For those hysterically judging Russia for hacking US election – here’s a list of all the Governments the CIA have overthrown in first 50 years



There’s still a lot of unproven claims that Russia hacked the US election. I’m not saying they didn’t and wouldn’t be surprised if they had but it’s truly an open question as to whether or not it had an impact on the final result itself.

That hasn’t stopped some hysterical claims against Russia.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Russia or Putin in any way shape or form, but when compared to the last 50 years of the CIA, having to put up with some whining that a Russian Agent hacked the Democratic Party’s emails seems pretty lame.


Greece — President Truman requests military aid to Greece to support right-wing forces fighting communist rebels. For the rest of the Cold War, Washington and the CIA will back notorious Greek leaders with deplorable human rights records.

CIA created — President Truman signs the National Security Act of 1947, creating the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Council. The CIA is accountable to the president through the NSC — there is no democratic or congressional oversight. Its charter allows the CIA to “perform such other functions and duties… as the National Security Council may from time to time direct.” This loophole opens the door to covert action and dirty tricks.


Covert-action wing created — The CIA recreates a covert action wing, innocuously called the Office of Policy Coordination, led by Wall Street lawyer Frank Wisner. According to its secret charter, its responsibilities include “propaganda, economic warfare, preventive direct action, including sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and evacuation procedures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.”

Italy — The CIA corrupts democratic elections in Italy, where Italian communists threaten to win the elections. The CIA buys votes, broadcasts propaganda, threatens and beats up opposition leaders, and infiltrates and disrupts their organizations. It works — the communists are defeated.


Radio Free Europe — The CIA creates its first major propaganda outlet, Radio Free Europe. Over the next several decades, its broadcasts are so blatantly false that for a time it is considered illegal to publish transcripts of them in the U.S.

Late 40s

Operation MOCKINGBIRD — The CIA begins recruiting American news organizations and journalists to become spies and disseminators of propaganda. The effort is headed by Frank Wisner, Allan Dulles, Richard Helms and Philip Graham. Graham is publisher of The Washington Post, which becomes a major CIA player. Eventually, the CIA’s media assets will include ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek, Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Copley News Service and more. By the CIA’s own admission, at least 25 organizations and 400 journalists will become CIA assets.


Iran – CIA overthrows the democratically elected Mohammed Mossadegh in a military coup, after he threatened to nationalize British oil. The CIA replaces him with a dictator, the Shah of Iran, whose secret police, SAVAK, is as brutal as the Gestapo.


Guatemala — CIA overthrows the democratically elected Jacob Arbenz in a military coup. Arbenz has threatened to nationalize the Rockefeller-owned United Fruit Company, in which CIA Director Allen Dulles also owns stock. Arbenz is replaced with a series of right-wing dictators whose bloodthirsty policies will kill over 100,000 Guatemalans in the next 40 years.


North Vietnam — CIA officer Edward Lansdale spends four years trying to overthrow the communist government of North Vietnam, using all the usual dirty tricks. The CIA also attempts to legitimize a tyrannical puppet regime in South Vietnam, headed by Ngo Dinh Diem. These efforts fail to win the hearts and minds of the South Vietnamese because the Diem government is opposed to true democracy, land reform and poverty reduction measures. The CIA’s continuing failure results in escalating American intervention, culminating in the Vietnam War.


Hungary — Radio Free Europe incites Hungary to revolt by broadcasting Khruschev’s Secret Speech, in which he denounced Stalin. It also hints that American aid will help the Hungarians fight. This aid fails to materialize as Hungarians launch a doomed armed revolt, which only invites a major Soviet invasion. The conflict kills 7,000 Soviets and 30,000 Hungarians.


Laos — The CIA carries out approximately one coup per year trying to nullify Laos’ democratic elections. The problem is the Pathet Lao, a leftist group with enough popular support to be a member of any coalition government. In the late 50s, the CIA even creates an “Armee Clandestine” of Asian mercenaries to attack the Pathet Lao. After the CIA’s army suffers numerous defeats, the U.S. starts bombing, dropping more bombs on Laos than all the U.S. bombs dropped in World War II. A quarter of all Laotians will eventually become refugees, many living in caves.


