Dear Beneficiaries of NZ – I’m beyond being polite – please read this & share


Young Nat activists mocking poor people

Brothers and Sisters,

My thoughts are with you as you watch Metiria viciously ripped to pieces by Patrick Gower, Guyon Espiner, Barry Soper, Duncan Garner, David Farrar, Matthew Hooton, Mike Hosking and John Armstrong.

These rich white male broadcasters who are vilifying Metiria for courageously admitting what you all know, (that the cruel system WINZ treats you to is impossible to live on), aren’t just angry, they are frightened.

This character assassination of Metiria isn’t just driven by naked sexism, racism and classism – it is driven by fear.

Read their diatribes and rants, beneath the anger is a genuine fear. A fear that Metiria will unleash a wave of beneficiaries who are part of the missing million voters.

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The selective fury at  Metiria is disingenuous in the extreme, where were all these broadcasters outrage when this happened?


The hegemonic economic and cultural interests behind the voices of  Gower, Espiner, Soper, Garner, Farrar, Hooton, Hosking and Armstrong know democracy can work against them when the people rise up. They are terrified that Metiria will spark a rebellion at the ballot box because the life she described is one you all know.

You all know how cruel WINZ are to you.

You know the fear you live under from these petty tyrants. These cretinous public servants who force you to be slaves, you know the viciousness they met out with soulless joy.

You identify immediately with Metiria’s position and you are watching the orgy of hate spat at her by these rich privileged men.

You know that spite, that sense of hopelessness, the depression the system drives you to.

That is why what Metiria has done has resonated with so many beneficiaries on social media.

Brothers and Sisters – if you are a beneficiary, you must enrol and vote Green at the election.


Because what the Greens are offering isn’t just solidarity and symbolism, they intend to raise the benefit by $180 per week and dismantle the sticks with which WINZ staff beat you with.

Here is the link to enrol online right now.

I urge you to enrol, I urge you to enrol your beneficiary friends and family and vote Green.

You know and I know that $180 extra per week is the difference between life and death for many.

Do this to gain some real power, to feel counted, to feel heard.

Send those smug vicious male arsehole rich prick broadcasters an electoral punch in the face for their condescension and arrogance.

You know how hard it is to get through on WINZ overloaded and under staffed 0800 number to book an appointment.

You know how awful it is getting past the rude security guards who never seem to know what is happening and who change the rules on the day based on how they are feeling.

You know that you are dumped waiting while no one tells you anything and treats you with contempt.

You know how it feels to sit in an open planned office with zero privacy and unfriendly security staff looming over you trying to explain painful and difficult moments in your life to a staff member who doesn’t give a fuck and whose only job is to say no to you.

You know what that life feels like, those smug vicious male arsehole rich prick broadcasters don’t know, and in September when you are standing in that electoral booth they can’t stop you from voting for your dignity.

Your lives matter and the cruelty you are all forced to live under by WINZ is a horror that those same smug vicious male arsehole rich prick broadcasters will never understand.

Beneficiaries of NZ – this is your moment – seize it and enrol to vote now and Party vote Green as soon as the polls open.

Beneficiaries of Aotearoa, you have nothing to lose but your pains.


  1. Hahaha, delicious! Labour not openly condoning MT will see their support drop to 25%..again, the Greens will bottom out at 8-10%, ohhh how the last 9 years have been so much fun, looks like another 3yrs of National in Govt and a good thing too!

    • Lol , really IM RIGHT , we all know that you lot are lower than a snakes belly .Nationals gone in 2017 your reckless destruction of our country is nearing its end.You lot will be lucky to get another term in 12 years let alone nine.

      • Reply

        Castro says:
        July 26, 2017 at 10:27 pm

        The Natzis cannot be voted out. Foreigners with PR and “new” No Zealand colonials are half of their voter base. The Transnational Capital Party is importing tens of thousands of voters every year. They cannot simply be “voted out”. Did Maori “vote out” European colonists? Not that I recall. The system is rigged and is a gigantic Ponzi scheme that can only end in blood and tears.

