Whittaker’s can add extra ingredient to their chocolate for Cadbury Easter boycott


Since Cadbury’s announced they were going to gut and gag the good people of Dunedin by closing down their chocolate factory because their Corporate Overlords want to screw even more profits out of their workers…

…TDB has called for a boycott to hit the buggers where it will hurt most – at Easter.

We suggested that punters needing their chocolate fix this Easter buy NZ made and produced Whittaker’s instead, but it raised a problematic question. Cadbury, while screwing their workers over, was at the very least unionised – so what about Whittaker’s?

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I asked them via twitter, and their response was great…

…can you love these guys anymore? Many employers are pretty resentful towards Unions, Whittaker’s embrace them. They’re like the Justin Trudeau of chocolate!

The extra ingredient Whittaker’s can add to their chocolate is a unionised workforce and that makes the taste so much sweeter.

Good on you Whittaker’s, you’re bloody good buggers.


    • I agree, Cadburys have become a company primarily focused on profits (a disappointment considering the good they did long before selling to Kraft in 2010).


      lets not blindly support Whittakers who have been buying cheap, poor quality cacao from West Africa for more than 100 years. There is little transparency witnessed in this area which produces 90% of the world’s cacao and labour practices in that region are questionable at best. Whittakers are rumoured to be valued at $1b and have a turnover of more than $100m. Support TRULY ethical enterprises, not just the lesser of two evils here in NZ.

      I demand transparency with my dollar – buy local, pay a fair price and ask questions… and enjoy REAL chocolate (not confectionary) and know the difference… the end..

  1. I agree, that monopolies are bad, and if competitors are not present, unions can assume the role of price discovery so you dont end up like Cadbury factories

  2. We need a Donald Trump type to “Make New Zealand Great Again” and bring back our jobs. This is what FTAs do people. [Ducks].

    • Two things trump is good at, filling out paper work and promoting his own name, we dont actually need those things.

      What New Zealand needs is a leader that can get people to work on. What they want to work on. And only notions of a UBI can give people mobility to do what they would have done if there was no government which is to harvest food

    • You’re right about FTAs, Nitrium, but it doesn’t take a Drumf to point that out, and stopping FTAs does not require all the climate change denying, pussy-grabbing, muslim and hispanic bashing, CIA pandering, net neutrality eroding etc etc downsides of a Drumpf. Stopping the MAI didn’t require an authoritarian clown as head of state and neither did stopping ACTA. If you really think Drumpf would have campaigned against the TPP if there wasn’t a very successful, global grassroots campaign against it, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  3. Perhaps start the boycott from late in the year, as the workers will still be kept employed until then. If we boycott now, they may lose their jobs even before then.

  4. OOOHHHH … you’ve got to love that peanut slab…

    This is the sort of attitude that can create stability for jobs and community’s. We need more like Whittaker’s.

    And less globalist opportunists like Cadbury’s.

    Happy to support the boycott.

  5. I stopped eating Cadbury’s chocolate about a decade ago, when I discovered that Whittaker’s is far superior. Okay, it is slightly more expensive than Cadbury’s but the ingredients are far better and the product is far more satisfying.

    Kindly note that there is the matter of the near extinction of wildlife in southeast Asia, as large tracts of jungle are cleared to make way for palm oil plantations. A lot of palm oil is used by some manufacturers of chocolate.

    The number of orangutans, genetically our close cousins, is perilously low -something like 15,000 total and falling versus nearly 8 billion humans and rising- and orangutans are almost certain to become extinct within a decade as a consequence of global corporate activity and relentless breeding by humans.


    Humans face extinction in the fairly near future too, of course (current consensus thinking indicates around the middle of this century), largely as a consequence of the activities of global corporations and relentless breeding by humans, and overconsumption…..plundering and polluting the only home we have.

    So eat Whittaker’s chocolate and enjoy it, but do so in moderation.

    As for Easter, remember that it is just another phony Christian festival invented by the Romans in the fifth century to stamp out true spirituality, and has been hijacked by corporations to promote ostentatious consumption which is generally harmful to human health.

    • “just another phony Christian festival invented by the Romans”

      Not quite.

      “Eostre is the Germanic Goddess of Spring. Also called Ostara or Eastre, She gave Her name to the Christian festival of Easter (which is an older Pagan festival appropriated by the Church), whose timing is still dictated by the Moon.”

      Near to the northern spring equinox. When the soil starts to warm, chickens start to lay, and it’s safe to carry the surviving beasts out into the fields…to gather the young nettles and rampions for something other than kale and weevils on the menu.

      We’ll also hope that Whittakers sources its chocolate ingredients from countries that don’t use child labour for working the cacao crop. It’s not the most innocent of ‘sinful’ foods.

      • I think that’s what AFKTT was alluding to in his comment when he said ‘to stamp out true spirituality’.
        And I believe that Whittakers do use ethically sourced cocoa beans. Or can we not trust the ‘fairtrade’ label anymore?

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