Haiti — The U.S. military helps “Papa Doc” Duvalier become dictator of Haiti. He creates his own private police force, the “Tonton Macoutes,” who terrorize the population with machetes. They will kill over 100,000 during the Duvalier family reign. The U.S. does not protest their dismal human rights record.


The Bay of Pigs — The CIA sends 1,500 Cuban exiles to invade Castro’s Cuba. But “Operation Mongoose” fails, due to poor planning, security and backing. The planners had imagined that the invasion will spark a popular uprising against Castro -– which never happens. A promised American air strike also never occurs. This is the CIA’s first public setback, causing President Kennedy to fire CIA Director Allen Dulles.

Dominican Republic — The CIA assassinates Rafael Trujillo, a murderous dictator Washington has supported since 1930. Trujillo’s business interests have grown so large (about 60 percent of the economy) that they have begun competing with American business interests.

Ecuador — The CIA-backed military forces the democratically elected President Jose Velasco to resign. Vice President Carlos Arosemana replaces him; the CIA fills the now vacant vice presidency with its own man.

Congo (Zaire) — The CIA assassinates the democratically elected Patrice Lumumba. However, public support for Lumumba’s politics runs so high that the CIA cannot clearly install his opponents in power. Four years of political turmoil follow.


Dominican Republic — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Juan Bosch in a military coup. The CIA installs a repressive, right-wing junta.

Ecuador — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows President Arosemana, whose independent (not socialist) policies have become unacceptable to Washington. A military junta assumes command, cancels the 1964 elections, and begins abusing human rights.


Brazil — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart. The junta that replaces it will, in the next two decades, become one of the most bloodthirsty in history. General Castelo Branco will create Latin America’s first death squads, or bands of secret police who hunt down “communists” for torture, interrogation and murder. Often these “communists” are no more than Branco’s political opponents. Later it is revealed that the CIA trains the death squads.


Indonesia — The CIA overthrows the democratically elected Sukarno with a military coup. The CIA has been trying to eliminate Sukarno since 1957, using everything from attempted assassination to sexual intrigue, for nothing more than his declaring neutrality in the Cold War. His successor, General Suharto, will massacre between 500,000 to 1 million civilians accused of being “communist.” The CIA supplies the names of countless suspects.

Dominican Republic — A popular rebellion breaks out, promising to reinstall Juan Bosch as the country’s elected leader. The revolution is crushed when U.S. Marines land to uphold the military regime by force. The CIA directs everything behind the scenes.

Greece — With the CIA’s backing, the king removes George Papandreous as prime minister. Papandreous has failed to vigorously support U.S. interests in Greece.

Congo (Zaire) — A CIA-backed military coup installs Mobutu Sese Seko as dictator. The hated and repressive Mobutu exploits his desperately poor country for billions.


The Ramparts Affair — The radical magazine Ramparts begins a series of unprecedented anti-CIA articles. Among their scoops: the CIA has paid the University of Michigan $25 million dollars to hire “professors” to train South Vietnamese students in covert police methods. MIT and other universities have received similar payments. Ramparts also reveals that the National Students’ Association is a CIA front. Students are sometimes recruited through blackmail and bribery, including draft deferments.


Greece — A CIA-backed military coup overthrows the government two days before the elections. The favorite to win was George Papandreous, the liberal candidate. During the next six years, the “reign of the colonels” — backed by the CIA — will usher in the widespread use of torture and murder against political opponents. When a Greek ambassador objects to President Johnson about U.S. plans for Cyprus, Johnson tells him: “Fuck your parliament and your constitution.”

Operation PHEONIX — The CIA helps South Vietnamese agents identify and then murder alleged Viet Cong leaders operating in South Vietnamese villages. According to a 1971 congressional report, this operation killed about 20,000 “Viet Cong.”


Operation CHAOS — The CIA has been illegally spying on American citizens since 1959, but with Operation CHAOS, President Johnson dramatically boosts the effort. CIA agents go undercover as student radicals to spy on and disrupt campus organizations protesting the Vietnam War. They are searching for Russian instigators, which they never find. CHAOS will eventually spy on 7,000 individuals and 1,000 organizations.

