BLOGWATCH: TDB welcomes our new male readers and Standard exiles


One of the odd things from the last week of politics has been that we’ve noticed a surge in male readers coming onto The Daily Blog.

Our coverage over the way Identity Politic factions were attempting to destabilise Andrew Little last week seems to have struck a deep chord with many male readers who have never been on our blog before, so we welcome you and hope you enjoy the 40 best left wing and progressive bloggers in NZ critiquing the daily news and right wing narrative which makes progress for all impossible.

We’ve also had a jump in exiles from The Standard blog who were appalled at the way they were contributing to the friction. One poor bloke was banned for 3 years from The Standard for disagreeing with one of their bloggers.

A 3 year ban? Isn’t that a tad fascist? That’s something Trump would do.

We will contact the individual in question and offer them a blog here instead.

The Daily Blog is committed to a change of government in 2017 and we are far more focused on attacking the National Party and their enablers than banning people for 3 years who disagree with us.

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UPDATE: Dear old Gordon Campbell’s blog ‘Werewolf’ has followed up on a ridiculous blog claiming

Bomber’s message is the one that women on the left have been hearing since time eternal ie, that they should keep quiet, remain patient until victory is assured, and – in the meantime – make sure their concerns and modes of expression don’t antagonise the heroes of the proletariat. Besides everything else, this looks like a failure of imagination. Is the Winston Wing of Labour’s support base – those heroic, hand-calloused members of the white working class that Bomber Bradbury and Chris Trotter always bang on about – really so immune to policy arguments pitched any higher than Greg O’Connor’s face on a campaign billboard, or Willie Jackson on the mike?

with an equally risible post linked to this post claiming that everyone on TDB (including presumably Donna Miles, Christine Rose, Kate Davis, Professor Jane Kelsey, Dr Susan St John, Carmel Sepuloni and Aine Kelly-Costello) are misogynist Men’s Rights Activists who are on par with serial shooters.

What a load of desperate middle-class posturing. I am not saying anything of the sort Gordon, I am saying that Poto Williams, after promising the Labour Party that she wouldn’t undermine Andrew Little’s leadership on the Friday, then employed a PR firm on the Saturday to do just that, damaged Labour’s chances of getting elected and that some of the Identitarian Activist base seem more focused on purifying Labour than beating National.

For daring to criticise these people for undermining Andrew Little’s leadership we are now misogynist women haters. I’m not surprised that no one seems to have commented on your blog since January the 26th.

Anne Russell goes as far as to suggest that male bloggers on TDB be kidnapped, beaten, tied to a tree and threatened with their penises to be cut off…

Therefore, there is certain value in the rallying cry of Make Misogynists Afraid Again. The sorts of men who read TDB are afraid of exposure of their personal violence against women, of losing readership, of public ridicule. In the past, more unorthodox methods like the Mervyn Thompson controversy had a significant impact on university sexual harassment policies, which were implemented in the wake of the scandal.

…FFS. If Anne’s vicious and violent fantasy for us is where the progressive movement is headed, we  have some serious problems.

This post about a surge in male readers wasn’t a flag flying moment for misogynists, it was to suggest that the vitriolic and vicious way some Identity Politic Activists were behaving online was incredibly alienating. We gave the poor bloke from The Standard who was banned for 3 years for suggesting the left should work together a blog, read it – and tell me if he also supposedly hates women.

The middle class activist base (including those writing for The Werewolf) don’t care if they cost Labour the election, what’s more important to them is their purity of membership for their tiny clique – the working classes, Maori, Pasifica and beneficiaries who can’t survive another 3 years under National are simply collateral damage for these middle class activist feelings of superiority.

It’s sad, it’s boring and it’s intellectually dishonest.

(I’ve blogged more on Anne’s weird desire for a violent sexual assault fantasy against us here).



  1. I was booted off “The Standard” in September 2014.






  2. Hahahahahaha! Oh wow. Seriously can’t figure it out? Prominent rape apologist gets forced onto the Labour party, progressive people call this out, you defend the rape apologist and suddenly get a swathe of male readers? ‘TDB’: “The Daily Brocialist”!

    • The ways of the labour Party are dubious at best. There is a strong streak of the piranha in too many of them – including the females.

      If he was correctly reported Willie Jackson HAS apologised. Publicly.

      Did you want him in a hair shirt crawling backwards to Rome? Is that enough mea culpa?

      Or will you rush about the town whispering, ‘There he goes! There! Look! That one! HE’S a ‘rape apologist’! Once. Long ago. And that’s worse worse worse than any good the fellow might have done, or may come to do for many who are kept silenced. Tar and feathers! I love a good public excoriation!’

      That’s not ‘sad’. That’s why ex-prisoners can’t rejoin the Good and Pure. They’ve done the time, made their apologies – and there’s NO FORGIVENESS.