        Voted out? Yeah, right. Let’s see the results of the forthcoming election, shall we? Perhaps then the truth of my words will become clearer.

      • 1000% PHIL, – Well put.

        Hey I’m right, are you happy to see the Nactional sellouts are now selling Transpower?

        Oh!!! also they have Kiwibank, ACC and NZ Post also in sale mode?
        are you really please at this also?

        What the hell are you leaving us all for the future????

        You’ll say “a brighter future” HA HA HA. Youare a sick puppy “I’m right”

    • As far as election data goes you are half right. All parties have sunk to new lows. Or you’d have to be the wettest day dream in New Zealand.

    • It aint whether Labour or the people who vote for Labour matters if you haven’t noticed,… what is making the neo liberals shit their pants is the beneficiaries who have now discovered a political advocate in Metiria Turei and the Green party.

      Of which there are now tens and tens of thousands.


    • Imright, your lack of capacity for empathy is noted. Hence why your party National-Act) is viewed with so much disdain.

      You wouldn’t have the balls to post your repugnant comments under your real name, would you?

    • Im right, you have a peculiar user-name who is more often than not, totally correct. Unless you’re referring to your poolitical bent?

      Let’s see who has the last laugh after the election. If National is thrown out, I’ll raise a glass in your honour. You were one of the last of the dinosaurs.

  2. WOOOOHOOOO !!! , – Let her rip , Martyn !!!

    Hold nothing back !!! These bastards have had it bloody coming for decades !!!

    Please , Please PLEASE , – all those on benefits enroll and vote for the Green party !!!

    Send the message home and get empowered , – no one should have to put up with being treated like shit , – instead , – let fly with some of your own political shit and rub it in the faces of all these talking heads and scumbag neo liberals!!!

    Now is your chance !!! – TAKE IT !!!

    Deal to them !!!

  3. @ IM RIGHT …

    Have you not heard of the saying “There but for the grace of God (or whoever) go I”?

    Keep it in mind, because you never know … you just never know …

  4. Well said. I hope beneficiaries are watching what is going on. They can be a notoriously hard bunch to reach. I live in a provincial area and my anecdotal experience of those at the bottom of the socio-economic barrel is that they have no interest in politics at best and cynicism towards all political parties at worst. They can also have difficulty in realising who are the good guys and who are the bad ones. A lot of them support Trump for instance, thinking he stands up for the little guy. It’s good that the Greens are trying though. It might just take more than a couple of months to get the message to them.

    • @ ESOTERIC PINEAPPLES … I’m hoping Meteria Turei’s recent statements will fire up beneficiaries and the low paid in NZ, making them realise “hey we have a voice out there … she’s on our side,” get out, register and vote. If that did happen, then there’s a possibility it could make a big difference to the election results.

      • yeah well….

        Say this message gets the missing million out to vote and the Greens gain a few more seats and also gain the House with Labour.

        Labour (cravenly terrified of the business sector) will continue in their neolibtard course and never agree to anything like the generosity promised here by the Greens.

        Careful what you promise, if it isn’t delivered fully you lose those missing voters all over again and they’ll be even more disillusioned than before, perhaps forever alienated

  5. Notice how Bill English , A.K.A ‘ The Double Dipper From Dipton’ , is choosing his words very carefully saying he doesn’t condone criminal behaviour and what Metiria did was wrong, but sometimes people do make mistakes …….let me give you the sub text and interpretation…
    What Metiria did was bad and wrong but what I did was just a mistake….
    I would love to know if the sycophants you listed above Hosking , Hooton etc have ever cheated on their taxes , paid the cleaner or lawn mowing guy under the table to get a cheaper price, not declared ‘gift’s’, misrepresented ‘business holidays’ etc …Rodney Hide’s been very quiet on this one …I wonder why???
    The sycophants, who are actually quite dumb, have fallen for the bait so cleverly laid by Metiria .
    Knowing full well that these fools would not be able to help themselves taking the moral high ground, they have now unwittingly opened up a huge can of worms which will now expose just about every member of their precious National Party .
    Morally they now don’t have a leg to stand on…
    Kati Bradford , Corin Dann , Gower should be in the foyer of Parliament asking every National M.P and each other ,”Have you ever cheated on your taxes” ?
    That’s what a proper journalist would and should do.
    Do we have any proper journalists?