Bolivia — A CIA-organized military operation captures legendary guerilla Che Guevara. The CIA wants to keep him alive for interrogation, but the Bolivian government executes him to prevent worldwide calls for clemency.


Uruguay — The notorious CIA torturer Dan Mitrione arrives in Uruguay, a country torn with political strife. Whereas right-wing forces previously used torture only as a last resort, Mitrione convinces them to use it as a routine, widespread practice. “The precise pain, in the precise place, in the precise amount, for the desired effect,” is his motto. The torture techniques he teaches to the death squads rival the Nazis’. He eventually becomes so feared that revolutionaries will kidnap and murder him a year later.


Cambodia — The CIA overthrows Prince Sahounek, who is highly popular among Cambodians for keeping them out of the Vietnam War. He is replaced by CIA puppet Lon Nol, who immediately throws Cambodian troops into battle. This unpopular move strengthens once minor opposition parties like the Khmer Rouge, which achieves power in 1975 and massacres millions of its own people.


Bolivia — After half a decade of CIA-inspired political turmoil, a CIA-backed military coup overthrows the leftist President Juan Torres. In the next two years, dictator Hugo Banzer will have over 2,000 political opponents arrested without trial, then tortured, raped and executed.

Haiti — “Papa Doc” Duvalier dies, leaving his 19-year old son “Baby Doc” Duvalier the dictator of Haiti. His son continues his bloody reign with full knowledge of the CIA.


The Case-Zablocki Act — Congress passes an act requiring congressional review of executive agreements. In theory, this should make CIA operations more accountable. In fact, it is only marginally effective.

Cambodia — Congress votes to cut off CIA funds for its secret war in Cambodia.


Chile — The CIA overthrows and assassinates Salvador Allende, Latin America’s first democratically elected socialist leader. The problems begin when Allende nationalizes American-owned firms in Chile. ITT offers the CIA $1 million for a coup (reportedly refused). The CIA replaces Allende with General Augusto Pinochet, who will torture and murder thousands of his own countrymen in a crackdown on labor leaders and the political left.

CIA begins internal investigations — William Colby, the Deputy Director for Operations, orders all CIA personnel to report any and all illegal activities they know about. This information is later reported to Congress.

CIA Director Helms Fired — President Nixon fires CIA Director Richard Helms for failing to help cover up the Watergate scandal. Helms and Nixon have always disliked each other. The new CIA director is William Colby, who is relatively more open to CIA reform.


CHAOS exposed — Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh publishes a story about Operation CHAOS, the domestic surveillance and infiltration of anti-war and civil rights groups in the U.S. The story sparks national outrage.

Angleton fired — Congress holds hearings on the illegal domestic spying efforts of James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s chief of counterintelligence. His efforts included mail-opening campaigns and secret surveillance of war protesters. The hearings result in his dismissal from the CIA.

House clears CIA in Watergate — The House of Representatives clears the CIA of any complicity in Nixon’s Watergate break-in.

The Hughes Ryan Act — Congress passes an amendment requiring the president to report nonintelligence CIA operations to the relevant congressional committees in a timely fashion.


Australia — The CIA helps topple the democratically elected, left-leaning government of Prime Minister Edward Whitlam. The CIA does this by giving an ultimatum to its Governor-General, John Kerr. Kerr, a longtime CIA collaborator, exercises his constitutional right to dissolve the Whitlam government. The Governor-General is a largely ceremonial position appointed by the Queen; the Prime Minister is democratically elected. The use of this archaic and never-used law stuns the nation.

Angola — Eager to demonstrate American military resolve after its defeat in Vietnam, Henry Kissinger launches a CIA-backed war in Angola. Contrary to Kissinger’s assertions, Angola is a country of little strategic importance and not seriously threatened by communism. The CIA backs the brutal leader of UNITAS, Jonas Savimbi. This polarizes Angolan politics and drives his opponents into the arms of Cuba and the Soviet Union for survival. Congress will cut off funds in 1976, but the CIA is able to run the war off the books until 1984, when funding is legalized again. This entirely pointless war kills over 300,000 Angolans.