      • Theres a difference between being hounded on the street, and being put forward as a political candidate

    • Always Anti-Racist says: “Prominent rape apologist”.

      Nice to see someone working hard to break National’s monopoly on the communication of ideas via cliché. Too bad you prefer that approach to breaking their monopoly on government.

      Tell me, if I pop 20 cents up your arse, do you disgorge a different talking point each time? Or if I place 2 dollars in your mouth, do you shit all over the working class and describe their views with one of the clichés from Hillary Clinton’s deplorable speech?

    • I know right? It’s just been amazing James.

      I had no idea how alienating people like yourself and the Wellington Twitter Elite had become within NZs social media scene.

      Working class men and women who believe in Left wing values and want a fairer and more equal society getting screamed at, ignored and belittled because they lack the language policed terminology of middle class academics virtue signalling one another in their daily outrage olympics, apparently prefer to have their concerns genuinely acknowledged is really surprising isn’t it James?

      It’s like your preference is for purification rather than bringing enough people together to win the election James. Do you even appreciate how counter productive you’re being?

      • Hey Martyn.

        You know what? You might be right about being alienating. But what the hell are we supposed to do? You have yet to put forward any argument about how to promote a fight against racism, against sexism, against homophobia and rape culture alongside class politics.

        What you are saying is that it’s either/or. We either accept racists, homophobes and cops as part of the Left, or we’re alienating and counterproductive people.

        My preference isn’t so much for ‘purification’, but about fighting for values like equality, workers rights, and an end to bigotry. But you want to play the parliamentary game and are willing to give up values for that.

        So again, tell us, make a blog post about it, *please*, what do you think people who do take principles like anti-sexism seriously, what do you think they should do?

        • Kia ora James.

          No one is saying that gender pay gaps are acceptable. No one is saying that Trans people should be teated any less, no one is saying we don’t have huge work ahead of us with domestic violence and rape culture.

          The issue many on the Left had was that elements and factions within Labour thought it was a great idea to blow 30months of unity the moment Andrew Little attempted to broaden the electoral chances of the Labour Party to replace National.

          People who take anti-sexism seriously should attempt to get into power first from where they can start making a real difference to those issues rather than attack the Leadership and risk the last 30months of rebuilding Andrew Little has undertaken.

          It’s not rocket science James.

          • So, just to be clear, your argument is to be quiet and let people you think have said and done repugnant things stand beside you without comment, so that you might be able to get a few small policies through when Labour gets into government? Despite the fact that such policies would be directly contradictory? How can you say rape culture is ok when you have an MP who has helped to entrench and further rape culture?

            In short, you’re arguing for parliamentary tactics over principle. This is the same argument that got the ‘third way’ politicians like Blair into power in the U.K. When you sacrifice principles for parliamentary gains, even if it is intended as a short-term thing, you lose them for a long, long time.

            • No James, that is not what I am saying at all. Your need to constantly put words in my mouth says you are running out of an argument.

              I am saying, that deciding to hire a PR firm to seed a negative story that undermines the Leader of a political party 7 months out from a general election makes voters not want to vote for you.

              Your need for purification borders on the religious James.

              Maybe you have the economic where with all to survive another 3 years of National, but many of the Urban Poor Willie represents and whom Labour need to get elected can’t survive another 3 years of National.

            • when you have an MP who has helped to entrench and further rape culture

              What MP are you referring to? I’m not aware any MPs have helped to entrench rape culture. Rape is committed by individuals – both men and women – not by political parties.

  3. Golly gosh! I only managed to get a 1 month ban for pointing out the obvious on The Standard. That was immediately before I stopped going there altogether, of course.

    The Standard: alternating between shooting themselves in the foot and shooting the messenger; alternating between ignorance and stupidity.

  4. Who ever created that meme must be the handsomest example of humanity in the digital world 😀

    Hat tip to Bomber and Ross for making it possible

    😀 😀 😀

  5. I don’t have access to any stats on this…but surely the reason the exiles are mainly male…is because most of the folk on The Standard are, you know,’male’ ??
    You’ve already had a ‘surge’ in female exiles from TS.
    Just guessing, but I figure that leaves maybe 9 females over there.
    Though I still indulge in a bit of TS. Its like studying your own earwax…gross really, but somehow fascinating.

    • In the digital realm there is no gender. Just opinion and informed opinion. I wrote this reply to some one else but I think it has some relevance here so I’ll leave a quick copy and past here.

      I have no problem with your data or logic so please forgive me for pointing out that a kind of mathematical calendar approach isn’t useful for forecasting in the real world. Wilhelm von humboldt once said “Wherever the citizen becomes indifferent to his fellows, so will the husband be to his wife, and the father of a family toward the members of his household.” To be educated from this point of view means to inquire and educate and understanding the resources involved that nourishes the mind and informs one where to look and investigate and ask questions of the status quo and shape the questions that are worth pursuing and develop paths to peruse ones dreams.

