Killing off Lifeline



So Lifeline, one of our longest serving help lines that deal with people who are desperate and hurting, only has the money to run until next year. You would think that a country with a suicide rate close to twice that of our road toll would have our Government jumping to help and secure funding.

You’d think wrong.

While Key can build tax havens and blow $26million on a flag referendum, apparently we don’t have any money to ensure Lifeline stays afloat.

Christ we need a change of Government. This one has the compassion of a hungry zombie in a kindergarten.

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  1. “While Key can build tax havens and blow $26million on a flag referendum, apparently we don’t have any money to ensure Lifeline stays afloat.
    Christ we need a change of Government.
    This one has the compassion of a hungry zombie in a kindergarten.”

    Yes Martyn,

    Key is a heartless individual, as he was overseas when working for Management at Merrill lynch sacking hundreds and was called ” The smiling assassin.”



    That was probably the “blokey bloke smiling kiwi mates” way of operating as he did for some years here but the glam has now vanished as time and familiarity caught up with this hollow insidious deceptive man.

    • +100…surely many National Party people must be considering walking away from this immoral party?…

      …where is Bill English?…these people are damned by their actions and non actions

    • “Merrill lynch”, did they ever honour that second word, like in “lynch mob”?

      May be Mr Smiling Assassin has, by lynching the careers of others?

      Who is he prepared to lynch next? Lifeline?

  2. The only compassion for hunger cowardly Key has, is that of his systematic methods of cutting down those who stand in his way of ill-gotten gain in wealth. Key is neither idol nor human, but a mere disease that paves the way for his also cowardly rich mates who hide in the background and fill his coffers with “donations” to do their bidding.

  3. Agree with everything said above.

    Only a callous, uncaring government would consider cutting funds to an important social agency such as Lifeline, the only contact available to many desperate NZers. Now we wait for the effects of rising mental illness to take hold as a result!

    It’s government’s job to serve ALL the people it represents. That’s Kiwis in general, not just the 1%, which it’s doing right now!

    Anyone with a conscience or a speck of decency will NOT vote for John Key or his odious government next year! Kick the cruel traitors out!

    • Spot on Mary_A totally agree. Remember, John key culled the hugely important and needed rape crisis centre as well.

  4. Key didn’t build a tax haven.

    He inherited the existing laws were written by a Labour government ad subsequently amended twice by another Labour government.

    Nice try! No cigar!

    • He was allowing it to be strengthened in 2010 and did nothing when the IRD warned of undesired consequences in as early as 2013!

    • Oh so John Key didn’t rush through the law to allow the financial hubs then.

      What a lot of bullshit you spin andrew go back to whale oil where they believe your bullshit.

    • No, but he did inherit only $10 billion debt . Where is the debt level now Andrew, Andrew, Andrew…
      What tax haven laws were in place before the previous Labour government , because your argument of what was in place previously is just so tiresome and how many years do you want to go back because this is the most tiresome excuse National comes up with ,without taking personal responsibility for anything. It was Labours fault, it’s what they did. Well Labour didn’t tell Key to pull the waitresses hair, Labour didn’t create record numbers living in cars and on maraes, Labour didn’t try and force their way through an airport like Gerry did and Labour didn’t bribe a Saudi official and lie to cabinet. So you really need to offer a little more Andrew than sound bites, otherwise your comments end up like the McCully’s sheep farm deal, for the slaughter!

      • Think Key is Hillary Clintons protegee, he lies cheats and causes misery wherever he goes just like her .Dumb brainwashed habitual idiots like Andrew vote the same way here and in America.

      • When National want to put the boot in, they blame Labour. But when Labour bring up National’s past, National responds by saying “We believe in looking forward.”

        Looking forward to what? The next chance you get to blame Labour?

    • Andrew, if Key “inherited” the tax haven from Labour, why didn’t he do something about it? God knows he’s had long enough.

      Short answer, my Key-kissing friend is that our dear lerader simply couldn’t be arsed. Don’t forget he wanted to set up a “Jersey” style hub here in NZ. What do you think “Jersey-style” referred to? Woolen cardies??

  5. Andrew lies again ……….. and again ……………. and again.

    Key and the nats changed Labors trust laws to make NZ into a tax haven.

    “Andrew Little: Why did he push through a law in 2011, which Labour opposed, that cut the tax rate for foreign funds to zero, a move that PriceWaterhousecoopers said put New Zealand on a par with renowned tax havens like Ireland, Luxembourg, and the Caymans?”

    IRD warned the government we were being used as a tax haven in 2013.

    “Julie Anne Genter: Have there been any changes to the rules since the IRD warned his Government in 2013 that “there was a risk to New Zealand’s reputation” because of limited disclosure requirements?

    Rt Hon JOHN KEY: The member would have to direct that question to the Minister responsible for inland revenue. They are the ones who have done all the work with the OECD on the base evasion programme. But, as we know, things like factor and anti – money-laundering legislation have been changing.

    Julie Anne Genter: I seek leave to table an email dated 24 March 2016 from the IRD that states that it has not progressed any reform in this area.”

    Keys Lawyer and other national people are up to their necks in tax havens.

    Going right back to the wine box days up until now …………..

    Andrews sitting on a cigar .

  6. The ONLY lifeline John Key is interested in is that of his own self interests and his National Party, no doubt about that simple truth.

    • You forgot to mention the international corporations, bankers and opportunists that Key acts as an agent for in the plundering of NZ.