Iran — The CIA fails to predict the fall of the Shah of Iran, a longtime CIA puppet, and the rise of Muslim fundamentalists who are furious at the CIA’s backing of SAVAK, the Shah’s bloodthirsty secret police. In revenge, the Muslims take 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

Afghanistan — The Soviets invade Afghanistan. The CIA immediately begins supplying arms to any faction willing to fight the occupying Soviets. Such indiscriminate arming means that when the Soviets leave Afghanistan, civil war will erupt. Also, fanatical Muslim extremists now possess state-of-the-art weaponry. One of these is Sheik Abdel Rahman, who will become involved in the World Trade Center bombing in New York.

El Salvador — An idealistic group of young military officers, repulsed by the massacre of the poor, overthrows the right-wing government. However, the U.S. compels the inexperienced officers to include many of the old guard in key positions in their new government. Soon, things are back to “normal” — the military government is repressing and killing poor civilian protesters. Many of the young military and civilian reformers, finding themselves powerless, resign in disgust.

Nicaragua — Anastasios Samoza II, the CIA-backed dictator, falls. The Marxist Sandinistas take over government, and they are initially popular because of their commitment to land and anti-poverty reform. Samoza had a murderous and hated personal army called the National Guard. Remnants of the Guard will become the Contras, who fight a CIA-backed guerilla war against the Sandinista government throughout the 1980s.


El Salvador — The Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Romero, pleads with President Carter “Christian to Christian” to stop aiding the military government slaughtering his people. Carter refuses. Shortly afterwards, right-wing leader Roberto D’Aubuisson has Romero shot through the heart while saying Mass. The country soon dissolves into civil war, with the peasants in the hills fighting against the military government. The CIA and U.S. Armed Forces supply the government with overwhelming military and intelligence superiority. CIA-trained death squads roam the countryside, committing atrocities like that of El Mazote in 1982, where they massacre between 700 and 1000 men, women and children. By 1992, some 63,000 Salvadorans will be killed.


Iran/Contra Begins — The CIA begins selling arms to Iran at high prices, using the profits to arm the Contras fighting the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. President Reagan vows that the Sandinistas will be “pressured” until “they say ‘uncle.’” The CIA’s Freedom Fighter’s Manual disbursed to the Contras includes instruction on economic sabotage, propaganda, extortion, bribery, blackmail, interrogation, torture, murder and political assassination.


Honduras — The CIA gives Honduran military officers the Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual – 1983, which teaches how to torture people. Honduras’ notorious “Battalion 316″ then uses these techniques, with the CIA’s full knowledge, on thousands of leftist dissidents. At least 184 are murdered.


The Boland Amendment — The last of a series of Boland Amendments is passed. These amendments have reduced CIA aid to the Contras; the last one cuts it off completely. However, CIA Director William Casey is already prepared to “hand off” the operation to Colonel Oliver North, who illegally continues supplying the Contras through the CIA’s informal, secret, and self-financing network. This includes “humanitarian aid” donated by Adolph Coors and William Simon, and military aid funded by Iranian arms sales.


Iran/Contra Scandal — Although the details have long been known, the Iran/Contra scandal finally captures the media’s attention in 1986. Congress holds hearings, and several key figures (like Oliver North) lie under oath to protect the intelligence community. CIA Director William Casey dies of brain cancer before Congress can question him. All reforms enacted by Congress after the scandal are purely cosmetic.

Haiti — Rising popular revolt in Haiti means that “Baby Doc” Duvalier will remain “President for Life” only if he has a short one. The U.S., which hates instability in a puppet country, flies the despotic Duvalier to the South of France for a comfortable retirement. The CIA then rigs the upcoming elections in favor of another right-wing military strongman. However, violence keeps the country in political turmoil for another four years. The CIA tries to strengthen the military by creating the National Intelligence Service (SIN), which suppresses popular revolt through torture and assassination.


Panama — The U.S. invades Panama to overthrow a dictator of its own making, General Manuel Noriega. Noriega has been on the CIA’s payroll since 1966, and has been transporting drugs with the CIA’s knowledge since 1972. By the late 80s, Noriega’s growing independence and intransigence have angered Washington… so out he goes.


