Boycott Cadbury’s this Easter and buy NZ made Whittaker’s instead


In light of Cadbury’s shitting on NZ workers and closing their Dunedin plant – let’s support NZ owned and local Whittaker’s instead.

Let’s be honest, Cadbury is a crap chocolate. It tastes weird and mass produced and has none of the flavour of Whittaker’s.

Add to that Cadbury’s main concern being profit over workers and their insane decision to use Palm oil in their products – I say it’s time to hit them where it will hurt most – EASTER.

Easter is that wonderful holiday where we celebrate the resurrection of the Zombie Jesus with rabbits and chocolate eggs. I’m not sure exactly what the hell rabbits and chocolate eggs have to do with zombies, but it’s a religious thing, so you just pause the rational part of your brain and jump on in.

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This Easter, boycott Cadbury’s and support local Chocolate instead.

PS – Dear Whittaker’s, you better be totally Union friendly.

Hat tip Bryce Edwards – The changing story of “Cadbury’s capitalism”. From this…

…to this…


  1. Yes and that’s the point. Whittakers, as I understand it, is not unionised. The Cadburys workers are and have been forever and thank goodness, because of that, they have a good redundancy agreement. Until you check this out Martyn, I aint buying any non union products.

        • Why lower yourself to name calling? I don’t get out…
          Just say the sentence without “Moron”… has the same affect

        • Why lower yourself to name calling? I don’t get out…
          Just say the sentence without “Moron”… has the same affect

    • Whittakers, with their low turnover rates of staff and relatively happy employees, probably don’t see the need to have union protection there. Their employment agreements are pretty good, and have redundancy clauses as I have been made to understand by neighbours that work there. They don’t have much to complain about. Good management = happy workers.

      • With out unions, who will make sure holiday pay and taxes are correct? There will always be stuff that a person for reasons of busy working 8-12 hrs shifts can not perform in the small number of hours between sleep. Im getting sick of saying this but your *math is small.

    • A strong union is indicative of poor management, clearly this doesnt apply to Whittakers who look after staff as a matter of principle rather than negotiation, i for one will never buy cadbury again

  2. I always buy Whitaker’s ever since a kid when Whitaker’s came out with a small block of chocolate so Cadbury’s is now as all corporate’s “consolidating” wind up in China like all the rest are.

    We need to re-nationalise our industries to save our workforce or dwindle away as others have done like the carpets mills and white ware manufacturers did.

  3. Hi Martyn : I appreciate you are trying to do the right thing around Cadburys.

    It is indeed awful what is happening. I have known these workers for years and like all of us they are gutted by this decision. But thanks to years and decades of union strength, they at least have a good redundancy agreement and E Tu will work through the processes, including submitting on the proposed changes, because they have a say.

    Its confirmed that Whittakers is non union. I like their chocolate, but any proposed boycott would give market share to a non union company. And reduce the money available to treat the Cadbury workers fairly according to their redundancy agreement. Whittaker’s workers have no say, have no redundancy provisions and are on individual agreements.

    Im not defending Cadburys. But if there is pressure to be applied, it should also go on the industries like Whittakers who will benefit from Cadburys exiting and who have probably been competing on low labour costs of years.

    • Thank you for your commentary and insights Darien.

      My understanding is that this is the last factory that Cadbury’s runs in NZ so after it closes they have no attachment to producing chocolate in NZ.

      Whittaker’s is NZ owned and NZ produced, but as you say – they are not unionised.

      This is unacceptable. I enjoy their chocolate, but I will enjoy it MORE if they are unionised. So this is now a call to boycott Cadbury’s AND to unionise Whittaker’s.

    • Cadburys is part of Mondelez which is a huge International company. The Dunedin workers will get their redundancy no matter what. If the workers at Whitakers aren’t unionized isn’t it up to them to sort that out? I was in the Union at Cadburys and I’ve got to say, they managed to put me off unions. Too busy protecting the incompetent and half the leaders seem to have political objectives.

      I’m all for Boycotting Cadbury, but taking it further and boycotting all Mondelez (things like Kraft, Toblerone, and Oreo)

      • redundant workers get small compensation.
        still loose thier jobs.
        regular income to pay for life
        because of huge profit chasing corporation

        buy nz the country you live in

  4. What about also boycotting petrol until it comes down to the price it was 4 weeks before Christmas holidays ie at least $1.85?

    It was a moneygrab by petrol companies, knowing that Kiwis go on holidays and have to use petrol and diesel to get there.

    The corporates are milking us for everything we’ve got and National, ACT, Maori Party, and Peter Dunne are turning a blind eye to corporate thievery, opportunism and monopolistic thuggery.

    • Market forces Wha Left.

      Once ACT, National and their coalition parties reinstate the TPPA (without America), but WITH Australia, then there will be lots more business enterprises and opportunities to replace the likes of Cadbury’s in Dunedin, in the provinces and throughout New Zealand.

      It’s a no-brainer that TPP will transform New Zealand into a world trading leader.

      Party vote ACT at the next election. ACT will ensure that the Cadbury’s ‘blip’ will be a distant, sad, and unfortunate reminder of rampant unionism causing uneconomic business conditions for adequate company and shareholder profits.

      A comprehensive free trade environment and less union interference in profit margins would have saved the Dunedin venture.

      • You’re such a one-eyed myopic fuckwit See-MoreLess. ACT values money and profit, over people.

        When NZ owned its own assets, NZ could afford to pay for roading and infrastructure and social housing and superannuation. Your neoliberal ACT Party and successive fuckwit alliances and Trojan Horse infiltrations of Labour and National by ACT, have ruined this once-great country.

        Selling power companies to “Mum and Dad” investors was a shell-game con. The money paid to the government and to New Zealand, helped to pay for hospitals and education and social safety nets. What have we got now See-Less? Private education with Charters, PPP Schools and Private Schools getting money from the public purse, waiting lists so long people have to pay thousands to go private and WINZ need to be guarded by security guards! You are fucking con-artists. Now NZ has $89 billion in debt, $98 per second in interest. Is that because we don’t have assets generating income any more See-Less?

        You open the immigration floodgates and allow cheap labour in here because it will drive down wages and boost the profits of the robber-barons. Cadbury’s closes so your rich mates can make more profits for themselves and shareholders.

        You are building up barricades of wealth between low-paid workers and their political and business masters slave-owners.

        And now you sponsor an end of life bill that will allow your “entrepreneurial society’ to ‘get rid of’ the poor, infirm and weak.

        But you know what happened in Les Miserables See-Less? You know what happened when the people were told to “Eat cake” See-Less?

        I’d love to see-less of you and Bill English, you both make by skin crawl and the bile rise to behind my back teeth. You and English make me sick.

    • I can see it now. Max Key easter eggs. Free copies of his first two singles with every cream egg. Now I know what his dad meant when he said we were on the cusp of something special.

  5. Cadbury tried to cheat by changing its chocolate cocoa butter with palm oil. Why should the customer support a company’s product when being swindled with the very ingredient that makes chocolate so unique and special

  6. Unionised Canburys closing and non unionised Whittaker still producing still growing and low turnover etc. There’s a place for the protection of workers and unions no doubt and there’s a place for good company ethics. There’s no compulsion for either but both may well have a place. Cadburys have good provisions because of the union negotiated agreements and Whittikers have good contracts and happy staff.

  7. I have stopped using Cadbury products since before last Christmas. Bought a packet of cocoa the colour of which looked insipid so packed it up sent it down to Dunedin, asked for a refund and guess what – not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement let alone a refund – so no more Cadbury products – just Nestles cocoa and Whittakers Chocolate.

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