We can build more private prisons but we can’t build homes for the poor – this is Key’s NZ



The obscenity of building a new 1500 bed prison on top of the 900 bed private prison at Wiri is further proof that National are expanding their corporate prison empire.

This is being sold to the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind as proof that the Government is cracking down on crime – what a load of bullshit!

It is proof of a societal failure on a massive scale while implementing a corrupt private prison model that is broken.

The Daily Blog has already exposed that fight clubs are happening in Wiri, this after SERCO lied about fight clubs at Auckland and tried to take Corrections to the High Court to stop the report emerging in public.

You would have known this if the mainstream media in NZ hadn’t gone into a feeding frenzy over an All Black having sex in a toilet.

While the economy is being propped up by huge borrowing and welfare cuts for tax cuts, the Government want to blow a billion on new prisons.


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A suicide rate that is out of control, a housing crisis that is in meltdown, growing inequality and a prison population blowing out over 10 000.

We can build private prisons, but we can’t build houses for the homeless. We can’t build affordable housing but we can build tax havens. We can give away billions in tax cuts but we can’t fund suicide prevent programs properly.

This is Key’s NZ and we should be ashamed. If you’re not angry yet, you’re part of the problem.



  1. “If you’re not angry yet, you’re part of the problem.”

    We, the people, could have a massive meltdown, and Daddy would go on yarning with his mates.

    What’s another way of getting this bunch of overstayers moved off to tow-away heaven?

    What legal powers do we have that the House of Connivance has overlooked? Any lawyers on our side? John Miller?

  2. Not just prisons, Martyn; marinas, convention centres, luxury hotels, art galleries, airport extensions and ‘upgrades’, sports stadia and ‘upgrades’, motorways, car parks, shopping malls, fast-food drive-throughs, ‘McMansions’….. anything as long as it is unnecessary, destructive, squanders energy and resources, and makes a quick profit for contractors and speculators.

    The battle to save NZ was lost 25 years ago, Martyn, and we are now living the utter madness of ‘end times’. We really are.

    Debt up.
    Pollution up.
    Overpopulation up.
    Poverty up.
    Education down.
    Health down.
    Standard of living down.
    Quality of life down.
    Faith in politicians down.
    Faith in councils down.

    Welcome to the dehumanized world of the globalized corporate machine that Key and company incessantly promote.

    I suspect we will have to endure about 3 more years of the current bullshit before collapse really sets in in NZ; however there are a lot of ‘wild cards’ out there, a lot of ‘black swans’ circling over head looking for somewhere to land, and anyone with a brain should be bracing for the impact that could come at a moment’s notice.

    If there is not a sudden collapse in the next three years then there will be the continued erosion of everything that matters until a sudden catastrophic collapse is triggered some time around 2020.

    Living on borrowed money and borrowed time only works for so long, and ALWAYS leads to catastrophe. Only this time it will be a global catastrophe e.g. ‘Shell’s upstream earnings were in the red since the 1st quarter of 2015 according to first half 2016 reports. Earnings peaked at US$ 6 bn in the 2nd quarter of 2008 and declined to US$ -1.3 bn in the 2nd quarter of 2016.’


    And that before we even mention the accelerating environmental meltdown.

  3. Absolutely we can build more prisons, yep, we need to have our RIGHT wing “priorities” “right”, do we not?

  4. Quoting Cicero, sleepy hobbits et al achieves nothing but switch middle NZ off. Yes you’ll get a nice heart warming attaboy from the usual inhabitants of the echo chamber but it’ll do nothing to effect change.

    Far harder and far more necessary is to drop the arrogance and pretentious I know best attitude. Reach out to the middle and speak their language and pull them towards the left not push them into the hands of Key.

    Otherwise this time next year you’ll be screaming into the echo chamber enraged by those same sleepy hobbits who have collectively poked you in the eye for a 4th time.

    • As far as I am concerned if the middle are stupid enough to vote for these mongrels in power then they deserve everything they get

  5. More prison beds, rather than housing the poor?

    After listening in some bemusement to Judith Collins’ garbled interview with Kim Hill a few days ago where she explained that Crime was not the result of Poverty, but rather that Poverty was the result of Criminality, I now understand that creating more prison beds IS housing the poor.

  6. Yes Nick Judith is housing the poor and the brown. Her interview this morning on RNZ was pathetic she sounded like a crabby old bitch that has been caught out again same old same old she needs to be rolled

  7. Finally an opinion piece from the Herald worth reading. Telling it how it is and how just so many “Dumb” people out there believe the National government are responsible for all things good.


    Thank you Helen Clark and Michael Cullen for allowing N.Z. to get through the GFC and Christchurch earthquakes.
    Now is the time to pay back the debt. If National and it’s closures of prisons created a 1.8 billion surplus, why are they now having to spend that on new prisons and upgrades? Fiscally irresponsible and policies creating more crime will be just 2 instances of a woeful legacy left by Key and National. A legacy a future socialist Government will be required to right the wrongs.
    Michelle hit the nail on the head with Judith but I would add “arrogant” crabby old bitch.
    No minister of this Government is held to account because of the protection offered by the Speaker David Carter. Disgraceful.

  8. Funny how there is such a recent surprise govt. surplus now when we were supposedly in such debt. No proper funding for those in need.
    Funny how “prisons for profit” is justified yet housing the homeless and helping starving children is just not so important. With govt. puppets like
    Crusher Collins making decisions, justice will be denied yet again. She is so – out of touch – just as her govt. is.

