The level of racism against Marae by right wingers desperate to denigrate Labour highlights the hatred that drives these people


Was the Rautahi Marae that opened its doors when Edgecumbe flooded a slum?

When the Manurewa Marae opened its doors to the homeless was it a slum?

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When Te Puea Memorial Marae opened its doors to the homeless was it a slum?

I went out to Awataha Marae, it isn’t a slum.The right have leapt upon two disgruntled Interns (one who stole wine and got resentful) and have ignored the majority who had an amazing time.

The level of racism against Marae by right wingers desperate to denigrate Labour highlights the hatred that drives these people.

The spitefulness of those describing Marae as sweat shop slums for political gain is the ugliness here, not the attempt to engage youth at the ballot box.



  1. Yes, the Newshub reporting was full of over the top slogans and bias. No wonder the MSM is keen on getting attention and readers and viewers, so hyperbole is becoming the norm.

    As for Hooton, are we really surprised?

    Of course the Nats like to exploit such reports to the maximum.

  2. The choice of language and the hysterical manner in which it was delivered suggests to me that C Costello and his Hobson’s pledge stormtroopers are the most likely suspects behind the continued feeding of this rubbish.

    Follow the money…

  3. Looking forward to this week’s Nine to Noon.

    Or perhaps little Matty expects marae should be equipped with the latest in marble kitchens and bathrooms with double head showers.

    He didn’t seem to mind though when last year they had to pick up the slack in emergency housing.

    Throw your doors open Matty – we’ll see what an acceptable standard of accommodation is – or is that different?.
    I also wonder whether little Matty has ever actually ‘volunteered’, other than to push a hard right agenda.
    Keep pushing it Matty – we already know one or two of them came with an agenda

  4. Just goes to prove, these derogatory, racist comments from cesspool scrapers Hooton and his fellow RWNJ colleagues, demonstrate how desperate and venomous the corrupt, crooked Natz are, when the heat goes on them and they are cornered.

  5. Over the last few weeks the racist comments from NZist are becoming offensive and disturbing .Its time decent Kiwis spoke out against this .There is nLabour/Green keep these Right Wingers out.

  6. I live in the thick of the thickest right wingers down round these here parts, and trust me, if I had the money ? I’d be gone faster than Superman with the shits. The Right Wing are the dumbest bastards I’ve ever had the good fortune to be shunned by. They cut down trees because? Who the fuck knows! ? ” Just cut ’em down. They’ll get outa control…” What? Like they’ll steal your car? Run up credit at Nyew Wowld? Make prank calls to the only guy in the one pub that’s only open once a month? And they poison every fucking thing. Down here, dead grass is much prettier than that living, green shit. I was told once, during contact with the enemy, and I kid you not ” Listen mate! I’ve done more spraying than you’ve had hot fuckin’ dinners” I said, and of course, who wouldn’t ” I hope you never sprayed any of them fuckin’ veggies I had in my hot fuckin’ dinners then. ”
    Seriously, every little plant that grows bravely up is poisoned down dead in it’s tracks. And I’ve seen sheep, lambs, cows and calves grazing dead, yellow pasture lands, now think about that next time you pour a glass of good, old fashioned, bone strengthening Kiwi cow milk for little Gerald before he trots off to St What’s-It for Right Wing Personality Reassignments ( School) to enable him, or what ever ‘he’ might eventually become after also ingesting a myriad of hormones (makes cows moo) to be the best lawyer he/she/it can possibly be.
    Let me be blunt. The Right Wing are so fucked they’d have no idea how to deal with a Marae. They have as much spiritual understanding as a wombat would a flight simulator. That is why they are Right Wing. They’re Right Wing because they’re too dumb to find the other wing to offer a choice. What happens when a thing only has one Wing, and remember, it’s their way or no way? That’s Right. They’re doomed to spiral around in circles. No Right Wing will ever build a beautiful city. No Right Wing could ever create ‘ art’. They’d figure out how to trade in it but I can tell you without fear of contradiction that they could never, ever create it.
    And we ponder what’s wrong with our country. For the love of God we do. It’s because Right Wing morons are in control of the milk poisoned wombat in the one winged flight simulator.

  7. Yes it shows that Nactional just love to play “dirty Politics” as their method of Governing as they did in the 2014 election.

    They are just criminal hoods all of them.

  8. Ironic that marae are being described as “sweatshops”, when most of them have been built, rebuilt, and maintained with the blood sweat and tears of whānau, hapū, and iwi, against the tide of colonization and confiscation of their resources. Maybe if us Pākeha hadn’t spent most of the last 150 years taking their stuff, and then grumbling about giving a tiny fraction of it back (a tiny fraction of what the banks got in the post-GFC bailouts), tangata whenua would be able to offer even better facilities on their awesome marae than they already do?

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