The broad definition of GCSB security


The broad definition of security is long-standing, introduced around the same time as the SIS botched break in of Aziz Choudry’s house in Christchurch at the time of an APEC meeting there.

We have always argued that it is intended for use against the critics of neoliberal economic agreements. That likelihood intensified with the expansion of the GCSB powers.

I expressed concerns about the implications for fellow activists offshore in countries where there are greater risks than in NZ. That has been borne out by this finding.

We can expect that they are monitoring all our activities in relation to TPPA, TiSA, RCEP, WTO and any other negotiations.

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Note that it involves a subjective assessment of ‘New Zealand’s international and economic wellbeing’.

Open spying season on critics of other international positions of the government and Maori putting pressure internationally on New Zealand’s failings in NZ and internationally is also now official.

As an overseas diplomat whom I sent this too also noted, it licenses the spying on other sovereign countries taking opposite positions to NZ in various negotiations, including at the WTO.

This is an outrage and Labour needs to publicly commit to repealing this legislation, which they were (unwittingly?) complicit in expanding over the years.


  1. “This is an outrage and Labour needs to publicly commit to repealing this legislation, which they were (unwittingly?) complicit in expanding over the years.”

    Damn right. Come on Labour, here is a chance to unyoke yourself from the empty security theatre that National are so determined to embrace. There’s not a shred of evidence that any of the civil rights that have been taken from us by a thousand cut have prevented a single act of violent crime (which is what the buzz phrase “terrorism” actually means), or led to the capture of a single violent criminal. So it needn’t be a radical notion to end the undeclared martial law, restore full democracy, and reign in the spying powers of the state.

      • Another two phrase key message from our automated trolls. Wait, are you a human being who or do you actually spends precious minutes of your life serving the people who oppress you and everyone you know? Crawl back to your Crosby-Textor masters, sock puppet, and tell them their time is nearly up.

  2. Israeli anthropologist and activist Jeff Halper reports in his Pluto Press book War Against the People (p 104), “The IDF’s Urim facility in the southern Negev is part of the network of Echelon satellite interception ground stations initially set up in the early 1960s by the US, Britain,Canada, Australia and New Zealand (“Five Eyes”)…
    In other words, “Five Eyes” is really “Six Eyes”. This is important to point out as the Israeli regime is determined to stifle any criticism of itself, any calls for BDS.

    • It’s becoming more and more apparent that , as in the past, total surveillance is a tool for repression and stamping out dissident expression
      There are moves to criminalise BDS in several state legislatures, and moves in Congress to target countries or businesses that boycott, sanction or divest funds from Israel
      Harper attempted to criminalise BDS.
      Presumably NZ shares intelligence with Israel on matters of BDS

  3. This is a continuation of repression in all its forms.
    Many do not realise there is a statute on the books which allows entry and search. All it takes is “marshall law” to be declared. (As in the strikes of the 50’s)
    So cuts to freedoms are seldom recinded, and we should be taxing Labour on many fronts to protect our democracy from loss of freedoms.

  4. This whole edifice, sold to the public as a force being used for NZ corporate good, and the safety of the public uses that excuse as a marketing tool. And while small parts may have been ,… We cannot escape the fact that the 5 eyes partnerships were formed by the Anglo-sphere world after World War Two.

    As such , – it was originally intended for and grew out of – military concerns. With the advance of the digital age, post cold war, electronic surveillance has been realized as being able to be applied far more than just regional security …

    It has now gone past the trenchcoats and blacked out windowed vehicles ‘ boots on the ground’ approach to being an efficient way to reach into the personal lives of the unsuspecting citizen – with operations thousands of kilometers away .

    And the worry is that unscrupulous political individuals ( and we have already seen multiple cases under this govt ) can use this information against political rivals, crony capitalism gains insider information , organizations set up to monitor political abuses can be watched and their electronic data monitored. We have already seen examples of this in New Zealand recently.

    And combined with a compliant media , much of this escapes the general public.

