are ambiguous issues of a complicated kind where you have to balance conflicting interests and concerns as is generally in the case of human life.

      You’re not going to get the answers from templates and text, youre not going to get the answers from biologists, you’re not going to get the answers from psychologists. Youth suicide is a matter of human concern that have to be discussed seriously and reasonably with attention to the array of differing family values often that people have and different decisions they may come to under similar circumstances.

      For all of these reasons #IstandWithMetiria. And muh man Mike King. Oh and muh boi Hone. Can’t forget Shaw and Jacinda.

    • I agree Red Buzzard, I felt his interview with Sue Bradford was fair, and he gave her a good opportunity to state her views with out ignorant interruptions.

      I hope the Greens continue to focus their concern for the homeless and the poor – sure we need clean rivers and clean environment – but all this is useless if we have hundreds of thousands of our citizens living in poverty, and there being no evident light at the end of the tunnel.

      The Labour party under the traitors Douglas, Prebble, Dunne and others created this disgraceful situation, under their free market trickle-down bull shit, and I don’t see any changes in the present Labour Party even under a new leader. Adern was quick to shaft Metiria alongside all the other white middle class so called do-gooders, except we all know that honesty amongst National politicians is a rarity, one does does not have to look far to see more of their double dealings. But of course the news media are silent again. STAND TALL \METIRIA – STAY SUPPORTIVE THE GREENS.

  1. Yes, rather obvious, is it not?

    Problem is, the media tend to move like a pack, and most seem to have a very negative view of Metiria Turei and also of those on benefits, so the campaign continues unabated.

    Oh, she had her mother as a flatmate over twenty years ago, also was the father of the child still on the electoral roll, oh now.

    Would anybody perhaps ask what their circumstance may have been then? They may all have been struggling.

    But as the media still controls the bulk of the information battle, on blogs we only discuss the end results and fall outs, we are hardly setting the topics and discussions, going by what I hear and read all over the show.

    Echo chambers everywhere, and the ‘hard working Kiwis’ are fighting each other, blaming each other and keep the system in place as it is, whether they approve of it or hate it.

  2. And yet these people all cheer (more or less openly) for the Double Dipper from Dipton.
    But I suppose right-wing mind philosophy will never admit the possibility that you yourself might possibly be a hypocrite.

    • Ironically, English used the argument “doing what was right for my family” to attempt to defend his claiming of the housing allowance.

  3. Mike Williams on rnz this morning was no better. Far from being from “the left” , he was pimping for Labour. At times like his, self interest and pious bigotry made for an unholy alliance.

    Stand firm, Metiria. Your cause is just

    MIke Williams, shame, shame, shame on you.

    • Samwise Mike Williams is out of date, past it, needs to be put out to pasture material and wasn’t he a supporter of prison reforms how can he support this cause but not beneficiaries and there plight another bloody hypocrite. And being ex- labour party no wonder labour went down the toilet when he was there too many old hasbian like him that is why

  4. Does anyone think they would stop attacking the Greens if Metiria resigned? Not likely. They would see it as a sign of weakness and go in for the kill. That’s why the Greens have to stay firm. For Metiria to resign now would only strengthen the argument of those attacking her and the Greens

  5. Yeah Martyn there are times when this country should be ashamed of itself.
    Clearly those who have the intelligence and compassion to understand why Metria broke the law here are in no doubt about supporting her and her continuing to be leader.

    But those who are attacking her have an agenda here and it’s not about wanting to address poverty or the cruelty of Social Welfare and the misery inflicted on their fellow New Zealanders it’s about having a enemy to attack and vilify and even better when it is a standard bearer for the left.

    Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress , rob and degrade them neither persons or property will be safe.
    Fredrick Douglass.

  6. I think that Metiria would have been better advised to keep her welfare transgressions to herself . But she didn’t, and that’s water under the bridge.Graham and Clendon have the right to their principles and their thoughts on the matter. But they have then valued their principles over the welfare of hundreds of thousands of their fellow New Zealanders living in poverty.Now that is truly despicable . It no doubt is easy for them to burble on about the morality of the situation . They are not waking up in a freezing car in a Takanini carpark. The best thing that has happened is that these two are expelled from the Green Party, and no doubt there will be a raising of the collective I.Q of the Green Parliamentary Party as a result!

  7. Metiria has let her side down, blaming anyone else is just silly. She needs o piss off to give the Greens a fair chance

    • No , Metiria has opened up the dialogue on just how bad and rotten the DSW/ WINZ really is and how it has been used as a weapon by National.

