Could Trump use the JFK assassination to burn America’s establishment to the ground?

By   /   August 5, 2017  /   24 Comments

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…if the papers reveal a plot to assassinate its own President, in one move Trump could kill off any loyalty to the Republic and replace it with himself. Previous Presidents might have decided that such information would be too destructive to the establishment to ever release, Trump wouldn’t care.

The madness of Trump’s White House is the fury and disintegration of a man whose thin skinned fragile ego and toxic masculinity is consumed with dangerous revenge fantasies.

What Republican strategists have not yet appreciated is that the self perceived lack of respect that drives Trump’s dangerous revenge fantasies is directed at everyone, including the Republicans.

Trump’s supporters effectively smothered the Republicans and led a hostile take over of the Party. They rose up not to join with Republicans but to over throw them. Trump supporters know they have been left out of the gains of globalisation and they want the perpetrators of that to be punished for a thousand invisible sins that fuel their own revenge fantasies.

Trump has manipulated that sense of economic dislocation and and cultural inferiority complexes because he has faced those very same internal characters chasms.

Firing Priebus, the Republican point man in the White House, is punishment for Republicans inability to pass meaningful Health Care but it also illuminates Trump’s total lack of remorse in wanting to destroy all the establishment structures he considers full of mocking rats who refuse to see his greatness.

A Leader as dangerously unstable as Trump is cares not for the position of President or the State it represents, he cares about his Presidency and holding onto power for as long as he can.

So while Trump’s popularity plunges what would Trump do to keep power?

War and internal threats are easy enough conclusions, but I suspect Trump wants more than that, I suspect he wants to do far more damage to the establishment than another meaningless war. He wants the very belief in democracy snuffed out so that his crass and simplistic bigotry is the only mantra.

Terrifyingly there is such a trick Trump could play.

For years the truth about the JFK assassination has been hidden, right now Trump has the means to release all that truth to America in a way that sickens them…

Donald Trump could release classified John F Kennedy assassination files

…if the papers reveal a plot to assassinate its own President, in one move Trump could kill off any loyalty to the Republic and replace it with himself. Previous Presidents might have decided that such information would be too destructive to the establishment to ever release, Trump wouldn’t care.

Such toxic and angry populism unleashed could take on a life of its own.

We all hope at some point the checks and balances within the United States will rupture Trump. The truth is that there aren’t any functioning checks and balances.

Trump is symbolic of all that is wrong in America and his desire to please himself as an individual above all others means he simply doesn’t care about the wreckage he leaves behind.


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  1. redbush says:

    It’s fascinating to see how otherwise intelligent people are being led down the garden path by a corrupt establishment to attack the very person who was voted in by ordinary working men and women. If Trump is overthrown it proves that democracy is well and truly dead and a self entitled establishment which controls the media (and, it appears the minds of the left) have won. Are you suggesting that Trump hides the truth? Well that’s exactly what the puppet masters want you to do. Can’t you see you are being manipulated? Surely the right thing to do would be release the files and allow the public to decide what to make of them.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Hey hold up. I was one of the few lefties to come out for Trump. But even I acknowledge Hillary received millions more votes than Trump. Not the lefts fault for miss understanding the Electoral Collage system. But that’s how democracy works now a days. It’s all a con job.

      • Cemetery Jones says:

        Agree with you there, Sam – but from what I’ve been able to find out, the popular vote thing is really just overhang from the massive demography of California. Which is interesting because right now the suicidal rush to destruction I see in American politics is not anything Trump is doing, but the so-called ‘Calexit’ movement.

        Instead of sitting right and remembering that Trump at the very longest has two terms, they want to leave the USA just to give him a black eye – and for that very same reason Democrats all over are cheering them on. But California is the main anchor for the Dems in the electoral college. Take it away, and they’ll find it very hard to win elections until longer term shifts in demography play out.

        • Sam Sam says:

          Bush’s Presidency opened on the back-end of the dot-com burst and the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11, neither of which were the result of his policies, and both of which effectively halted the 20th Century’s post-1950s economic explosion.

          Obama certainly inherited a larger economic mess, but you have to give credit to Bush and the first emergency response to the 2007/8 burst, and you have to hold Obama accountable for his utter failure to stimulate real economic growth for 8-years (should have listened to Robert Riech. Not Killary, SJW’s be dammed).

          I do not have the numbers in front of me, but the averages were something along the lines of:
          8-Years of Bush = 2.4% Average Annual GDP Growth
          8-Years of Obama = 1.4% Average Annual GDP Growth

          Obama’s economic legacy is set in stone now and it is not very good.

          Which is why everyone on the left side of the aisle leads off with excuses as to why he should not be held accountable for the economy under his administration.

          That is a dead giveaway that you know the numbers are bad.

