Barry Soper, Guyon Espiner, Duncan Garner & Patrick Gower maul Metiria for being a mother who stole for her child


The disgraceful manner in which Barry Soper, Duncan Garner, Guyon Espiner and Patrick Gower have mauled Metiria for the brave admission that she, like many other beneficiaries, were forced to lie to the neoliberal welfare state to feed her child is pure misogyny and classism at its most grotesque.

None of these male broadcasters have had to deal with the horror and cruelty of WINZ. None of them have had to crawl on their belly in a demeaning manner to just pay the bills. They have no idea of the life Metiria had to live, yet in they go with all the judgmental beneficiary bashing neoliberal cultural hate that has become the corner stone of most mainstream media.

Here’s Soper at his most misogynist…

Since we were talking about choice, isn’t it the choice of a mother to have a child? 

…classy shit.

What astounds me is that Metiria has come in for more criticism and scrutiny for being a mother who stole for her child than the fucking Prime Minister’s Office did when they secretly colluded with the Secret Intelligence Service to falsely smear the Leader of the Opposition, Phil Goff, months before the 2011 election.

The joy and clear hatred in display

In Guyon Espiner’s case, it’s a reminder that no matter how perfectly well they pronounce Te Reo, Radio NZ are still an elite media gatekeeper whose progressiveness is an aesthetic, not a philosophy or binding ethical stance.

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As for Gower and Garner, on The AM Show this morning they were all saying they felt more sorry for Todd Barclay, a former tobacco consultant and rich boy who secretly taped his staff, lied about it, tried to deny it and ended up causing a secret taxpayer funded payout that would be about ten times more than the total amount of money Metiria ‘stole’.

As far as I am concerned, theft for need is not theft, theft for greed is. That’s something not one of these male broadcasters earning obscene amounts of money could never understand.

We should not allow these arseholes to promote their own limited view of social justice to determine public ethics.

We should not allow this sexist classism to win.

Blaming the poor for the situation they are trapped in is the most sanctimonious of deceptions by white male rich crackers who have little idea of hardship.




  1. It’s the selective morality of those who are outraged by Metiria that undermines their argument

  2. I’m also a criminal, I admit it!
    I told a lie to DSW.
    I once reported that I had earned $140 in one week on a one-off job so they could deduct that from my benefit.
    In actual fact I had earned $150.
    So I defrauded taxpayers of $10.
    So now I will go down to my front door and wait for PC Plod to come and arrest me for my wicked crime that I committed around 30 years ago.

  3. When I was on the DPB many years ago, I took up a one off cash job cleaning the walls of a house prior to painting.
    I was in the position of declaring to social welfare or using the money to buy wood ahead of the winter to keep my children warm and fed(no electricity, we were dependent on a good wood supply)
    Guess what I chose?
    I suppose now I should return to each taxpayer of NZ .00000001 cents?

  4. These guys are just the sons of well off parents…probably been over indulged carefully managed and feathered into their cushy careers.
    I would say in their school days they were all smart mouthed bullys and have been picked for their simplistic take on life…they don’t and can’t know any different because they have had such beige upbringings. .,they are the beige brigade.
    They are a pathetically sad unenlightened bunch…America has Fox News…we’ve got this lot…equally deluded in their own ways.
    I look listen or read what these guys have to say and the way they try and manipulate information and I think , wow ,you guys are really pathetic…imagine if there was a bunch out their who had opposing views and a platform to voice those views like they have…imagine the outcry…

  5. For their own sake, it would be preferable if they give this a rest.

    Exhibitionist orgies of hate are all well and good for those keen on it, but for those repulsed by the increasingly absurd and obscene nature of this spectacle are liable to be galvanised into defiance at the ballot box.

    The vitriol is undermining the supposedly logical foundations of the system, along with increasing poverty and its denial; it’s reasonable to consider a major backlash.

  6. I have a suspicion Natz is using msm to do its dirty work here crucifying Meteria Turei, because for this government to shout their mouths off now about her past misdemeanour, just might open a can of worms on one, two, maybe more of their own! Don’t want to attract any negative publicity which might invite investigation, do we PM and deputy PM?


  7. #ImwithMetiria

    Damn Right .

    Well ,… we’ve all known about these scumbags for a long time. A bit like John Armstrong.

    You don’t trust them.

    They have feathered nests and they will protect that privilege at all costs. They are just talking heads for the New Zealand Initiative and corporate interests.

    Nothing more.

    And , as the OP has demonstrated , quite OK with being a vicious bastard if that serves their interests and corporate interests . And the OP was right , – we should not allow these sort of wankers to establish the accepted moral orthodoxy by giving their opinions credence.

    In another time, in another place, – they would have been one and the same who endorsed state genocide because of personal gain. I’ll leave that up to you to go figure.

    As it is now,… they are guilty of slow genocide nonetheless.

    Simply because of their venal hatred of those who are either poor or on benefits.

    Arseholes such as this need to be shamed and derided for the gutless, shameful and worthless creatures that they are, – much less taken any notice of.

  8. I notice that MSM convienitly forget a Bill English’s double dipping for his accomadation cost’s that he had to pay back after he was exposed for trying to rort the taxpayers

      • Agree with all the above. But I want to differ from the main post on one matter. Bomber says about Espiner on RNZ ” no matter how perfectly well they pronounce Te Reo”.

        I think Espiner is a fraud. He will learn off and regurgitate dazzling phrases at the start, but then in mid-programme he will strike something like ‘Te Tai Tokerau’ and blithely pronounce it as ‘Tea Thai Toakahrow’ (as in ‘brow’). A dead give-away from a fraud. He learns one-off phrases, but is not actually learning the language.

  9. It is a shame the media dose not rail as loudly about tax evasion and avoidance by the well heeled elite, corporations and multinationals.The tax not being paid and not really being pursued by Inland Revenue from these sectors is astronomical in comparison to benefit fraud.
    The New Zealand media is nothing more than superficial tabloid hacks,with a vested interest in maintaining the social status quo.

  10. “Radio NZ are still an elite media gatekeeper whose progressiveness is an aesthetic, not a philosophy or binding ethical stance.”

    Yes indeed Bombarino.

    I have been a long time Nat Rad listener for many decades now, and have noticed the less than subtle move toward slanyed biased broadcasting.


    They could once have been proud of their news reporting and analysis…

    • I agree, National radio is aptly named ,a National party propaganda station funded by taxpayer.
      It’s just all to easily for the born to rule do nothing’s.

  11. Several years ago I heard that Paula Bennett had a b/f never declared. If Muturia is to be investigated to make things fair, so should Bennett. Good article re neoliberal analysis etc thanks.

  12. I like that Verity Johnson’s column this week was essentially “Oh yeah? Well this is exactly why I am voting for the Greens.”

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