      She was the best thing that happened. And if Labour win the election , that dialogue wont go away.

      And National and these media gits know it.

      That’s why they hate her.

      And if National hate Metiria then shes doing something right.

      And worthy of our support.

      • She has my support, and great to see the caring members of the Green Party standing with her. Kia Kaha Greens.

  8. Metiria has committed heresy. Nothing animates the righteous more than heresy.

    On the flatmates matter and support of her child back her 100%.

    However, the electoral roll address was an indiscretion that’s harder to wear.

    The stakes keep getting higher. Either drag National into this somehow and make it a complete shitfight or shut it down, fast.

    • “Middle New Zealanders” are a bunch of self righteous Pharisees.

      Jesus stood beside the poor and oppressed, and pointed out the hypocrisies of the ruling class.

      The Pharisees killed him.


      .@metiria with head of World Council of Churches & NZ Church leaders who acknowledge her leadership to end poverty.— People & Planet (@DeborahMTNZ) August 8, 2017

  9. FUCK ! I’m going to have to come out of my sulk for this one.
    But just let me say one thing first:
    OK. So there’s no one out there that has yet figured out that in order to augment social change in Nu Zillind, you must first get a hold of the purse strings? Not one of you? You bag and slag the farmer yet you expect tax cuts AND tax expenditure and who’s our export currency earner? And National OWN the farmer in all permutations. I mean… For. Fucks. Sake.
    I’m really trying to move on here. Some of you will, no doubt, want me to move off a tall building. To under a train. To closely shave my wrists. To shout ‘ I love soccer, bitches ‘ with a mince in any small rural southland town. Well, fuck you then. Go and get your learn on then come back to me.

    Metiria is precisely what we need right now, and forever, in my view.
    She’s brave, measured and profoundly honest and straightforward. ( Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what you few think. Those few of you who have the thinking depth of a damp sock. )

    Metiria mislead a corrupt institution. So she fucking should have! The reason those two old bleak cowards hiding in the broom cupboard in The Greens are so miffed is because Metiria showed them up for being gutless.
    Someone needed to challenge WINZ because WINZ is fucked. It was once the corner stone of our emerging egalitarian society to make sure the fortunate didn’t have to feel guilt when they walked past the less fortunate living in the gutters while on the way to the casino to throw away their chump change for shits and giggles. The reason WINZ IS fucked is because it WAS fucked.
    And who fucked it?
    Well, they’re easy to identify. The NBR comes out with a list of them now and then.
    And how was it fucked?
    Well, take our freak show Prime Minister as an example. He’s bent. Bent as… Bent as 450 txt’s He was rorting $900.00 a week to help pay for him pay to live in his own $1.2 million dollar Wellington hovel. ( John Minto. x ) One might then ask… what have the other fuckers been up to then?
    If you get a prime minister who’s that bent, others may find he’s a very useful resource to easily manipulate. To get what they want. Like handy speculative property tax laws, useful trust account laws and a completely corrupt IRD who can barely contain their contempt for those of us who pay the most taxes. Yes, that’s right folks. The poorest, and majority of us.

    Metiria is precisely who to vote for. No argument, although the damp sock brigade will have a go. The same ones who purchase working girls, those ‘girls’ who are mostly single mothers trying to survive in a Kiwi As “The Hand Maids Tale” world of polite horrors. If prostitues are now regarded as self employed and taxed accordingly, can business men claim the costs back as expenditure? The some ones who can now collect the taxes from single parent women’s ‘endeavours’ to feed, not only their kids but the dirty riche also?

    Vote The Greens. Support Metiria.

    BTW. Adern? Tony Blair ?? WTF ??? That’s just so…. OMG! ( Again…John Minto. Yay John Minto ! )

    • Glad your back . And keep on with the kickarse commentary’s . You raise many valid points, and , in this post you mentioned … ” in order to augment social change in Nu Zillind, you must first get a hold of the purse strings ” …

      This EXACTLY what needs doing , – changing the Reserve Bank Act so that Treasury / Reserve Bank is brought back under direct govt regulations. That is a keystone of the neo liberal free market to have no restrictions to their madness whatsoever.

      It’ll take a fair bit to agitate for and a groundswell of people who realize just why it is important, then all the debate with economists etc who argue the reasons not for it to change.

      But if that happens it would be a major brick knocked out of the neo liberals wall.