    Lest we forget ,.. it was Edward Snowden who informed us of the existence of the XKEYSCORE program… and that we had terminals for intercepting electronic data in NZ… whether that was implemented or not,… it demonstrates the intent was certainly there.

    Recall the diplomatic embarrassment caused a few years back when China and several Pacific Island nations who regarded us as ‘ friends’ protested that New Zealand was found to have been spying on their governments . Recall also the GSCB giving Tim Grosser inside information on the Director Generals job at the World Trade Organization… These are but a few examples of how this is abused.

    Recall also that data collected here in NZ is electronically stored in Virginia , USA .

    For what reason?… well ,… for a start , data allows govts to draw profiles of an individual, to snoop into legitimate organizations private affairs, – it also allows a perfect tracking device on any recent electronic purchase – giving details on the possible whereabouts of any one individual at any one given time, their spending habits included.

    And that is also where crony capitalism can gain unfair advantage – by utilizing consumer trends. This in turn can eliminate competition which aids in the forming of trading monopoly’s price gouging and wage cutting to the lowest common denominator .

    We see that under John Key , – the surveillance organizations in NZ have received huge funding boots and large legal overhaul and increases in power making inroads into our civil liberty’s , far larger than any other govt – while our essential health and education sectors were deliberately underfunded to pave the way as an excuse for ‘ privatization’. We see also that all this occurred in the middle of a developing housing crisis and record homelessness.

    And we also observe that all this happened under Pres. Obamas watch.

    President Obama , who , – along with John Key , – were in their ‘Globalist’ designs ,… on the very cusp of forcing the TTPA on us undemocratically.

    It is interesting that when it was clear that Clinton had lost and Donald J Trump had won the US elections… and the TTPA was for that time, at least shelved , or , … whether it was partly from what Winston Peters was referring to when he said ‘Key left because of administration and accountability issues’ ,… ( eg: Pike River, the Panama Papers, and now this latest with the Barclay affair ) … or a combination , we cannot say as of yet.

    BUT ONE THING WE CAN SAY , … is that under John Key’s National government and continuing on under Bill English , – and having been inadequately challenged by the current opposition political party’s , – this dangerous creeping surveillance state and the loss of many of the traditional and valued protections for our civil liberty’s and democracy have been greatly eroded and that , … with barely even a shot having been fired.

  5. The GCSB has been set up to actively spy on NZ citizens and other organisations like political opposition parties, it is all part of the world wide control under the New World Order, Bilderbergers and the Mont Perelin Society whereby the global elite can monitor the world’s citizens.

    The excuse of terrorism has been used to set up these organisations, false flag events by Central Governments like the Urewera Raids and 9/11 have been the catalyst to the setting up the likes of these organisations.

    John Key, Tim Groser and the National Party using this organisation to spy on our Trade Partners with regards to WTO elections is an abuse of the powers of the GCSB ?

    Or am I just paranoid ?

    • ‘The excuse of terrorism has been used to set up these organisations, false flag events by Central Governments like the Urewera Raids and 9/11 have been the catalyst to the setting up the likes of these organisations.’


      There was definitely something very off about the Urewera raids , right from the start.

      We had heavy handedness from ‘squads’ charged to oversee that operation almost designed to raise protest and raise the profile in the media – such as the bus raids, cordons, armed helmeted police , the overreaching sense of ‘ urgency’ , the tracking down of known peace and anti surveillance activists … almost as if to give the public the message ”it could happen here”….

      And then after months and months of deliberation and all the court ins and outs ,… the terrorism charges became watered right back down to … ‘firearms charges’…

      Not even a Guy Galkes firecracker event designed to bring down the Government and the democracy…

      But it certainly served the purpose to the casual reader of the news who , after months of ‘ the latest revelations’ … had already made up their minds and switched off thinking that ‘ the Police know what they are doing and aren’t we lucky they are on the job ‘…

      Some would say it had all the signs and symptoms of a purposely carried out ‘ red flag ‘ event to justify John Keys un- New Zealander like drive to advance his surveillance state to keep in step with Obama’s Globalist designs.