Haiti — Competing against 10 comparatively wealthy candidates, leftist priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide captures 68 percent of the vote. After only eight months in power, however, the CIA-backed military deposes him. More military dictators brutalize the country, as thousands of Haitian refugees escape the turmoil in barely seaworthy boats. As popular opinion calls for Aristide’s return, the CIA begins a disinformation campaign painting the courageous priest as mentally unstable.


The Gulf War — The U.S. liberates Kuwait from Iraq. But Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, is another creature of the CIA. With U.S. encouragement, Hussein invaded Iran in 1980. During this costly eight-year war, the CIA built up Hussein’s forces with sophisticated arms, intelligence, training and financial backing. This cemented Hussein’s power at home, allowing him to crush the many internal rebellions that erupted from time to time, sometimes with poison gas. It also gave him all the military might he needed to conduct further adventurism — in Kuwait, for example.

The Fall of the Soviet Union — The CIA fails to predict this most important event of the Cold War. This suggests that it has been so busy undermining governments that it hasn’t been doing its primary job: gathering and analyzing information. The fall of the Soviet Union also robs the CIA of its reason for existence: fighting communism. This leads some to accuse the CIA of intentionally failing to predict the downfall of the Soviet Union. Curiously, the intelligence community’s budget is not significantly reduced after the demise of communism.


Economic Espionage — In the years following the end of the Cold War, the CIA is increasingly used for economic espionage. This involves stealing the technological secrets of competing foreign companies and giving them to American ones. Given the CIA’s clear preference for dirty tricks over mere information gathering, the possibility of serious criminal behavior is very great indeed.


Haiti — The chaos in Haiti grows so bad that President Clinton has no choice but to remove the Haitian military dictator, Raoul Cedras, on threat of U.S. invasion. The U.S. occupiers do not arrest Haiti’s military leaders for crimes against humanity, but instead ensure their safety and rich retirements. Aristide is returned to power only after being forced to accept an agenda favorable to the country’s ruling class.

…that’s just the first bloody 50 years! I haven’t even bothered to add what they were doing over the last 15, so America’s attempt to conflate Russia’s possible hacking of their democracy seems pretty hollow.

The undisputed champion of manipulating foreign elections is and always has been the United States of America.


  1. Thank you Martyn. That is an “impressive” cv for the CIA and what makes it more potent for me is that it only scrapes the surface of the lengths these bastards went/go to. For example… the Vietnam War… this list only mentions a fraction of their antics there.

  2. From what I can see, the only allegations against Russia which potentially stand in terms of cyber intrusion are the hacking of the DNC and hacking of the gmail account of John Podesta, with the contents of both released via Wikileaks.
    In the case of the DNC, several sources have claimed it was not a hack, but a leak (contested by intelligence agencies, in particular the CIA and NSC whose antics are discussed in the list above – they claim it was the work of a hacking group who they nickname fuzzy bear or something. The bear signifies Russianness, you see). In the case of Podesta, it was a spearphishing email which only worked because his digital literacy was poor, and in no way relied on sophisticated strategy or state-level resources.
    Contrary to the hysterics of Jill Stein, there is no evidence that Russia ‘hacked’ the election itself – meaning the voting machines – and the best the deep state can do is point the finger toward Moscow for the DNC hack (or leak) and the Podesta hack. This then relies on the notion that the American external intelligence agencies believe that conspiracy theories will motivate the American voter. This is contrary to the usual level of confidence they have in conspiracy theories as being a lunatic fringe tendency. If these intelligence agencies believe that conspiracy theories defeated Clinton, then it explains why they are so desperate to counter with the ‘fake news’ meme via their own deep state version of Wikileaks: the Washington Post.

  3. The huge advantages that America had at the end of WW2 -of not being bombed to smithereens, of not having millions of destitute people, of having the world’s greatest supply of oil, and having the world reserve currency, have all been squandered in a few decades of greed and stupidity. And now America is rapidly reaching the end of the road.

  4. Russia would be close behind the US however. A hostile foreign hack of elections is pretty much a casus belli.

      • J.S.Bark;

        WOW!! EXPOSED??

