BREAKING: In the Interests of Democracy – AUSA + The Daily Blog presents the ‘Anti-Debate’ live streamed 7pm Monday 26th


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The mainstream media continue to allow 3 white men plus 1 woman represent the entire vision for Auckland City.

How is that possibly democratic?

The Daily Blog is teaming up with the Auckland University Students Association to provide a live streamed platform 7pm on Monday 26th at the Auckland University bar, Shadows for all this Auckland Mayoralty candidates who are not being allowed to participate in the mainstream media debate.

The Live Stream will commence 7pm here on – bringing you exclusive live streamed current events in NZ. We can bitch about the media or we can be the media.

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  1. Good idea – I watched a live stream of a Jill Stein speech at a Green Party rally in Chicago while at work my other day. All you need is someone to point the camera and you get all the information you need. This is going to be one of the big directions of media from here on in.

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