Will NZ Media buy Police Euthanasia Excuse?



Hey everyone, not to worry, apparently the Police falsified a checkpoint and intimidated activists at home illegally using their details from the false checkpoint because the Police believed they were acting in good faith.

Well thank Christ for that eh?

As TDB noted yesterday, this obscene abuse of power is actually a flexing of new Police muscle with the cops trying out new pro-active policing against activist groups.

So will the media buy this absurd claim that the Police were just acting on good faith and that this wasn’t a training exercise?

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It depends.

For this spin to work the NZ media need to believe that the Police just woke up one morning and said to themselves, ‘Hey, let’s set up an illegal checkpoint and scam the activists into giving us their details so we can turn up on their door later and intimidate them’.

How did any Police Officer think this was an appropriate thing to do?

If this was just ‘acting in good faith’ how many other times have the Police used this tactic?

Why didn’t Police Chiefs ensure what they were about to embark upon was legal?

How come no alarm bells went off in Head Office when this was being reviewed?

For us to believe that this was ‘good faith’ we need to believe that one day the cops just woke up and decided to use an incredibly controversial abuse of Police powers without anyone questioning it.

This wasn’t good faith, this was the Police trying on their new search and surveillance powers against an activist group with no real voice so that they know how to use them when targeting protest groups like anti-TPPA, Greenpeace, Amnesty International etc etc.

Who will put these dogs back on their leash?


  1. Because at this point Euthanasia is classed as murder in law.

    So the cops are duty bound to investigate. I know its silly but they’re just doing their job.

      • Please don’t misunderstand me. I was trying (and clearly failing) to be sarcastic.

        In this instance the cops were woefully in error – who in their right mind authorized this course of action? It appears to be both illegal and immoral (nice that the two overlap sometimes!)

    • Actually, Andrew, if you use your noggin for a moment, you’ll realise that euthenasia per se is not illegal. Think about it. It is the only “crime” on the books that, if successful, the perpetrator cannot be prosecuted .

      (Well, you could try. But I suspect you’d be waiting a long long for a plea.)

      What is currently illegal, is assisting a suicide.

      Which is weird because if an able bodied person with no terminal illness wants to ‘top’ him/herself – no one can do a damn thing about it.

      If a bedridden person wants to suicide because of a terminal condition, he/she is prevented by their physical inability to carry out the act.

      Think about that for a moment; the person who needs euthenasia (because of terminal illness) is prevented from doing so. But the person who is fit and fine (though perhaps with a mental condition such as depression), can do what she/he likes.

      There is no logic to this Catch 22 paradox.

      • By the way, Andrew, as per usual, you show your double standards.

        If this illegal road checkpoint had occurred under a Labour-led government, I know full well what your response would be; “nanny statism”! “Socialist Big Brother”!

        Yeah, you and your right-wing cronies would be up in arms and foaming at the mouth over the mis-use of police power.

        But because it’s your mates in power, all good, eh?

  2. “Good faith”? NZ Police, NO FAITH!

    I have had some bad experiences with the cops, and I know of others who had even much worse experiences, so anybody having faith in the NZ Police has either never been at their receiving end, or is so blissfully ignorant, they’d believe anyone.

    As so many still support John Key, the latter category of people seems larger in numbers in New Zealand, than is good for the country as a whole.

  3. “We were acting on good faith”.
    Were the police also acting on “good faith” when they raided Nicky Hager’s house illegally?( – yes Andrew – illegally)
    On the question of whether the MSM will buy it.
    They already have.

  4. The New Zealand Herald won’t do their job. They have already started their pro National election campaign. Today’s Herald has a negative Labour article:


    This is followed by two feel good National pieces”



    Audrey Young and Fran O’Sullivan at their bias best.

  5. Andrew the police are upholders of the law they are not above the law what they did is unlawfull use of police resourses. if the ends justifies means as some might suggest then what’s next ?

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