Why NZ deserves the spike in synthetic cannabis deaths – where’s Duncan Garner & John Campbell now?


We deserve the spike in synthetic cannabis deaths don’t we?

Remember all the screaming from John Campbell & Duncan Garner who were so instrumental in getting synthetic cannabis made illegal after Parliament passed the Psychoactive Substances Act?

Where’s John and Duncs now we have the very predictable spike in deaths from synthetic cannabis?

Consider the beauty of our counter productive synthetic cannabis cluster fuck.

  1. We had an industry that agreed to regulate itself.
  2. We had law passed that was enlightened.
  3. The politicians started freaking out and dragging their feet over the pet lobby group screaming about animal rights to stop animal testing.
  4. That put on hold any testing regime which allowed rogue traders to enter the market and sell product that was 400 times more powerful than what was originally being sold.
  5. People started having terrible times on the unregulated products.
  6. The media whipped it up into a lynch mob.
  7. Politicians became cowards, shut the whole thing down and made it illegal again.
  8. Market was driven underground.
  9. Massive spike in deaths.

Slow clap NZ, we deserve this.

The real madness, there wouldn’t be any synthetic cannabis issues if we legalised actual cannabis.

The truth is that while it’s poor brown people dying from synthetic cannabis sweet bugger all will be done. The second white middle class kids start dying, watch how quickly society will move.

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We are a juvenile culture that plays to our fears and anger.


  1. “Remember all the screaming from John Campbell & Duncan Garner who were so instrumental in getting synthetic cannabis made illegal after Parliament passed the Psychoactive Substances Act?

    Where’s John and Duncs now we have the very predictable spike in deaths from synthetic cannabis??

    Good question- I have observed bioth have paired back severely any criticism of Government policy now that the election has begun.

    My belief is that Steven Joyce under his MBIE employee scheduled briefings has rounded all media up for all employee briefings during a well planned Broadcasting cleaning of programing policy briefing, using a “CLEANING PROGRAM”, warning all broadcasters who broadcast any negative reporting of political issues against the government will be viewed as “political activities” and have therefore in watered down words inferred that it may result in this being a suspension or a sackable offence.

    Believe this martyn, he is capable of this, as the most powerful politician now in Government.

    Why was he placed so high up there we must ask?

    He has a history of over-reach.

  2. The worthless mainstream media keep calling it “synthetic cannabis” when it has nothing to do with cannabis. How about not following their example, Martyn?

    • Harry said it right Martyn,

      This toxic chemical component;

      Is now being targeted to wreck the health of many youth in NZ so they may be not able to work or even vote in the election!!!!!

      Government are targeting the same people they called as “Unemployable”‘ due to failed drug tests or failure to attend work.

      Just months ago B English was stating this, after discussions with employers of low paid workers.

      So was he responsible over the lack of low paid workers or the lack of them because of freely available toxic drugs now?

      Bill English in february said this.


  3. Read in the Herald these substances are being laced with fly spray and weed killer, there really are some nasty people out there ?

  4. Worse than all this,

    Where are all our medical doctors and the Ministry of Health at now@#$%^&*()GGGGGRRRRRRR!!@!!!!!!

    Shouldn’t the opposition members be lodging a claim for (malicious damages) against the Ministry of Health agency along with Johnathon Coleman the Minister of Health – immediately!!!!!!!

    • …no where to be seen!..don’t care or are corrupt?…running for cover? ( fentanyl for example is used on our very elderly)

      …the only political parties to vote for are NZF and TOP….for the care of New Zealanders on this issue…they would decriminalise cannabis

  5. Completely agree with legalisation of cannabis. Failing that, would suggest that any entrepreneur wanting to introduce a synthetic product to the market should themselves be made to undergo rigorous laboratory testing while using said product over an extended period to determine its safety. No human proxies to be used for testing, and certainly no animals.

  6. It’s definitely not synthetic ‘Cannabis’ when what it really is
    – dried up old cabbage soaked in fly spray, (hardly herbal at all)
    it’s a neurotoxin sold by unscrupulous people out to make a quick buck.
    I completely agree that the propaganda line of Synthetic cannabis
    is nothing more than a dog whistle & blatant propaganda !!

  7. I’m sick and tired of journalists called this shit synthetic cannabis, even the scientists don’t know whats in this stuff and the effects are nothing like cannabis but you have just been duped by the rest of the journalists, I thought you were smarter than that Martyn.

    This is all a beat up because sick and disabled people like me are trying to get legal access and the cops don’t want that because then they lose their ability to search based on a fictitious smell, plus the lost of some nice spying toys and a huge amount of cash from the govt to help them enforce prohibition.

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