  7. I know Murray McCully threw a life line of millions to a Saudi sheep trader and shipper, wanting to set up some fake sheep farm in the desert, to reinvigorate trade through third countries.

    That is the kind of lifeline this government throws out to its own clientele and those it wants to make deals with.

    You should all watch The Nation on Sunday Morning, if you have not today. And even the news on Newshub were revealing. I am almost getting the impression they are out now to put the axe into this government.

    Since the departure of one Mark Weldon there appears to have been a refocus and reinvigoration of sorts, at least among some journalists still with that outfit, to get back to real journalism and to reveal what really goes on. The stories about the homeless sleeping in cars may just have been the beginning.

    Perhaps, with some caution, we should start to forgive Newshub and those behind it, as what else is there, it looks rather grim in the media landscape.

    So lifelines for some, no lifelines for the ones needing it most. Shame on this government.

    • How is the Saudi Sheep Farm and Agricultural Hub developed by the taxpayers money going anyway, we should be getting regular updates seeing as we are shareholders in this enterprise.

      Some honesty and transparency would be appreciated.

    • YES MIKE,

      ‘As to Martyn’s praise for Patrick Gower and the team investigation of the PM and the Saudi sheep deal.

      It was an important change from the usual hollowed out “Nation” programming and showed some serious investigative Journalism integrity finally.

      I am concerned that this comes hard on the heels of rumours of a proposal for Media works and a merging with publically funded TV1 as there I see a possible reason for this change of heart for media work’s to come out with some sweeteners for public consumption of some “real hard hitting investigative programming to quell the worries for us about if the marriage of Media works and TV 1 do combine, that we will view the media works as becoming a REAL journalistic media?

  8. Oh yeah you selectively forget John Key set these financial hub law up to allow what has happened recently.

    Your selective memory loss is getting really boring Andrew.

  9. This is a deliberate move by Key so suicidal people kill themselves so they are not a burden to him. Key will probably hand out ropes etc to those who feel suicidal

    • Ropes would be just the thing to reform this government – though Brownlee will probably require a forged steel chain.

  10. Right Andrew, but the real problem is with ACT’s original transformation plan for New Zealand and it rested upon 20% tax for personal and businesses and 20% GST. David Lange called for a ‘sit down and a cup of tea’ and the master plan for true trickle-down wealth was scuttled.

    If this had been implemented by Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, there would be no poverty in New Zealand now, no need for Lifeline.

    Get some guts New Zealand, implement 20-20-20 tax policy. Whichever parties ACT has coalition with, that is the bottom line.

    Also, National has to be able to balance the books in order to give tax cuts next year to middle New Zealanders who are suffering because of GFC, Christchurch Earthquake, Brexit and lower than expected tax take. They need to be bold and implement ACT’s 20-20-20% tax plan to really transform New Zealand.

    • “If this had been implemented by Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, there would be no poverty in New Zealand now, no need for Lifeline.”

      Oh yeah right. That may be so, as if such a tax regime would have been implemented, then we would not have any poor, as those ending up poor will be so abjectly impoverished and unable to survive, they would all end up doing what Lifeline is there to prevent, and commit suicide – thus self annihilate.

      Instead of the unemployment figures we would have the equivalent in suicide numbers, unemployment benefits replaced by suicide statistics. A truly “successful” policy in your view, I guess.

    • “If this had been implemented by Roger Douglas and Richard Prebble, there would be no poverty in New Zealand now, no need for Lifeline. ”

      I call BULLSHIT on that, Mr Seemore.

    • “Transform New Zealand”?? Pol Pot wanted to “transform” Cambodia. It only cost the lives of an estimated two million Cambodians.

      Beware of political figures wanting to “transform” society. It usually comes at great cost to someone else.

      So, no thanks, David Seemore. I might pass on that.

  11. Question; “You would think that a country with a suicide rate close to twice that of our road toll would have our Government jumping to help and secure funding”
    Answer; If it is a Nat’s lead Government, anything to do with compassion doesn’t compute as an action with this corrupt mob, as we have seen through 8yrs of their ruling of this land.

  12. In the same week that Lifeline’s funding was cut, our local MP took out a half-page ad in the local newspaper, with the heading: Mental Health, Let’s Talk About It.
    It’s like the Govt has taken the Lifeline funding, and used it for Nat Party advertising instead.
    Or is that too cynical?

      • Not cynical at all, truthful more like. Scott Simpson has the same issue in his local paper, clearly National coffers are full because his face is in the local rag every week, promoting this, advertising that. Sadly the Coromandel electorate see this as Simpson being effective for them. I only ask one thing of Simpson, why are there so many empty shops in the Coromandel?
        Thames used to be vibrant with industry but thanks to the National government of the 90’s, deregulation has destroyed a once vibrant town.

    • No it’s not. You are on to it. You see the disingenuous questionable actions of the nats with open eyes and can connect the dots to what’s behind it. That’s what all Kiwis should and must now do, as there are no more excuses left to turn a blind eye, not after 8 years of what John key and his nats have done.

  13. National Logic Chart, Lifeline Funding edition.

    Step 1: Defund the program.
    Step 2: Watch while suicidal people take their lives. Look sad, and offer some thoughts and prayers for good measure.
    Step 3: Announce in your next press release that since all the suicidal people died, demand for counselling services has plummeted, and the imminent closure of the service has saved the taxpayers millions of dollars.
    Step 4: Find a way to make it sound good on your CV too.

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