Self-hating Maori Winston Peters has to start the grand climb down over racist lies against Maori electorates


The grand old cyclops of NZ Politics and best known self-hating Maori next to Adam Duff, Winston Peters,  has had to start the delicate climb down from his civil war baiting declaration that 85% of the population will extinguish the electoral rights of the remaining 15%.

Winston’s sad old racist lies about the Maori electorates have been picked clean by Twitter piranha but it’s worth pointing them out anyway.

Winston lies when he says the majority of Maori are on the general roll. It is such a bare faced lie it should be called the Liar King…

Peters said Maori voters were leaving the Maori seats in their droves and the majority of Maori were on the general roll rather than Maori roll.

…and what’s the actual truth?…

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However, Electoral Commission statistics show 55 per cent are on the Maori roll and 45 per cent on the general roll.

…LIAR! Winnie also tells us that Maori don’t want the Maori electorates, yet look at the truth again...

They also show that in each Maori electoral option far more Maori have switched from the general to the Maori roll than vice versa – and new enrolments also favour the Maori roll by a significant margin.

…LIAR! The sad old lies that Winston needs to drag around to appeal to his new redneck provincial Maori hating voter block has made Winston dog whistle a tune so dangerous that if implemented would mean civil war in this country.

This is less the Emperor has no clothes and more Granddad has forgotten his robe.

When Winnie wants to sing about economic nationalism and the evil that is neoliberalism, I’m prepared to cheer along, but when he is blindly indifferent to starting a racist civil war so that he can steal the Prime Ministership from collapsing the Labour vote, I’m out.


  1. It’s amazing how many older white people hate and fear Maori. They live with them, marry them, drink with them but still hate the Treaty settlements and any attempts by Maori to exert their own cultural identity.

    But I think this is going to end when the current batch of 65-to-85 year-olds die off. They are the last generation that were totally indoctrinated in the one-New Zealand ideology.

    I went to a country music festival where Dennis Marsh was performing and a lot of motorhoming 65-75 year-olds were present. Dennis made cringy Maori jokes and the audience all laughed. I just don’t think this mentality has carried over to most New Zealanders 50 years and younger.

  2. Our Family is immersed in all things Maori, and we as humans are not perfect not even a single one of us.

    Trouble is we are so critical of those who make mistakes but we all do!!!!! every bloody day.

    “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope (1688-1744) English poet.

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