Will Peak Leitch see tag team celebrity death match between Monty Betham and Ruben Wiki vs UFC fighter Mark Hunt?


Day 3 folks.

Day. Fucking. Three.

When I joked that NZ could get a 72 hour news cycle out of the ‘Sir-Peter-Leitch-is-a-racist- butcher-and-we-should-hunt-down-his-family-because-a-23-year-old-cried-on-social-media-gate’ I was being facetious.

Well who’s laughing now?

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Here we are. Day. Fucking. Three.

Monty Betham and Ruben Wiki have come out and said Peter isn’t racist while UFC fighter Mark Hunt says he is. Will Peak Leitch see a tag team celebrity death match between these 3 to settle once and for all whether Peter is a racist butcher?

Now the Race Relations Commissioner, that’s right folks, the bloody Race Relations Commissioner has stepped in and said Peter isn’t racist.

My two favourite bits of ‘Sir-Peter-Leitch-is-a-racist- butcher-and-we-should-hunt-down-his-family-because-a-23-year-old-cried-on-social-media-gate’ so far have been the wonderfully dramatically millennial flourish of Lara Wharepapa Bridger whipping her sun glasses off mid statement about how much she cried only the reveal how much she had cried and Michelle Boag’s amazing ability to turn a none event into an actual racist one. 

What do I detest about this entire fiasco so much? The lazy mainstream media journalism that takes social media fights and elevates them into headlines? The weird social media witch hunt that only requires a run-of-the-mill-middle-class-emotional-millennial-over-share as Gospel evidence to slander and defame people or the fact that this bloody thing has mangled to suck all the news oxygen out of an actual racial attack by Israeli extremists who have attacked our Foreign Minister’s electorate?

Still, no focus by our corporate media about Israel’s threat of a war in light of that electorate attack despite their Prime Minister threatening it a couple of weeks ago.


So I’m now saying, we can get 96 hours of the news cycle on this ‘Sir-Peter-Leitch-is-a-racist- butcher-and-we-should-hunt-down-his-family-because-a-23-year-old-cried-on-social-media-gate’ as long as Max Key doesn’t fart in public or an Auckland shed sells for a million dollars.

Good on you NZ.


  1. Oh my God New Zealand Herald, you losers!

    Apparently we good caring concerned New Zealanders really do give a shit about some rich prick bore and his half pissed rich prick rantings who now has White Knights riding to his rescue aka some has been “sports stars”.

    Honestly the 1960’s Batman series was far more realistic and infinitely more gripping than this fiasco.

    The NZ Herald may as well give up the pretense they are a real newspaper or credible media and close the doors, they are awful.

    Please make it stop!

  2. Some of the other “major” news stories on TV One last night (Wednesday – I think it was TV One and not TV3 but they are so similar it’s hard to remember which is which sometimes) barely 15 minutes into the news (so they must be incredibly important) were researchers saying people are eating too much sweet food in offices in Britain, a toddler who pushed a cabinet off his sibling, and a man who had a pair of scissors removed from inside him somewhere in Asia.

    • On TV1 they had the story about that singer who failed to lip sync properly – can’t remember her name – two nights in a row.

  3. And no focus on bombers anti semetic rhetoric. Look for a legal challenge to be laid next week. NZ must not tolerate suxm racism. Lawyers at work now.

  4. It also helps that this click bait news only costs cents to create full length ‘news’ articles, with zero travel, zero journalistic ability but still generates the same amount of traffic on their site as real news that is now considered to expensive to make and that real journalists cost too much.

    Now that neoliberalism and accountants run everything this is what we are dished up.

    Don’t read, don’t click on click bait!

  5. So on one side we have;
    PR Guru extraordinaire Bogg
    Uncle Toms
    & Racists

    On the other side;

    The rest of NZ

    I’m on Lara’s side! Why? We’re right!

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