Hold on – Wicked Campers are our biggest issue in Tourism?



How on earth can Wicked Campers be the big issue in Tourism?

I think Wicked Campers are a tasteless, gross, needlessly offensive trash can of a company. The sexist rape culture crap they decorate some of their shitty cars in requires creative vandalism to sort them out. But is that really the big issue in Tourism?

How about the underfunded infrastructure available for all these tourists?

How about the cut backs in environmental protection that is damaging the very thing that is attracting these tourists?

How about the dirty pollution our farming industry with their dairy intensification (which has collapsed)?

How about the lack of training for tourists when driving in NZ?

How about our lack of direction to make our rivers and streams pollution free?

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Aren’t those far larger issues than bloody Wicked Campers? I get the feeling that when the flag referendum slumps as badly as the current dairy prices, the National Government need a new distraction and Wicked Campers seem to be it.


  1. The signage on Wicked Campers vehicles is so offensive that even the Chief Censor is considering a ban on them.
    Wicked Campers sounds exactly like the sort of company that cretins like Cameron Slater and Paul Henry would support.
    They probably have shares in it.

  2. Yep . Sure , get those campers sorted , but the most pressing issue is the immediate installation right across the country of 5000 state of the art composting toilets with environment friendly exteriors.
    There’s a good little industry right there and the pay back would be instant !
    I hear our reputation is starting to get hammered overseas because of our lack of facilities and over crowded hot spots. Nothing turns a tourist off more than when they can’t find a clean toilet or a toilet period .
    It says a lot about the state of a country.
    Currently we’re fringing third world status!

  3. I had no idea Wicked Campers existed until the media brought it up. It’s crude graffiti on a van. Stupid yes, but hardly newsworthy.

  4. Just because one thing is bad, doesn’t mean you ignore other bad things.
    I’m TIRED of reading things like ” A Wife : an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done”.

    I don’t want our youth thinking that this sort of shit is even ‘ok’ .

    I know that National don’t give a fat rats bum about our environment and it pisses me off that Pullya Benefit has jumped on the Wicked Campers bandwagon( so to speak) …but I think we DO need to do something about this foul man and his foul business .
    I think everyone should carry a spray can and when they see an offensive message – SPRAY IT ( and someone in my local town did last week – in the middle of the main street – at 2 pm on a Friday …and nobody batted an eyelid ! )

  5. It is not “censorship” to stop crude, offensive messages and images being put up in public. A person’s right to be offensive stops at my eyes, and those of others, like children.

    Otherwise we might as well allow hard-core porn on out TVs and people to masterbate openly on park benches.

    I have a feeling that the owner of Wicked Campers is being deliberately provocative, in an almost exhibitionistic way.

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