    • Or if ANY of them have ever cheated WINZ…..and double checking THEIR back stories. Cos some of the Nats are lying

    • The ‘journalists’ you mention don’t ask questions of the likes of Bill English, when standing in the foyer of Parliament such as “Why are you standing there lying to us?”

    • Yep the double dipton is not silly he can see that the greens could attract many of tbose lost voters hence his very light response to Turei. I believe the Nats are Scared right now. They know they usually poll 5 points less than the polls. So they can expect somewhere around 40% and would need Winnie who won’t necessarily play there game. Interesting times ahead.

  6. We are all beneficiaries, anyone one with a commonwealth birth certificate anyway. We are all not aware how to get access to our trust monies or appoint oneself the executor of the trust or what to do when the trustee will not payout on your return for credit invoices.

  7. The poor, the weak and the sick don’t read this. They are media-linked in ‘t’technology’ but I, for myself,don’t know where. Otherwise all of us must get out and talk to them. Furiosity on that point, Martyn.

    I’d like more, or even, comments by column authors down here in the letters. Truth democratizes all of us. And we are all pursuing that falling fruit.

    • 1000% PHIL, – Well put.

      Hey I’m right, are you happy to see the Nactional sellouts are now selling Transpower?

      Oh!!! also they have Kiwibank, ACC and NZ Post also in sale mode?
      are you really please at this also?

      What the hell are you leaving us all for the future????

      You’ll say “a brighter future” HA HA HA. You are a sick puppy “I’m right”

  8. No one is debating that it’s a tough life on the benefit but Metiria committed fraud. This can’t be okay. She will be investigated and charged.

    Once again the left has shot itself in the foot with its own stupidity.

    • From the time of notification of a fraudulent claim by a taxpayer, it has been reported that the IRD has twelve months in which to act.
      Because Metiria Turei has made a public voluntary disclosure of her behaviour, with her full cooperation with an investigation and prompt settlement in full of the amount determined, it may be highly likely that no further action will be taken.
      Otherwise, a very large can of worms may well be opened, for example in the so called ‘black economy’ which may result in ‘blue murder’, so widespread is the practice of ‘less for cash’!!

    • Yes she did, she admitted it, if that was her stupidity, then it makes Paula Bennett and a large number of National ministers “clever” for keeping quiet?

    • Awanderer, have you ever considered the philosophical question of whether it is justified fir a starving person to steal food in order to survive?

      The highest court in Italy has ruled that a young homeless man, Roman Ostriakov, did not act unlawfully when he stole a sausage and a piece of cheese to feed himself. Instead, the court found that Ostriakov had acted out of immediate need and desperation, so his theft did not – and should not – constitute a crime.


      For Metiria, this was not a philosophical question, it was her life.

      I trust you ate well today?

      • The right would like to revert to early Victorian England when a person could be hanged for stealing something the value of a loaf of bread. And I mean a person, not just a man. Women and kids as young as 14 included.
        And these laws were made by politicians who bought their seats in parliament from wealthy landowners and openly paid voters with bribes and contracts to get their votes. (Sounds a bit like what goes on within the National government now, doesn’t it?
        The less financially advantaged ( I don’t like using the term “poor” because it is mostly a societal label given by the privileged to the under privileged) always pay to keep the wealthy wealthy.
        Our country was supposed to be a place where there was equality, no social class system and that’s why so many people came from (mainly) Britain because it didn’t matter how lowly a station you came from in Britain, you had a chance to improve yourself that you would never had had at home because you were labelled “working class” for life.
        National in their nine years of government had made one big achievement and this will be their legacy: They have recreated an old British class society in New Zealand – where themselves, their wealthy cronies and media stenographers are the aristocracy and everyone else exists simply to keep them there – and have made it fashionable
        Remarkable achievement National,
        No doubt you are bursting with pride.