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        You see, I am fully aware that social media is awash with trolls.
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        How embarrassing for you.

        The other explanation maybe is you are not very bright.?

        The dumber a person is the harder it is for them to ‘see’ any change in
        the ‘big picture’ ie;A paradigm shift.

        Now, you may not have seen my reply to Frank in the link above.?
        I suggest you take the time to read it, and my other links, then maybe
        you might “Try learning something for once.”


        • Iain, I’ve read your reply in the previous blogpost, and your reliance on conspiracy websites (including a reference to pseudo-science) does nothing to alter the position I explained to you.

          Suggesting that “the dumber a person is the harder it is for them to ‘see’ any change in the ‘big picture’ ie;A paradigm shift” simply because they don’t share your alt.reality is not a coherent argument.

          Indeed, as you yourself point out; “this is the sort of reply they have been trained to use when they have lost any debate. ie,run out of argument.”

          • Frank;

            We have covered Alt-Media so enough said.

            Pseudo-science is something we see on Discovery and Sky.

            i thought you might be interested in the Cosmos by your
            Introduction at beginning of your column.

            The scientists that were presenting their latest data from our
            modern technology soon realized that the science of late
            1800’s and early 1900’s on electro-magnetism was starting
            to reveal we are surrounded by it.

            Maxwell has stated that if his equations were to work,there
            had to be an Ether.
            But this was discouraged,especially when they rolled out
            Einstein. E= MC2 has been proven mathematically not to work.

            Tesla’s full science research has been suppressed.
            (ie kept from us by TPTB) Seized by the FBI.Top secret.

            In short,the scientists of today know that if they are to progress their Hypothesis,backed up with lab experiments,
            data and observation, they have to bypass the Establishment Status Quo and set up their own study grants etc and ‘go it alone’ so to speak,with many predictions supported with the probes to comets.(ie Not dirty snowballs but solid rock with sand) Same with what they discovered about Pluto.

            Each Conference gets bigger by the year.

            If you look closely at the pictures of craters on moons/Mars
            especially now aware,you will see the majority are Hexagonal in nature and this is a signature of electrical discharge. Not asteroids hitting the surface. They are all
            perpendicular ( at right angle to the surface.)

            Electrical currents are the main driver of winds,not what we
            have been taught.
            Electrical currents are in water and underneath the ground
            called Telluric Currents.
            Gravity is a electro-magnetic phenomenon.
            So are tornado’s.

            The easiest and shortest information is electrical engineer Don Scott’s PhD “The Electric Sky.”

            The short list I had in a reply of what TPTB control should
            have included science,controlled by the funding.
            And they own the Multi-National Corporations.

            Free energy generation was being built in France,last time I
            looked. ie 5kw in and 50kw out.(10 to 1) and those people
            could not get the funding in America so went to France.

            The Plasma Tourch (focused plasma discharge) is here.
            Bigger ratio’s are possible, 20 to 1, 50 to 1.
            Russia are building theirs. They can create elements,just like
            the Sun does which is a plasma discharge,depending on what
            ‘fuel’ is used in the chamber.

            We should all know this before we die.
            Plasma is the fourth state of matter.

            I urge you to start with the link above.
            It’s easy to understand and it all makes sense.

            That will set you up for;


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                Have a look at Curwen’s and Mike Treen’s

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      • (Original posting in reply to Stuart Munro)

        You are quite right chasps, it gets confusing as to whom one is replying.

        The article is about America’s duplicity; Stuart Munro is trying to change the subject to Russia, which is a well known fraudulent debating technique often used when one’s argument are weak and shonky.

        Plus my toast had just got burnt and I was in a shitty mood…

        • Plus my toast had just got burnt and I was in a shitty mood…

          For me it’s posting first-thing in the morning without my first three mugs of coffee (still using SOY MILK, Phillip!)… I should be connected to a caffeine-breathalyser – insufficient caffeine on my breath automatically denies me access to the internet. 😀

  5. Hey Martyn. Are you sure that your view of Putin has not been coloured by the mischievous reporting of the mainstream media in league with the CIA which has been defaming Putin ever since he did not turn out to be the lapdog Yeltsin replacement they expected. Many of the dastardly deeds attributed to him are the invention of the Western Intelligence Services particularly MI6.
    I find this article about Putin’s family very interesting as it indicates what may have shaped his attitudes towards war.

