BLOGWATCH: The Standard can dredge up a 12 year old Willie Jackson interview, but they can’t notice a 2 hour old news story?


This is the great grumpy man of NZ Blogging, Lynn Prentice over at The Standard mauling someone who has disagreed with him about Poto Williams.

Here’s the comment, and you decide how appropriate Lynn’s reposes is…

[lprent: You really are a bit of a silly fuckwit. She didn’t “complain to the media”. She put it on her Facebook page. Banned for 2 weeks for lying and general inaccuracy. Please lift your game. Being a STUPID troll is unacceptable. ]
Immmm well actually Lynn no, she hired a PR company to write and seed it with the media.

How come the Standard can dredge up a 12 year interview with Willie Jackson, but can’t notice a story breaking just 2 hours ago that Poto Williams hired a PR team to write the attack on Willie Jackson and that they seeded it with media before hand.

The Standard bloggers have all been taken in like chumps, yet refuse to admit it.

This unbelievable division is why Labour can’t win elections.

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Well done folks.

PS – If we here at TDB think your comment is stupid, needlessly offensive or defamatory we just don’t publish it, no one gets banned, and in light of the news that Poto didn’t just innocently post up a Facebook comment and in fact hired a PR company to do it and seed it with the media, shouldn’t poor old Ross be allowed back on?

Why Ross would choose to do that is another question.



  1. Banned for 2 weeks for lying …ha! i love it when he randomly throws that one around, its so perfectly childlike… like that rhyme ‘Liar liar pants on fire”.

    My guess is he will claim he didn’t notice the new story because he was called away overseas. Iprent, when not blogging, is apparently a secret service agent regularly called ‘overseas’ to do terribly important, top secret….stuff…

  2. Perhaps you should look at the dates and times. You appear to be confused about them.

    You are looking at a story that apparently got released today, and then apparently telling me that Ross knew about it yesterday. This is possible I guess. But I and other authors don’t spend our work time reading news.

    Now I have no idea if you actually work for a living or if you are just a parasite on The Daily Blog. But I know that I do, and so do almost all of the authors at TS. That is why the site is voluntary. It is also why we let comments through without having to manually release them and why we ban people who break our rules and trust. Unlike you we treat commenters as adults until they prove themselves not to be.

    It is also why we have far more comments and readers. We do not censor under the covers like you do.

    Quite how you can think that I can moderate yesterday based on story from today is a mystery. But you do appear to be somewhat confused about most things.

    • Oh Lynn, you sad old tyrant – what about Ross – can we free Ross from your ban?

      Come on champ, you’ve been chumped – let’s get back to the actual issue which is Poto hired a PR firm to slag off Willie Jackson and in turn undermine Littles leadership – you claimed (falsely it turns out) that she didn’t contact the media.

      Now – can we just let poor old Ross comment on this horrendous blog you host (I’m not sure why Ross would want to do that) but maybe you could just imagine that your anger was misplaced and you could give Ross a break Lynn?

      You were after all completely fucking wrong.

      • horrendous blog

        i have to agree, TS doesn’t even get off the credibility threshold because of its policy of allowing anonymous posts.

        Anonymous comments are one thing, arguably even important, but ghosts offering anonymous opinions as posts, without the guts to identify themselves, is pathetic.

  3. For simply agreeing with the points made on the DB, all my comments are now moderated.
    There are some things that cannot be debated on the Standard.

  4. [lprent: Ok you aren’t listening or even arguing – you are simply trolling without really anything to say. I see what? 5 one line comments. None of them say anything.

    Ummm you have been warned. Ok. Piss off. Banned until November 2020. Two elections sounds about right. ]

    • They’re just talking to themselves eh, I bet out of 1.2 million comments, half would be just authors and mobs responding to each other.

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