      • Frank, I’m surprised at you and I feel you owe your adoring fans and followers an apology.
        I always try to give you the benefit of the doubt as you seem to be a good person, even though you have a penchant for calling people who don’t agree with you nasty names, but some of your references are quite bizarre.
        You are a man who insists on chapter and verse and here you have given it plus the reference.
        My question is, what has Roman stealing a sausage in Italy got to do with Meteria telling porkies in New Zealand as I was unaware that she has ever claimed that what she did was a question of life (and by assumption ) death.
        Please quote chapter and verse her claims that she did it to save herself from – shall we say – starvation.
        If you can’t you shouldn’t have used the case of poor old Roman who obviously stole out of necessity as justification for what she did.
        Surely you can think of valid reasons.

        • Well that was pretty ‘flowery’ from you, Patrick. But your smart-aleck comment added bugger-all to the conversation.

          And you also ate well today, in a nice, warm, dry home?

          Of course you did.

          Can you be any more smug in your condescending, right-wing self-righteousness?

          • Frank, there you go again. You don’t address the question but revert to calling names. Easier I guess.

            What was smug and condescending about calling you out for saying that Metiria did what she did because she was starving?
            How does that add to the conversation as it isn’t true?

            Or perhaps it is – give us chapter and verse to prove your assertion.

            My home in Christchurch is 55 years old with no insulation and virtually impossible to heat, ( or cool in the summer) but wouldn’t you call that a deflection?

            Here we go again with the name calling.
            Remember when you called me anti Islamic?
            Our Muslim family are still on payroll after 28 years. Remember I gave you a phone number to check it out if you didn’t believe me?
            Give to you again if you like.

            Remember when I was white racist type person and I had to mention I am actually Ngai Tahu

            Condescending right wing self rightness!

            Really! You know nothing about me and every time you call me new names you are wrong.

            Just reconditioned toilets and and connected to village well so kids and teachers in the new kindy in Indonesia don’t have to relieve themselves behind bushes and can wash their hands -teachers paid by govt but no facilities.
            Wanna get your hands dirty,sweat, smell like a pig and help? ( beats sitting in a cold house in NZ)
            I somehow think direct help may not be your forte, but I could be dead wrong. And if it’s not there is no shame in that.

            You had a restaurant, so have we. It’s situated in a place where the monthly income is around NZD 20. per month.
            When we are there about 5 mths a year we work bloody hard to make the thing pay so we can continue to employ our 10 Hindu staff. The salaries they earn support more than 40 people.
            The money we earn out of it is enough to let us eat for free, keep maintenance up to date and pay the overheads of our little place there – much less than it costs in NZ and we have zero winter power bills.
            I imagine most would think the effort V return not worth it but it’s about helping people who need help by doing something so they can help themselves.
            I don’t like talking about things like this as that is not what its about and am only doing so because of your stupid comments.

            Stop sticking labels on people you know nothing about.
            We are reasonably comfortable now but went through 15 threadbare years from about the time your restaurant closed and our business floundered.
            Now that we can,we are happy to help people who really need it.

            People can beg to differ on details but still have the same basic ideals.

            Please note I have passed no judgement on Metira as I don’t know enough about it and it’s actually none of my business anyway.

            Give us the evidence that Metiria did what she did because she was starving to death and if you can’t at least admit – not that you were wrong, as you dont seem to be able to do that – but perhaps you were given wrong information.

            • The point may well be that humans in another country recognise that laws regarding money and property must be tempered with concern for human rights and needs.

              It is obviously not a black and white issue but too often it becomes one.

              In NZ we have a growing wealth gap with more of the cake being held by a few who deny crumbs to the needy with an air of self righteous indignation echoed by their well off followers.

              Many beneficiaries live very frugal lives with hardship plus scorn placed upon them as a group publicly, and deliberately.

              You don’t have to be starving to death to see that bankers are permitted to create new money for their own profit out of thin air. Our NZ laws not only allow this theft but condone it.