    ” Globalized corporate machine ” and N.W.O. ( UN and NATO ) promoters are in charge and we are loosing our sovereignty bit by bit. There is a growing in popularity media outlet that tells the truth and many are flocking to them now and that is RT.COM. The good news is that it has now been exposed that the bank who wants to ditch RT.COM did not act alone and the U.S. ( especially John Kerry and Hillary Clinton ) and U.K. governments were involved in wanting to limit freedom of speech and the truths coming out.

    These crooked psychopaths and greedy banks are the major problem ( also right here in NZ ) and for an inside view of some of the most crooked banks check out this below link to that edition of Max Keiser.
    RT will grow and live on ( no matter which bank they use ) because the world is flocking to them and they are to be trusted.
    Hillary and John Kerry have stated that RT needs to be stopped because they do not want to be exposed for the lying psychopaths they are.

    Max is now a major threat to these banks worldwide as he is only about exposing their rot and dirty politics.


  9. Surely if we build more prisons we’ll need few state houses, because let’s face, they are mostly the same people. 😉

    • Yes, Andrew, you really are so smart, it is astonishing. But perhaps Housing NZ is already looking at using vacant cells or whole cell blocks, which may over time become empty again, as “emergency” housing for the homeless?

      I would not be surprised that this government may instruct Housing NZ Corporation to go that far, using assets effectively and “efficiently”, while they follow the “better public service” and “investment approach” ideology.

      Nothing of this sort would surprise me, so you are onto it this time, although you may have thought of yet another approach to be taken here.

  10. State houses for the brown and poor aye Andrew what a discriminative and racist view from a dick head like you

  11. I guess Andrew has never heard of white collar criminals tax evaders But that’s ok it’s only brown people who should go to jail

  12. I have been watching the debate on Parliament TV this afternoon, and I wish more New Zealanders would bother informing themselves about what goes on, and to what lengths this government goes to lie, spin and manipulate the public.

    So almost every speaker from the government side of the House, Nat MPs I mean, was ranting on about the “investment approach”, and how “good” it was, and how even the Australians now taken note of it, and supposedly are interested to follow suit (Jo Goodhew).

    What a load of nonsense, I thought, when they rant on like this, it is for a reason. It is, because their “investment approach” is not delivering what they claimed it would. They are defensive and want to hold the lines, that is.

    If the “investment approach” would be working, why the hell do we have a need to build more prisons, for those additional offenders being locked up? Why are the supposedly so great rehabilitation programs in prisons not working? Why do we have a spike in crime, why do we have over ninety percent of burglaries not being resolved, why do we have so many go back to crime, why do we have so many teachers and ECE teachers struggle and complain about lack of resources to do their work? Why are doctors and nursers on strike, if the “investment approach” was delivering the goodies? Why are there so many more mental health crisis episodes and emergency calls, when the “investment approach” is supposedly working? Why are not enough houses being built in Auckland and elsewhere, if the “investment approach” is working so well?

    Why are the people leaving benefits not ending up in jobs, and about half ending up in situations not accounted for, if the “investment approach” is working? Why are Nats not able to achieve their target of reducing benefit dependency and numbers by 25 percent, as they wanted to, when the “investment approach” is supposedly working? Why are Salvation Army and others handing out ever more food parcels, if the “investment approach” is working, and why are people ending up living in garages, in tents, on relatives’ couches and outside under bridges or in boarding houses, if the “investment approach” was working?

    Why is the GDP per capita not improving, if the “investment approach” is supposedly working, and why is poverty of children and others staying high, if that approach is supposedly delivering so many great outcomes?

    The public and the voters are slowly waking up to the fact that this talk about the “investment approach” is the biggest BS act ever pulled over their eyes, it is NOT delivering the much promised outcomes, it is only paying nice high salaries to consultants, to outsourced service provider managers, to contractors and not even the WINZ staff struggling with an ever increasing work load, also having to assess clients entitled to “social housing”.

    We are told how great it is, this “investment approach”, but in social security they have NOT delivered any evaluation reports that prove their claims. Since last year we have been waiting for reports on the effectiveness and efficiencies of the so called “mental health employment services” that were contracted out by WINZ to get mentally ill into paid work. NOTHING has been reported, other reports are not published, OIA request lie in their offices and are not responded to, and if any person asking for info, they get ambiguous, unclear answers, saying nothing at all about outcomes and success.

    It is time to hold the bastards to account, the Key gangsters in government, where are your damned reports, my friends?

    (Read the many comments!)







    Very important info is found here:

    ‚In the expectation of recovery’, Faulkner, Centre for Welfare Reform, Scrib

    But we have underfunded watchdogs sitting on piles of requests and complaints, and NOTHING MUCH ever happens, because that is wanted to be like this:

    The system is made up of players and high offices and their heads and staff, who all seem to work together to maintain the disgusting status quo and protect a virtually lying, corrupt, manipulative and plutocracy promoting government while it is busy serving vested interest parties and itself.

    It is time to call them out for their crimes and lies, when are New Zealanders bothering to wake up, to take note, to read and inform themselves and take damned overdue action? Or does it first have to collapse, the constructed house of cards, pulling us all into the abyss?

    Wake up “Sleepy Hobbits”, wake up and see the reality, for once!

  13. No it makes sense, jail the breadwinner, one less mouth to feed, DPB not an unemployment benefit, win win situation.This just shows Collins caring matronly nature.

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