    • And again…THIS :

      … ” Well, take our freak show Prime Minister as an example. He’s bent. Bent as… Bent as 450 txt’s He was rorting $900.00 a week to help pay for him pay to live in his own $1.2 million dollar Wellington hovel. ( John Minto. x ) One might then ask… what have the other fuckers been up to then?
      If you get a prime minister who’s that bent, others may find he’s a very useful resource to easily manipulate. To get what they want. Like handy speculative property tax laws, useful trust account laws and a completely corrupt IRD who can barely contain their contempt for those of us who pay the most taxes. Yes, that’s right folks. The poorest, and majority of us ” …

      The sheer hypocrisy is evident. And so is the political opportunism in trying to paint Metiria as the ‘ bad guy ‘ .

      Disgusting far right wing media with their disgusting far right wing backers. And that’s all it is. A smear job, nothing more , nothing less.

    • And again…THIS :

      … ” Well, take our freak show Prime Minister as an example. He’s bent. Bent as… Bent as 450 txt’s He was rorting $900.00 a week to help pay for him pay to live in his own $1.2 million dollar Wellington hovel. ( John Minto. x ) One might then ask… what have the other fuckers been up to then?
      If you get a prime minister who’s that bent, others may find he’s a very useful resource to easily manipulate. To get what they want. Like handy speculative property tax laws, useful trust account laws and a completely corrupt IRD who can barely contain their contempt for those of us who pay the most taxes. Yes, that’s right folks. The poorest, and majority of us ” …

      The sheer hypocrisy is evident. And so is the political opportunism in trying to paint Metiria as the ‘ bad guy ‘ .

      Disgusting far right wing media with their disgusting far right wing backers. And that’s all it is. A smear job, nothing more , nothing less.

    • Welcome back Countryboy.
      Please keep posting on TBD.
      As with so many of the contributors here, your opinions are thought provoking and compulsory reading.
      The TDB is evidence that not all Kiwis are racist, sexist, self centred zombies. That is hugely reassuring for it’s many readers.

    • Hey good to have you back Countryboy 🙂 I have missed your great interesting “rants.”

      I like to think we on this site are on the same side, fighting our best to rid ourselves of this toxic rats’ nest Natz government, which is (if not already has done) turning NZ into a filthy cesspit of wallowing squalor!

      As for Metiria. She is the voice we ordinary Kiwis have needed for so long, to speak for the dispossessed in this country. And each day she is resolved to hold her head high, stand up, look NZ in the eye and continue the fight, the stronger and more powerful her message becomes, something which scares the bejesus out of the Natz, hence the reason it’s doing it’s best through its rabid bullies in the msm to have her gone!


    • Well, Barry Soper does appear fine with that moniker, but then being a “Sugar Daddy” also fits his own moniker.

      I take anything the old relic says with a grain of salt these days and let his daughter Heather -Allan do the talking, oops wife!

  10. Whatever the rights and wrongs of Metiria’s position, it highlights the WINZ problem. Somehow, an agency which was created to help the disadvantaged has mutated into one that polices them, spies on them and clobbers them at every opportunity.

    When a citizen comes into the orbit of a “helping” agency, one would hope the State would seize the chance to help the person find a way out of dependence and towards self-sustainability. To find that Turei was at Law School should have been the Holy Grail of circumstances.

    Instead, the “Judgemental ATM” just carried on allowing people to struggle along below the bread-line.

    As a result, beneficiaries see WINZ as the enemy, not the hand-up agency they should be. And the number one law of poverty is “don’t tell the bastards anything you don’t have to”, because sure as night follows day, they will use that information to make your life worse.

    And, however the current crisis plays out, that is where reform must begin.

    Anyone can understand the imperatives that force Jacinda to take a hard-nosed approach, but no one who has ever had to deal with the Agencies will be in the least surprised or lack a level of sympathy at Metiria’s personal history.

  11. I wonder what the response from all the haters would be if it was revealed that actually having a couple of boarders is within the rules and she hasn’t committed benefit fraud after all.

    Will everyone retract their bile? Or press on regardless?

    I’m speculating because Metiria hasn’t said if there were only 2 flatmates at a time, and whether what they were paying covered their food.

    • Just imagin how much time Jacinda would give to stuffy reporters. In the same vain as John Car Key gave to John Campbell

    • Yes, you raise a good point, but there is a fine difference between boarders and flatmates, having different legal meanings:

      If the people you share with are given the same rights and responsibilities, and you split the rent in equal shares, then they are flatmates, and they do legally not count as boarders then.