      ” John Key, Tim Groser and the National Party using this organisation to spy on our Trade Partners with regards to WTO elections is an abuse of the powers of the GCSB ?

      Or am I just paranoid ? ”

      No , Jack ,… you are not being paranoid at all.

      This is how these things are done. It is a stage act designed to elicit a particular response in people for a desired outcome.


      It seems the Mont Pelerin Society is the ‘ financial wing’ of globalist planning. It is actually further down on the totem pole – by far – than the Bilderbergs… but there is no doubting the origins and motivations of the Mont Pelerin’s, .. they are a lobby / think tank collection of bankers, philosophers ( of the Wagnerian kind ) , economists ,… that by association believed in the elitist ‘ born to rule’ philosophy. Such was the unsaid ethics of Milton Friedman .

      The Bilderbergers,… are relatively high up ,… around 4th -5th . ( above them are the Rosicrucian’s ) . As such , they wield tremendous power in the global news networks, our major Universities etc – for it is out of these that academics influence public opinion. And it is the Bilderbergers that finance the global world trends. And I’m sorry to say it,… but global warming is one of them.

      Below them is a descending hierarchy dividing up into many assorted world organizations.. . which the average citizen just simply accepts without reasoning why … simply because they are not informed as to the true purpose and reason that that’s the way it has always been. Such as the Trilateral Commission , the Council on Foreign Relations , Club of Rome etc etc. All of them Globalists and all of them working to what George Bush Senior spoke about time and again in his speeches.

      So as a final word…

      Never forget the words of George Herbert Bush Senior at the culmination of the First Gulf War…

      ” No one will stand against our New World Order and our Thousand Points of Light.”

      And global surveillance , a docile populace and media, an unquestioning attitude to authority is all part of it.

      Here’s a few good links to settle back and view…

      The ‘ thousand points of light ‘…

      President George H.W. Bush – Points of Light – YouTube
      Video for george bush new world order and thousand points of light youtube gulf war speech▶ 0:50

      The New World Order speech.

      George H.W. Bush New World Order Speech – YouTube
      Video for George H.W. Bush New World Order Speech▶ 1:14

      The Thousand Points of Light/ New World Order.

      A Thousand Points Of Light – Part 1 – Banksters, Staged Terror Attacks …
      Video for A Thousand Points Of Light – Part 1 – Banksters, Staged Terror Attacks and the NWO▶ 27:52

  6. Wild Katipo;

    Excellent work again. What a powerful piece that last Youtube clip is.

    I see you mention the Mont Pelerin Society on a regular basis and I wonder how many
    realize who was responsible in creating the Labour Movement and the Union System
    to actually represent the working/lower middle classes in the first place.

    It seems that Oligarchs create many Societies etc that are supposed to appear to
    represent the ‘Left or Right’ but, as in many spheres, they actually control both sides
    by being intermingled at the very top levels.

    “Rothschild, Rockefeller and allied interests were the primary moving force behind liberal (i.e., left-wing) initiatives like “free trade,” “world peace,” “universal brotherhood” and “world organisation,” inexorably leading to the abolition of national sovereignty and the imposition of world government. They were also behind Socialism as a device for bribing and controlling the working class through operations like the Fabian Society and the Milner Group.”

    “The Fabians’ drive for total control was not restricted to the working classes. The Society’s declared aim was to capture and control all British citizens “for its profit and their own good” (Fabian News, Sept. 1897). For this purpose and in addition to politics, it set out to control education, culture, economy, the legal system and even medicine and religion.”

    “Outside Britain, the Fabian Society’s ultimate goal – which it has pursued through the Labour Party and other front organisations like the Socialist International and the United Nations – has been the establishment of a Socialist World Government (Ratiu, 2012).”

    For expanded commentary see my post towards bottom here;
    “The Fabian Society used to have a motto “Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.”
    They set up the Labour Party and the Union Movement and their goal is
    “ by increment and stealth” set a path to One World Government,”
    (The Hegelian Dialectic)


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