          Interestingly, there does seem to be a ‘42.9% unemployment’ number out there that Trump might have seen. Though I have no idea on the respect/reliability of David Stockman (or ‘the Inquisitr’ for that matter) –

          On a wider scale, the different measures of unemployment rates certainly are handy for political posturing and credit-taking. That was demonstrated enough over the last eight years (though at least then America had across-the-board decreases if I’m informed correctly). As to how much any of those or future ‘decreases’ in unemployment are creditable to politicians rhetoric? Who knows. The Loony (and much of the Republican party will follow on this matter) has certainly reversed course in his assessment of unemployment. No more will the ‘underemployed’ or ‘out of the labor force’ unemployment rate be focused on. Because that makes them look bad. Who cares if it’s what they’ve harped on these last years? Democrats, of course, will do the reverse. Suddenly the alternative measures of unemployment which are higher will be focused on. Yay hypocrisy!

          Meddling and destruction of the free markets by Governments and Central Banks across the world are the real reasons. Everything else rationalises there pathetic policies.

          • Cemetery Jones says:

            Yeah, the household labour force survey methodology needs to go, it’s totally fraudulent.

            One figure I heard about that US debt total which seems legit is that 9 trillion came from W and 11 trillion came from Barry.

            My view is that he sat on his hands, and let the virus prescribe the cure. And of course that virus to be found in those who have worn the hats of central banker and Wall St. banker. Geithner and Bernanke made such a pig’s ear of the situation that idiocy cannot possibly explain their actions.

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    I hope Trump does release the information about JFK, actually. Most Americans don’t believe it was one lone gunman. And they are ready after fifty odd years to handle it.

    Many commentators have made the point that the killing of JFk was the beginning of what Eisenhower warned about in his farewell speech.

    And if it does come out , 50 years of globalist lies and deceit and countless human lives lost because of them will be reckoned on.

    Its time .

    • Well, if anyone is in a position to unearth new evidence, it’ll be Trump.

      We might even fight out why a supposedly committed Marxist like Oswald had 544 Camp Street as his pro-Castro group’s address – the same building housing a virulently far-right, anti-Castro organisation ,led by former FBI agent, Guy Bannister.

      Just curious.

      • Richard Christie says:

        You can’t always choose your neighbours.

        Just saying.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        Oswald in my opinion was a front fall guy for the extreme hard right.

        And it appears as if there were several ‘ Oswald’s’ being deployed to throw investigators off the scent leading up to the assassination.

        JFK’s lawyer wrote a book naming the assassins , complete with photos of them.. it was quite a large book , I read it years ago . It is reckoned he was the closest ever , Garrett appears to have only been able to locate the peripheral players. Certainly E. Howard Hunt ,… and ,.. interestingly ,.. George Bush Senior ( CIA ) was seen in Dealey Plaza on that day as well , coming down a building stairway ,… then caught by a mob who called police , and then was taken into custody.

        There were a lot of people who wanted him dead, not just Texas oil barons , but CIA heads, Johnson , Cuban right wingers who wanted an invasion of Castro’s Cuba , the military industrial people to increase profits via Vietnam war , the globalists to destroy USA national sovereignty in exchange for the emergence of un-elected multi nation bodies… etc.

        The Warren Commission was an absolute whitewash and a lie to not only the American public but the rest of the world.

        And they’ve been lying and killing and causing wars ever since .

        Its time they were dealt to.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Agreed 100% Wild katipo.

      We need the truth as we do over the Panama Papers without redacted stuff and other reports like the recent report from the ministry of Transport corruption.

      Maybe we can get a JKey on a stick to roast.

  3. Francesca says:

    Obama quickly backed off his promises to shut down the drone program and Guantanamo after becoming President.
    Apparently he told friends”Look what happened to Martin Luther King”

    JFK himself wanted detente with Russia, had to fight his own military and was furious with the CIA after the stupid Bay of Pigs shenanigans
    He fell out with the head of the CIA(Widely suspected to be involved in the assassination) John Dulles, and it was Dulles who headed up the Warren Commission

    Remember what Senator Schumer said about Trump taking on the intelligence agencies

    Trump does seem to allow mad moments of ego to over ride self preservation, so maybe he is just the man for the task

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      1000% Francesca.

      Spot on I believe a conspiracy is there to kill Donald Trump as he is not a “Washington team player” and the elitists want him dead.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Trumps surrounded by enemy’s. Within both the Dems and GOP , George Soros , media ,… I have never seen so much stupid trivial crap on a constant daily basis about him , from overseas or even right here in papers like the NZ Herald… they make a ridiculous soap opera out of it. Almost to pornographic levels. And people actually suck that crap up and believe all of it.

      Trump stuck it to the globalists and they don’t like it.

      Its as simple as that.

      And if you think for one minute that all those big demonstrations were not financed by the same globalist organizations you’re naive. It takes councils and sympathizers to OK them. And it takes organization and cash to mount those campaigns . Mass street protests like that don’t just ‘happen ‘. Let alone the constant media smears and criticisms , take downs and attempts to constantly paint him unpopular and incompetent.

