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  1. Syrian narratives

    “Conflicting narratives and distorted realities: Western media coverage of the Syrian conflict is seriously flawed and biased. The recent liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra by the Syrian Army with Russia’s help is a case in point. The Western narrative has long focused on regime change, the Syrian one has always been about fighting terrorism.

    CrossTalking with Adel Darwish, Alaa Ebrahim, and Joe Lauria.”

    Episode 896

    “In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss crime and stupidity as a horrible long-term economic plan.

    In the second half, Max interviews Kerry-Anne Mendoza of about the latest wave of privatizations announced by the UK Treasury on a holiday weekend. Kerry-Anne notes that a parliamentary select committee found that Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) are ALWAYS more expensive than infrastructure projects built with government finance.”

  2. Just encountering the ‘mainstream” here, coming across a “Si and Gary’s Now That’s Funny” during which an inflated McCormick made some sort of apology/
    I realise (Gary) you might still have a mortgage to pay, like many Johnolists who’ve succumbed to the realities of PR spin that appear to have enabled their decision to place a 4th Estate second,

    really tho’ your apology should be to mankind – or personkind if you’d prefer.

    As for “Si”, his supposed Christian values he holds dear will judge him when he knocks on the Pearly (now whiter than white with a money back guarantee if not satisfied within 40 days) G-G-G-Gates.

    Christ! This is an exercise in witnessing how low we’ve sunk.

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha (canned applause)

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