              Get a persecutive of where the wrongs are rather than follow the baying vampires for more blood.

          • [Comment declined for publication. Not only have you failed to provide citations for your claims against Metiria Turei (which could be defamatory), but your email address is fake. If your accusations are part of any campaign to smear Ms Turei, we will not be part of it. –Scarletmod ]

              • Hmmm, funny that you point the finger only at Ms Turei – but not at Bennett who appears to have had a good time in her youth.

                I note that one of those media stories states;

                Bennett has spoken before about how she worked hard at multiple jobs to support her daughter, Ana, eventually moving to Auckland and working in a rest-home before being accepted as a mature student at Massey University.


                But let’s “pick that apart” as our journo cuzzies put it;

                My sense is that Bennett always knew how to work the system to her advantage – and good for her. Let’s face it, at the time she went on to the domestic purposes benefit in 1986, knowing how to rort the system was a national sport.


                At just 17, she gave birth to her only child, a daughter she named Ana. Just two years later, she got a Housing Corporation loan to buy a $56,000 house in Taupo. All of this while on the domestic purposes benefit.


                Bennett was also fortunate in getting a training allowance to go to university when her daughter was 8. Her backstory suggests that she was still on a benefit while studying.


                That piece was written by well-known marxist-leninist, Fran O’Sullivan.

                O’Sullivan recounts how Bennett voluntarily went back on welfare;

                “ Then I pretty much fell apart because I was exhausted. I went back on the DPB.”

                Yeah, those parties sure took it out of her, eh?

                Bennett, who is Minister of Police, Tourism and Climate Change Issues, declined to be interviewed about what she had told Social Welfare officials when she was on the benefit. Some people we approached said they’d been asked not to talk to the media.

                But others who knew Bennett when she was a waitress at the Stag Park truck stop near Taupo and attending social events connected to the Napier Tattoo Club were happy to speak.

                Truck driver Mike Charlton, known as “Charlie”, was a regular at Stag Park and socialised with Bennett’s circle. He remembers her as a “party girl, doing everything hard, living life to the fullest”.

                “She was the life and soul of parties really, she wasn’t shy.”

                Parties would sometimes last all night, Charlton says.

                Which further makes Bennett out to be the Queen of Hypocrisy when she berated Turei;

                Ms Bennett also spent time as a beneficiary in the 1990s, but says she never “deliberately” misled welfare officials.

                “I’m not perfect,” she told The AM Show on Monday. “I’ve never led a perfect life, but I certainly never deliberately misled them or took money that I shouldn’t of.”

                She said Ms Turei’s actions were “disappointing for all those taxpayers that pay”, but she was not “interested in sitting here and throwing stones”.

                “I know when I was on a benefit I always wanted to get off and kept trying to get off, and get jobs and do everything else… She can just be judged on her own merits, and others can make that kind of decision.”



                • I agree with you, Turei is comparable to Paula Bennett, but I’m surprised that you equate them.

                  Now that you’ve verified my comments, will you now publish my reply above?

                  There are a few differences between their positions however – Bennett appears to regret the actions of her youth, whereas Turei considers them morally justified and encourages others to do the same. Her claim that she was faced with choosing between lying and buying food for her child is clearly untrue and a slur on her extended family who she has stated have always been there for her.

                  Is it okay for everyone to only obey the laws they agree with?

                  • Bennett appears to regret the actions of her youth,

                    I see no evidence of that.

                    It is apparent that your comments are anti-welfare and anti-beneficiary in that you deliberately ignore the fact that WINZ payments are insufficient to live on. That is the real issue which you choose not to address. Personalising it by referencing Metiria Turei ignores the issues as a whole.

                    Clearly you have no response to that.

                    • Also relying on the a court judge and the values and interpretations of the laws of New Zealand fail the smell test. Haven’t looked at the numbers. Just going off what news headlines display over the decades. Just to many miss carriages of justice to hold the law up as a shield.