      Knowing and understanding many things is much more important than what’s stored in ones brain, to inform you where to look and how to challenge things that the world presents to you in the pursuit of self education of inquiry and investigation in a community of others and this is what gender neutral means by my standards. This culture should grow from early childhood education right through to university and into the public sector and that leads to people like Helen Clark.

      Free speech lawyers say the corner stone of a free society is to be able to harm the government with free speech. Very few societies overcome these challenges and New Zealand has regressed in this area in many ways but it was overcome in the civil rights era which shows how how it can happen. Since that time things have improved in New Zealand but there are many rude examples when this all brakes down and so on. The really serious examples of breaching free speech are done by private tyranny that amounts to totalitarian organisations which the blog space the Standard has encourage in recent months. It’s true that they don’t have the coercive power of the state so you can choose not to pawn yourself to them and die of starvation so the extent of there influence is different from state power but the extent of there power to control what goes on in life was growing until they started to suppress free speech and maintain Quilty information

      Apart of the the standards general attacks on democracy is the attempt to grow it even further. If you look at basic designs and notions over at the standard it is designed to shift power even further into the hands of unaccountable private tyranny. One part of this is control of media and authors concentrating control and the ability to control communications with others, that’s not called censorship even though hundreds possibly thousands have been effected. They are not technically censoring because comments that brake laws ect not only suppresses free speech it also limits our ability to critique governments. So they’ll make it hard to contribute unless you go through the routines they want you to go through which means providing authors with information they want you to collect before you can talk freely and so on. So they’ll make it like that but if you are really hyper driven and want to find ways to create justice for woman you’ll be able to do that so we can maintain our privilege.
      For most people you’ll be so overwhelmed by something modelled on a totalitarian state that loses the system and creates passive consumers of information and making them hate each other. These are problems of freedom of speech which is much more overwhelming of notions of gender equality is real, but mathematical models are not enormous. We should fight gender equality but there is a much bigger monster out there that is not regarded as an attack on gender equality but it should be.

      Side note: this is probably the first and last comment I will leave here so if you want a right of reply I suggest you leave it on the Daily Blog in open mic.

  6. Australia, our nearest and most important partner is being leveled by the effects of Climate Change. Our own government refuses to accept that Climate Change even exists. The Labour Party is fighting off the Identity Politics zombie plague, and our leading Left-wing Bloggeratsi are obsessed with Troll-turd accounting irregularities.

    This is just about the dumbest shit I’ve ever read.

    I’m really starting to think Humanity is doomed.

    • They all want another mining boom but its not gana happen because we spent the last one on dumb shit.

      Back in the days of Western mining delegates would hook up the boat and go fishing every time there was a union meeting because the small amount of productive mines kept the unproductive mines afloat. Thats my general impression of the Australian left that is so use to doing bugger all, everything comes across as radical.

  7. I completely endorse Anne Russell’s thoughts on these issues. Now is always a time to have an important ideological fight in the left, we should absolutely not roll over on our principles by offering any form of support or endorsement to rape apologists. The fact that TDB doesn’t recognise that is inexcusable.

    All this does is gives National ammunition against us. Notice how deafening the silence on the right already is? It’s because they want these morons to get into the party to give them ammo.

    By way of example, THE SECOND the National Party identified a pervert in their own caucus, Key pulled the trigger and got rid of him, before there was even a full investigation. And here we have Labour inviting a rape apologist into our own party just before a national election. Come on, it’s bananas!

    • Kia ora Georgia, you endorse Anne Russell when she says that the way to deal with us on The Daily Blog is to have us kidnapped, beaten, tied to a tree and then threatened with castration?

      You think violent sex assault revenge fantasies are acceptable?

    • I believe National have remained silent not because they’re all excited about having WJ to rail against, but because:

      1) They’re popcorn munching watching the infighting
      2) They were concerned about WJ damaging the Maori Party and also about having a different urban voice leeching votes off them in Auckland.

      Who was the National pervert?

    • Notice how seamlessly Georgia segues from calling Jackson a “rape apologist” to implying that he’s a pervert? From a highly exaggerated claim, to an “alternative fact” worthy of Drumf’s minions. Pathetic.

      I have no great love for Labour or Jackson, and if there was any substance to the claim that Jackson’s politics are anti-women I would be supporting William’s actions regardless of the effect on Labour’s election prospects (as would Bomber I expect). The fact is, Georgia, all you lot have to offer is hyperbole, innuendo, personal attacks, silencing (eg riduculously long blog bans), and now implied threats of physical violence, care of Russell.

      If you think refusing to support a campaign of attack politics, alt-left trolling, and intimidation makes me (or anyone else who posts on TDB) a “mysogynist”, I suggest you get hold of a dictionary, because I think you’ll find that’s not what that word means.

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