The Entertainment section of the NZ Herald can’t imagine news without white people


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Whitey McWhite on Cracker Vision


Is the Entertainment section of the NZ Herald locked in some sort of time warp? Apparently there is simply no way a non-white person could even be contemplated to replace Hilary Barry…

Hilary Barry has just four weeks left before she leaves TV3. Who will step in to fill her mighty shoes over her dual roles? Here are five suggestions that might just work.

…so mostly they have to be white, blonde or young. Oh and a contestant on the Batchelor.

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That a contestant from the Batchelor would even be considered shows how far we’ve come as a civilisation. Perhaps they could give roses for journalists they really like?

As for turning TV4 into a reality TV station aimed at women, wouldn’t actual reality TV aimed at women have shows where women get paid less, are sexually harassed & treated like second class citizens?

NZ needs more reality TV the way a drunk driver needs acceleration.


  1. Would love to see a head to head against crude Paul Henry.!
    Marcus Lush had a huge following until
    he was pushed to resign.

  2. TV3 could have on-air interviews with female applicants with Paul Henry asking each one if they’ve had sex with Richard Branson. (Yes, that really happened. Henry asked a female guest if she’s gone to bed with Branson.)

    • Yes he surely did ask that question on this video at 5 minutes 21 seconds – “Did you have sex with Richard Branson?

      Please see below a statement from a Mediaworks spokesperson:
      “The question line was discussed before the interview, and Dr Dickinson has confirmed she was not offended at the time, and is not offended now. The question is one Dr Dickinson has been asked many times since her photo appeared in the paper. She is a highly intelligent and articulate person who can hold her own with Paul Henry and anyone else.”

      Mediaworks did not say whether the spokesperson was a male or a female!!

      As an older female – I was disgusted when I heard Paul Henry’s vile and sexist question. He’s a male chauvinist pig – excuse my language please.

      • Good to see that Mark Weldon at Mediaworks was so disgusted by Pull Henry’s antics at Mediaworls that he has quit.

        All Mediaworks need now are reality TV shows to become as irrelevant as Julie Christie. She resigns too and John Campbell is reinstated by the end of the year. His co-host will be Hillary Barry – the journalistic dream-team.

        That’s the only way that Mediaworks shares and advertising will make any money.

        New Zealand and the left-wing blogs jointly can crowd-fund (like they did with the beach up north) and buy Mediaworks from its US owners.

        THEN there will be some balance in New Zealand journalism.

    • What planet are you from Kire? I think if you have an issue with racism here in this article, then you should make a complaint to the Race Relations Conciliator, Dame Susan Devoy.

      I’m sure she will give a very swift and accurate response as to whether this is a racist article. I believe it is NOT – and I’m from Planet Earth, not Planet Key.

  3. It seems that every Media network is being would down before the next election without any teeth to probe those corrupted politicians on Planet Key. He who appears to use NZ as just a gaming machine like a monopoly game??

    We are all just obstructionists to his irk.

    Media couldn’t even report the incredible display of heavy handed attempt by David Carter the arrogant man who tried to suppress Winston Peters & Denis O Rourke about Kiwirail lack of government funding and got told to leave the parliament today by the toxic speaker of the house Nationals adjutant of horrible.

  4. Righto Guv !!! – we all need a bit of this then !!!

    Anytime you’re Lambeth way
    Any evening, any day,
    You’ll find us all doin’ the Lambeth walk.

    Ev’ry little Lambeth gal
    With her little Lambeth pal,
    You’ll find ’em all doin’ the Lambeth walk.

    Ev’rything’s free and easy,
    Do as you darn well pleasey,
    Why don’t you make your way there,
    Go there, stay there,

    Once you get down Lambeth way,
    Ev’ry evening, ev’ry day,
    You’ll find yourself doin’ the Lambeth walk.

    Anytime you’re Lambeth way
    Any evening, any day,
    You’ll find us all doin’ the Lambeth walk.

    OI !!!!

  5. The norm for these female sidekicks to the male presenters is
    1) blonde ( Heather du Plessis Allan has blonded up recently)
    2) constantly grinning but modifying the rictus grin if the item is appropriate eg poverty, child abuse, terminal illness..
    3) passionate about meaningless issues,mostly related to ghastly celebrity gossip..more dumbing down

  6. After a year or two of the Internet, I had forgotten that New Zealand still had television. How quaint.

  7. Having returned to NZ in 2011 after some time away, I was surprised to see the blonde female clone dominating the TV airwaves. The BBC is much more culturally diverse. I don’t claim for a minute that they are perfect, but you get the feeling they are trying. Here we are still in the barbie era.

    • Well its quite strange that there was a particular English female news presenter who had black hair at TV3… I was doing security and part of that was answering the phone to all manner of situations after hours…

      You would not believe the amount of Kiwis who phoned in complaining (and rudely and aggressively so ) about ‘some English woman presenting our news’…

      The hypocrisy was obvious … here we live in a so called multi cultural society and here were people complaining …some people just cant get over themselves.

  8. “News”? Let’s move on to the weather, that keeps us together.

    In a society as divided as modern day New Zealand, that is here in Auckland, you are forced by media and state to find the most basic common denominator, the weather, perhaps the sports and celeb reports, nothing else does matter now.

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