          • Frank, once again you play the man not the ball.
            You linked Metiria with Roman in Italy and made out she did what she did because she was starving to death.
            I called you out and instead of defending your position you attack me.
            I actually have a well developed social conscience and am not at all as you describe me but with you it seems to be all about scoring points.
            What a Waste.

            • Your “social conscience” needs a re-boot, Patrick.

              Questioning whether people have sufficient to live on whilst receiving a welfare payment betrays how out of of touch you are. I doubt you’ve ever been in that position, have you? (Oh wait, now you’re going to tell us different?)

              Your so-called “social conscience” demands that beneficiaries are actually starving to death before you accept it as reality? Where the fuck have you been living, under a rock?!

              This is what is happening in our own country, Patrick;

              Children living in poverty are taking desperate measures to feed and clothe themselves at Waikato schools as families struggle to provide for their most basic needs.

              In one case, a young boy without a winter jersey was told to steal one from the lost property by his mum because she couldn’t afford to buy one, and another principal caught a child scavenging through rubbish bins for food.

              Experts warn that, with winter approaching, the problem will only get worse.

              Rhode Street School principal Shane Ngatai said he was disturbed to hear a boy at his school had been told to steal a winter jersey, or go without.

              “We’re seeing a number of them getting pinched,” he said.

              Kids are also coming to school wearing worn out shoes or barefoot, and hungry.



              Stories of children scavenging through pig slops and downing entire bottles of antibiotics out of hunger are an “embarrassment to the country” says a Kaitaia GP.

              Doctor Lance O’Sullivan said he had been doing what he could to fight the effects of child-poverty in his region but it sometimes felt like an uphill battle.

              “I’d like to say they were just stories, but they are both cases that have been brought to my attention and one I actually attended on.”

              O’Sullivan said for things to change, “people actually needed to hear about this”.

              He said he was recently told by the concerned owner of a local garage that children were ferreting through a staff-room pig bucket of scraps looking for food, and about six months ago treated a young child who drank an entire bottle of antibiotics because they were hungry.

              The family was so poor they were unable to pay for the petrol to get the child to the doctor, so O’Sullivan made a free-of-charge house-call.


              You whinge your arse off that I’m judging you, Patrick? Tough shit. Right wingers like you don’t like it when it’s dished back at you, eh?

              Suck it up. I’ve only just started.

            • Patrick i cannot find Frank saying anything about Metiria starving let alone to death.

              You stated:-

              “You linked Metiria with Roman in Italy and made out she did what she did because she was starving to death.”

              I cannot find words that make such a link.

              • Well said, John. Patrick’s faux “social conscience” is another example of right wing dishonesty. At least I’m right above is more open in his hatred of the Left.

                Metiria has been the target of hate and lies from the right because she is effectively challenging the system. The Greens have been rewarded by their forthrightness in the recent polls.

            • Patrick, your “social conscience” needs work. Your attack on Metiria Turei shows you more preoccupied with maintaining the status quo rather than questioning WHY beneficiaries risk lying to WINZ.

              The fact is you don’t seem the least bit interested in beneficiaries attempting to survive on a meagre income.

              If you had a “social conscience” you’d be asking those questions.

            • The reason Frank “plays the man” is that you’re an ass, Patrick. Honestly mate the things you spew out are laughable. You might get away with it on Kiwiblog but not here.

  9. Most of your comments here indicate that we as beneficiaries are not interested in media or don’t bother with voting etc. Will you are wrong we do listen and we do care, but most of us won’t comment or have our voices heard in social media as the media keeps publishing all the terrible things beneficiaries do. Yes we struggle but in our struggles we care for our fellow human. Do we get any recognition on how we give the shirt of our back to help another out there to keep warm. Do you recognise how we support big corporations in paying for cheap and unhealthy food because we cannot afford to pay the high price for healthy food. ( yes I do grow my own veggies and more for the older people and young whom can’t). Good on Metiria for telling us she had struggles and had to feed her family the best way she could. I read plenty of comments about how she should repay etc.. I don’t care if she pays back or not, what I care about is that she survived the best she could and is alive, are you Glade that we are alive !!!

