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Following on from last weeks amazing episode, Q+A had a fascinating piece on the horror that is the Food Safety Ministerial Forum and its role in allowing Australian Food Industry to keep NZ enslaved.

The only problem was that no one on the panel was even aware of the Australian Food Industry’s power or what the FSMF even was.

I bumped into them back in the early 2000s when I was hosting Stake Out on TV3 when I was investigating why animal welfare standards were so weak. The FSANZ was a selling out of NZs food sovereignty to Australian Food Industry interests back in 1991. It effectively privatised our food safety standards out to the Australians so that their massive food industry was able to dictate conditions and regulation onto the NZ food industry. There are 10 votes, the Australians have 9, we have 1. Our interests are secondary to Australia’s food industry.

This dynamic of why Palm Oil classifications are so difficult to get onto packaging wasn’t explored by Q+A.

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Q+A then moved onto another excellent insight into how our work and student visa’s are being exploited by unscrupulous Indian providers. This highlights how the education industry are corrupt and abusing their position by selling residency under the guise of education and it highlights the manner in which the 220 000 work and student visa scam are creating the housing crisis and pushing labour costs down.

The Nation had a very weak interview with Gerry Brownlee that allowed him off the hook regarding our SAS in Northern Iraq. Why didn’t Lisa have Jon Stephenson on the interview to provide actual; balance rather than a propaganda platform for the Minister.

Pretty Sad and pathetic.

The Nation then tried to look at the importance of the Maori Seats and did a pretty yawning job of it.

Here is my analysis of the Maori seats here.

Q+A was excellent, The Nation made you wonder how they get so much money from NZ on Air.



  1. To be honest, I found the Panel on Q+A be a bit tame today. When it comes to palm-oil and its use, and the fact that we are still years behind of what even the EU already does, is a disgrace.

    What I learned was how little awareness there really is in New Zealand about what products contain palm-kernel oil.

    To label food appropriately and clearly is the very, very least we can and must do, people should be better informed about what damage is done by tearing down rain-forests and replacing them with palm oil, soy and other mono-culture plantations.

    And it is not just the fact that a species of tiger is threatened by extinction, the whole environment is pushed out of balance by what is going in not only in Indonesia, but many other countries now.

    Overall I thought Q+A got a pass mark today, but was not as good as the one program last weekend. The Nation, and Lisa Owen, were a bit all over the place, and I was not the much more informed after watching that.

    At least that Paddy Gower clown was not pushing into my face today, from the large screen. Maybe he has been sent to follow Trump again, during the last one and a half weeks of campaigning for the US presidential race?

    If only they would retire that man and replace him with someone serious and more skilled.

  2. I hope NZTV know we only have you now to turn to for critical mass investigative journalism on our public affairs now, then if they realise that you are carrying the weight of the nation all on your own they should realise that they need to get involved as the election is less than a year away.

  3. Did anybody else watch that interview with “Dame” Diane Robertson, on The Nation today, where she was telling us, that (personal) data is simply just another COMMODITY?

    The former Auckland City Mission boss is now in charge of this outfit:

    On the website it reads:
    “The Data Futures Partnership Working Group”

    “The Partnership is an independent group that was created by Government to develop innovative solutions to data-use issues. The Partnership’s work is directed by a Working Group that was appointed by Cabinet. The Working Group is supported by a secretariat housed at Statistics NZ.”

    “Diane is a successful social sector entrepreneur, giving her a unique combination of strong business and financial skills with strong social sector credentials. Her passion is to deliver better outcomes for New Zealanders through the development of sound policies informed by qualitative and quantitative data.”

    So she has been hired by the government now, it seems, to “assist” the government in gathering and evaluating data they gather for the “investment approach”.

    That makes her INSTRUMENTAL in implementing this kind of “surveillance state” we are gradually getting enforced upon us!

    Once such “dogooders” get knighted or become “Dames”, they seem to experience a sudden transformation, and become part of the cocktail and dinner party circles, get initiated into some kind of “society” or networks, and are rewarded with well paid, high status jobs for the “boys” and “girls”.

    More and more seem to become mercenaries and servants to the system this government creates.

    To be honest it scares me what goes on.

    • They do say, “If you’re not a rebel by 20, you’ve got no heart. If you’re not ‘establishment’ by 30, you’ve got no brain.”

      Given the David vs Goliath nature of the fight, I guess some people get to a point in their lives where they decide it’s easier (not to mention far more lucrative) to simply join the blue team.

      Personally, I don’t know how they sleep at night, but I suspect it’s on pillows stuffed full of money.

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