      And we here in NZ only get one side of the story.

      We are NOT Americans and do NOT know the issues that are unique to them as a country. For a start our concept of left and right is totally different from them. Even Sanders would be considered ‘ center ‘ and only slightly left in NZ. If at all.

      And yet we presume we have a better handle on American politics than the American public !

      As for groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, U.N , Trilateral Commission ,- even the Vatican ,… and further on up the scale – the Bilderberger’s – they see Trump as a direct threat.

      You only have to see the far right wing media bias and smearing of the social democratic movement and their leaders here in NZ ie : Labour , Greens , Mana etc and the gutter Dirty Politics that goes on here to understand the far right wing front of the globalists.

      In America it is reversed; it is the left that has been used by the globalists to smash their economy and strip their sense of national sovereignty , – working in tandem with right wing neo con elements in their govt and military.

      And just so no one gets all huffy about singling out either the left or the right , – globalists don’t give a damn about either left or right ,- they will use either / both simultaneously to attain their ultimate goal , – that of a regionally managed , global government.

      A good example of that was the TTPA , TISA etc.

      Using globally interlocked ‘ free’ trade deals that attempt to put corporate ‘rights’ above the national sovereignty of a legally elected government. And use mechanisms like the ISD settlements to do so.

      That’s just one example.

      And Trump pissed them all off.

      Good on him.

      • Red Buzzard says:

        +100 WILD KATIPO

      • Otto Mann says:

        Katipo, and Buzaard, you’ve both been sucked in by a fraud and a demagogue. Trump may be “anti-establishment” but he’s a maverick One Percenter who will cause more destruction than benefit the Working Class.Pinning your hopes on him is a false hope. You will both be disappointed.

        Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are the only sane choice for that country right now.

  4. PB says:

    Anyone who thinks Trump is the problem right now, is not paying attention.

    The “republican party” engineered a lovely gotcha on the failed healthcare bill. THey don’t actually want to repeal it, it was all bluster under Obama, knowing he would veto any attempt.

    THen they got togewther almost unanimously with their “rival” “democrats” to author a belligerent, unwarranted round of sanctions on the only countries tha0t stood up to their imperialist regime this century, Russia and Iran, tarring them with the NK brush at the same time. Oh, and tied the presidents hands to do anything about it. Which he signed.

    THis while it’s a leak a day, including private presidential phone calls.

    All this, and the complicit US media and their affiliates STILL have you thinking Trump’s the problem.

    The US regime is a “war party” that spreads right through both parts, all through their bureaucracy and Trump is the idiot erratic outsider (with some deeply held ideas and values – being some oof the ideas that won electoral support) who rudely decided to jump into the bed they’d made up for Hillary. She was a creature created by this War party, he is not, and there’s been a propaganda power struggle and constant disloyalty against the president since he was elected.

    He really should just open the files rather than signing legislation just cos they all tell him to.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      I recall when in the heady days of early Obama election promises I remember Obama promising when he is elected he will change the way Washington operates!!!!!!

      Well Washington was full then of Corporate lobbyists remember that and the media was tamed.

      Since eight years of Obama nothing in Washington changed at all except for more corporate control occurred as Corporations took over all MSM and “pay for play” corruption accelerated and was well and truly entrapped in Obama’s administration as bad as it was under the Clinton’s dynasty.

      So when that man Donald trump came along and vowed to “drain the Washington swamp”
      he ignited the war with corporate controlled forces including the remnants of the Democratic Party still “embedded” in the civilian workforce within the Washington establishment.

      So now Trump is being taken apart by these dark forces embedded in the Washington elite, much like as bad as leaving hand grenades everywhere for trump.

      if Donald trump wins this war he will be marked in history as the outsider who came and conquered the evil empire that overcame insurmountable odds.

      He may become someone as famous as Ned Kelly or George Wilder to us here but certainly someone as famous as George Washington in the US.

      I believe Obama encountered the same push back also but chose to keep it hidden and let Washington win while he was President.

  5. David Stone says:

    Good to see all commenters are paying more attention and thinking more independently than Martyn is . I can only hope Americans are watching and thinking too.
    My understanding is that Trump’s supporters are holding fast at around little less than his vote, not plummeting , in spite of the unrelenting attacks from the democrats and republicans alike. If they do manage to get rid of him by either impeachment or the JFK process the country will be ungovernable by anyone for a while.
    The thing is he is such a wide target , his misogyny his business dealings, his ‘Apprentice” image are all some people can see , and can’t conceive that he could really want a better relationship with Russia to avoid WW3, or that he could possibly have been speaking the truth when he said again and again that he thought America should stop the regime change wars everywhere.
    Martyn’s view is common and it reflects the American MSM narrative , but it stands the truth of what’s happening in Washington on it’s head.
    D J S

  6. Ian Kiddle says:

    Here is an alternative view.

  7. esoteric pineapples says:

    I wonder if Trump will be exposing aliens at Roswell etc as well?

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