    This speech of his is also interesting.

    • Ian , do you include the harsh treatment meted out to the female punk-rock group, “Pussy Riot”? Their severe sentence and incarceration was out of all proportion to their ‘gig’ in a Russian Orthodox church. You might claim that their imprisonment was not Putin’s doing, but it is indicative of the authoritarian path that post-USSR Russia is taking.

      And don’t forget that Putin was implicated in the Panama Papers ( as having amassed a secret wealth of over $100 million.

      Let’s not kid ourselves, that the three super-powers are controlled by an oligarchy of powerful politicians, businesspeople, and other One Percenters. There is no reason to think Putin is not one of those people, as the Panama Papers and other events have suggested. This includes the jailing, poisoning, and assasination of political and media critics in Russia.

      On top of which, the Russian media is now once again controlled by the State, so anything from their MSM is a voice for Putin and his cronies.

      • Thing is Frank, imagine the opposite case: an American Anarcho-Feminist punk band performs and erotic dance routine in colourful, provocative costumes while singing anti-government lyrics with irreligious undertones in the middle of the dawn service at Arlington Cemetery on veterans day. Now imagine them being received as heroes at the Kremlin for doing so. How would American politicians or the media react? How would the American public react?

        Currently, an Anarcho-Feminist punk band with an activist element in the United States can expect only two kinds of relationship with their own government: being spied upon, and being arrested when engaging in activism. But some how it baaaad m’kay if the Russians act the same way.

        Also, the Roldugin connection is plainly ridiculous. We’re supposed to believe that he’s laundering money for Putin because you don’t get rich off classical music. Really? You may as well assert that Pavarotti must have been laundering money for Berlusconi because there’s no way you could get rich off opera. You know what? Those genres have the richest fan base out there, and if you’ve ever worked with (or otherwise known) wealthy Russians in your life, you’ll know that they’re as obsessed with classical music as rich Italians are with opera.

    • Ian, I read Putin’s speech as reported in the Washington Post.

      ” The need for principles such as openness, transparency and predictability in politics is uncontested and the use of force should be a really exceptional measure, comparable to using the death penalty in the judicial systems of certain states…


      … countries that forbid the death penalty even for murderers and other, dangerous criminals are airily participating in military operations that are difficult to consider legitimate. And as a matter of fact, these conflicts are killing people – hundreds and thousands of civilians! ”


      I am convinced that the only mechanism that can make decisions about using military force as a last resort is the Charter of the United Nations […] The use of force can only be considered legitimate if the decision is sanctioned by the UN

      All I could think of was; Chechniya.

      • Chechnya….another takfiri insurrection financed by Saudi Arabia.
        The Panama papers……release enough on insignificant people to ensure a very small modicum of credibility, then casually drop in Putin, without any of the other major players even mentioned.
        The 16 yrs of demonisation of Putin by the US and western media on minimal evidence has certainly paid off for the neocons…in the west anyway.

          • Samwise: Vladimir Putin has jailed several and chased several more off to London and Washington, bringing the rest to heel with the message.

            And JONL is right, Chechnya did in the early days have some nationalists involved, but was largely a global Salafist movement, funded by Saudi extremists who sat back and let their useful idiots travel out there to die.