  10. Not that it needs to said here – but let’s all, beneficiary or not, vote this greedy, arrogant lot out come September. The country needs to breathe again.

    • Bang on Kim Dandy. 100%

      Every time I come in from the outside and my hands are frozen, I think of those poor souls braving it outside without a warm place to live I feel shamed that I have a small heater to keep warm.

      I wished the Ministers were also placed in the same situation then they would see how grim life is at there.

  11. There seem to be ~276k on a benefit currently according to the MSD website. I guess the potential for extra votes is a % of these 276k who didn’t vote last time. I assume those who did vote last time voted for parties of the left last time anyway. The ~276k is 10% of the working population. It would only take a tiny % of the other 90% of the working age population who pay for the benefit system to shift there vote to the right and the Green’s policy could backfire badly.

  12. Mrs Turei has been in parliament, on a decent income, since 2002. Fifteen years.

    I heard Sue Bradford fighting on behalf of. I even answered her questionnaire about life as a beneficiary. She absolutely walks her talk.

    But I never heard Mrs Turei. Not until this year. She’s been quietly inactive for too long to be credible.

    She does not speak for me. There is no way I’d vote for this incarnation of the Green Party. To me, they lack integrity.

    • Maybe it is election campaign panic, having scared her into action, seeing Mr Shaw was going to run the show his way, which would make her redundant at some stage.

      Indeed, for may years Metiria and the Greens in general never pushed welfare issues like this ever before, it seems unreal like a sudden awakening.

      Time will tell how genuine it all is.

  13. Metiria’s corageous call never to use poverty as a weapon against people is bitterly ironic for those who know that Bill English’s big data program is chock full of former RAF and geospatial spooks, many imported from the U.K. via drone wars in the Middle East – as one might expect seeing that the U.K. sees the NZ experience as a trial for its own implementation.

      • On that, hat tip to Raybon Kan and Metiria Turei for engineering my favorite photograph of the 2017 election:

        Maybe Judith could give a speech about her evil-eyed Twitter banner photograph instead?

        A bit biased, but Julie Anne Genter’s is my favorite at the moment.

        Gerry, don’t walk through a door you can’t close. I thought you would have learned your lesson after your embarrassing airport experience.

  14. We learned about this a day or two ago:

    Think about the power balance between tenant and landlord:

    “Landlords come to Ray White because they recognise Ray White as a market leader. Simple.

    Our focus is on ensuring that our landlords receive the optimum benefits from their investment portfolio through our attention to their property needs.

    As the largest property management portfolio in New Zealand we are proud to have many happy investors confirming we’re doing it right.”

    So get that right, the optimum benefit is to extract the maximum profit out of a tenant, for the landlord’s gain. The same was what the man up north faced, when his supposedly caring property manager (I am yet to meet such one individual) called to sort things out.

    FFS, we have a divided society, a hatred filled society, where increasingly the property owners extract the blood out of a stone of a person. FFS fight this shit, fight the liars, that now cry tears, oh so their property manager died, ffs, they may have engaged in a type of business that extracted blood out of a soul of a vulnerable person, perhaps?!

    • if your right then nact are repossible for the murders just like the winz shooter people who have been disenfranchise lashing out if your going to treat people like shit what comes around goes around .

  15. they better back her and give her the power to change things ,if they don’t they can expect national to double down on the victimization and blame game as they look to cover up there incompetence especially as some of us expect the nact engineered housing bubble to pop nact will blame the poor in the fall out from a financial crash who do you think they will cut to clean up the mess it wont be the people who caused it.

  16. This phenomenon is ALSO HAPPENING IN UK

    “Job Centre Whistleblower Tells of Culture of Cruelty to the Jobless”
    “Claimants ‘tricked’ out of Benefits Says Job Centre Whistleblower”

    The Tories over there = National & Act in NZ .
    Rich people with no conscience.

  17. Can’t tell if this is genuine or a piss take? Seems very sarcastic and condescending anyway lol

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