      It pays to make clear from the start that a boarder is a boarder, and that the payments are not rent, but cover also other living costs, in one sum, often even food costs. People having boarders are advised to make at least a basic written agreement, stating this, then you can show this to WINZ and that should not affect your benefit.

      The thing Metiria did was not declare who stayed with her, which she must do, as WINZ, then Income Support or DSW, expect such changes to be reported to them.

      She will have been flat out worrying about her kid, study and survival and other things, and probably did not think of all the rules that much then.

      Board should not affect the benefit, if you have only up to two boarders and them paying no more than what is allowed per person, but that is re the main or base benefit, it may affect your temporary additional support and even accommodation supplement, if you have boarders for long periods.

      It is not that easy, even with having boarders. But that is of course the problem, the many rules, the tight restrictions and abatements, it makes life on the benefit near impossible for most to survive on.

  12. John Key was found to have assaulted a young woman *multiple times* by pulling her ponytail at her workplace. Where were all these squatters on the moral high ground then, demanding that Key stand down?!? Now Metiria has admitted to a minor misdeed done for noble reasons, and a trivial misdeed done for comedic reasons, both of them decades ago, and they want her head? The double standards of the right are unbelievable. I really hope a clear majority of my fellow kiwis see through this cynical dirty politics, and flock to the Greens come election day.

    • At 76 years of age I have never voted for the Greens, I always hoped that Labour would return to its support for the working class – was I sucked in there – Well The Greens have shown that NZ needs more than clean rivers – and I will vote for the party who will treat all NZ’ers fairly, especially the poor.

    • Well said Danyl. And the assaults on the young waitress were done in full view of his DPS aa well as her employers, without a word being said to Key about his unsatisfactory behaviour.

      Amazingly that issue was closed down very quickly, allowing Key to get off the hook, with little/no accountability expected from him. But when it comes to someone like Metiria … oh dear, oh dear, the Natz hate honesty. Truth and honesty puts Natz in a bad light, bringing unwanted attention to their grubby, unsavoury activities (housing allowance rort etc for a start). So to satisfy its drooling lust for blood, Natz lets its baying rabid media wolf pack lose to tear a good decent person apart!

      Party vote Green.


  13. All the work the Greens have done over the last twenty odd years to gain political and
    electorate credibility is now all undone by a miss calculation by Metira.
    What seemed to be a clever political strategy has most probably helped National to retain power.
    Labour is now turnished by association with the Greens and their polical melt down .
    It’s a terrible look and not one that should be portrayed by a possible government in waiting.

    • Sometimes, David, the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do.

      Remember the hate lavished on Martin Luther King Jnr and Nelson Mandela?

      Now they are revered as visionaries and great leaders of the 20th Century.

      Once the hate has subsided; time passes, and people begin to think more clearly, I believe Metiria will be seen as a woman who took the road less travelled.

      I look at these things long term and she will be remembered long after Bill English’s predecessor is long forgotten.

    • Tarred by association that sounds like more hypocrisy
      I recall unlike some politicians who don’t have a recall button deleted texts and emails as they were not sent in my Ministerial capacity does that ring a bell. 450 for Billy and how many lack of recalls from his mate Dr dolittle Key
      ps. does Canterbury University need a top up (of funding )

    • Are you saying that what they stood for, stand for, now no longer counts because of what Turei said she did? So it’s all about personality not the message?

  14. Principled stand, or political naivety? Both actually.
    Principled: Metiria has shown more character, compassion and connection in a few days, than in 8 years of the Merrill Lynch fraudster, his double-dipping replacement, and any of the pack of cowardly parasites that form the National Party.
    Naivety: Having opened up to the MSM, thinking that the narrative could in any way be controlled from that point onwards. Corporate owned MSM hate the Greens and here is the gilt edged opportunity to put the boot in. And they’ve wasted no time. Seven Sharp in prime form tonight for example.
    How this plays out … who knows?
    They say a week is a long time in politics. At the moment, each week feels like a lifetime!

    • Why do you lot want National returned to Power?

      Health is stuffed up
      The Prime Minister is a Fraudster and a Liar
      Education is stuffed
      Hundreds of thousands of families are in utter poverty

      National are Stench. They exist only for the very wealthy.
      And yet you just want to rubbish Labour. For God’s sake grow up !

  15. When you attack citizens with hammers, make damn sure you know what they are made of lest you beat the pikes for your own heads.

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