  6. Frank
    Pussy Riot? I would never claim Russia is a permissive society. Probably more akin to early 1960’s NZ where having long hair and riding a motorbike made you a delinquent. Remember Tim Shadbolt’s Bullshit And Jellybeans. I don’t imagine exposing ones breasts and swearing obscenely in church would have been acceptable here either. Homosexuality was punishable by imprisonment. The mainstream media conflates Putin with Russia but it is the world’s largest country and it is not sensible to make him responsible for every administration or court decision.
    Panama Papers? Quoting the Guardian about anything to do with Russia is not going to impress me. They have lied about Syria and Ukraine and are simply another shill for Washington. The worst that the Panama Papers, a CIA directed psychological operation, could come up with is that Putin had a rich musician friend. Heinous corruption indeed. There is a website devoted to exposing the Guardian’s lies.
    Chechnya. I too remember Chechnya as being a blot on Russia’s record. Maybe so. At that time I would have accepted anything on TV1, National Radio or the BBC as, at the very least, their best effort to find the truth. Sadly even then they left out important details. Compare this from the New York Times with this from a more enlightening source.
    The New York Times urges that America needs to take a tough principled stand against Russia while Washington’s Blog shows they were doing their best to inflame the situation by aiding the rebels.Nice friendly little devils they were too.
    (From Wikipedia: Radical Islamists from Chechnya and other North Caucasian republics have been held responsible for a number of terrorist attacks throughout Russia,[36] most notably the Russian apartment bombings in 1999,[37] the Moscow theater hostage crisis in 2002,[38] the Beslan school hostage crisis in 2004, the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings[39] and the Domodedovo International Airport bombing in 2011.[40][41])

    Nothing much changes. Listening to Samantha Power at the UN decrying Russian actions in Syria and saying “Have you no shame” was just incredible. Those, still living, victims of this latest US regime change effort described by the MSM as a civil war must look at her in utter horrified disbelief.

  7. An excellent post Martyn.!!

    May I offer a slight correction;

    “The undisputed champion of manipulating foreign elections is and always has been the United States of America.”

    …..always has been the Committee of 300 via Bilderberg TO the Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission thus via the United States of America.

    Webster Tarpley tells us that the CIA is their Secrect Army.


    • 100% Iain spot on.

      Bilderberg features Kissinger and Koch bros, Rothchilds, Carnegie and Obama and all presidents before including our slippery ex PM John Key.

      We hope Donald trump drains this toxic swamp as he will be in weaseltown/Washington.


        Xmas present. Everyone have a good one.

        It is CHINA that is doing the massive cyber website attacks.
        (Intel confirmed)

        Full Show – Russian Ambassador Assassinated: Does This Mean WW3? – 12/19/2016

        At least watch the 1st hour. ( have not seen the rest yet)


        It is New Zealandism NOT Globalism shall be our credo.!!!

        • WW3?

          I seriously doubt that. This is not 1914.

          Quite the contrary, the skilful handling of the crisis by Russia and Turkey has been such that they have turned a potential war into a diplomatic coup. In effect, they’ve shown how “terrorist” acts should be responded to.

          The West could learn a thing or two from the repercussions of this event.

    • hey Martyn, you missed Deleaney Plaza Nov 1963

      JFK and the Unspeakable, 2006. Allen Dulles and the see eye aye
      the best i,ve read so far on this event

  8. Russia and the United States do much the same thing, except that the Russians don’t pretend to give a rats arse about the consequences or whether the innocent suffer.
    Each has the attitude that if you are not for them, then you are against them.

    • Don’t kid your selves!. United States does it the worst by a long shot!…just look at that list supplied by Martyn Bradbury! It is absolutely damning!

      Russia has actually been a peace maker in the Middle East in the last few years and has defended the democratically elected Assad from US and Israel and Saudi fundamentalist Islam attempts to de-stabilise and overthrow. Israel wants the rest of the Golan Heights .

      Who created the ISIS problem? Answer:If Iraq and Saddam had not been de-stabilised and killed by USA and friends, there would be no ISIS problem !. Saddam was keeping Islamic fundamentalism in check. Iraq was a secular State.

      Who was countering ISIS in secular State Libya?…Answer Gaddafi, who was killed by Clinton and friends machinations…thereby creating an ISIS stronghold in Libya, murders of Libyan Christians and a refugee crisis hitting Europe from North Africa ( as predicted by Gaddafi)

      Who was countering ISIS in secular State Syria ?…Answer: Assad, who USA and friends have done their best to get rid of.

  9. Thanks for this Martyn what a list wow it sure shows US is as bad as it gets alright.

    Russia is not the evil empire here band the US need to look at themselves as they have many ghosts in the closet.

    I was always weary of the US even when we lived there.

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