John Key will flee the country right after Flag Referendum announced (for real)


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Part of brand Key is that John Key don’t hang around no losers, even when that loser is himself…

Prime Minister John Key heading overseas after flag referendum results announced
Prime Minister John Key is heading overseas immediately after the result of the national flag referendum is announced.

The Electoral Commission will reveal the preliminary result of the referendum on Thursday evening. After holding a press conference, Mr Key will fly out to Washington.

It is understood he will be taking some time off before attending a Nuclear Security Summit. He will not be in the country when a final referendum result is confirmed next week.

…when Melissa Lee failed at her by-election, Key wasn’t there. When that doomed National Party hack failed to beat Winston in Northland, Key wasn’t there. Now with the flag referendum looking as flaccid as Dairy prices, Key is fleeing even himself because he don’t hang around no loser.

That’s why Key hangs around the All Black, because he’s a winner who hangs out with winners. Key has put so much of himself into this flawed vanity project that when it collapses, he will be  hurt .

Look at how hard Key tried to manipulate this process beyond the panel and nonsense referendum process.

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…watch how Judith Collins and Simon Bridges start to manoeuvre if Key loses the flag referendum.

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  1. “SneaKey the PM’s” plan to be outta here come Friday indicates either avoidance, classic fight or flight; or contempt–i.e. he has already “moved on”

    considering what he and sections of Nat HQ have put citizens through for almost two years the least he might manage is being present in person for the nation’s decision

  2. No shame in losing by itself, you can’t win ’em all: the shame comes when you can’t do it with dignity.
    The All Blacks can lose with dignity, so can the Black Caps.
    Can our Prime Minister?

  3. Without the flag change, Key, like the Emperor with no clothes will be left further exposed for his corrupt corporate links to TPP, his taking this country into the world of debt and his treating the environment like there is no tomorrow.
    Yup, the poor attempt at a flag change was always a distraction from the serious issues.

  4. You forgot to mention he avoided Waitangi this year because they did not guarantee him the chance to speak his bulls**t

  5. John key always runs away when his ego is about to take another hit. The last 8 years has been one big tax funded holiday for him.

  6. John Key has been looking a bit “tired” the last couple of days. May it be now, that the third-termitis is finally setting in, him first making some dumb mistakes with payments to a journalist, to settle a dispute.

    And this flag referendum will be an embarrassment also, I am sure, maybe not a lasting one, but there are now signs of corrosion on the facade of that Mr Teflon.

    His hair are getting greyer, he looks tired, he seems to have lost motivation and much interest.

    Let us hope he will soon decide to resign before the next election, so Paula or Judith can fight it out, who will lead the Nats into the next general election. I no longer rule this out.

  7. I don’t recall a single taxpayer asking for this ridiculous flag fiasco to be initiated, so is Key going to pay back the $30 million dollars he has squandered ?
    Like every other worker out there , if you screw up you pay the price!
    How many bone on bone knee replacements could have been done with that money?
    How many people are still in pain that shouldn’t be?
    How many people have needlessly died due to a lack of funding ?
    And today Key rubbishes Labour for initiating a discussion on the Universal Basic Income, saying wealthy people don’t need it and he would rather the money went to the needy.
    Well that’s ‘check mate’ Key !!
    Because if that’s what you truly think, then why did you and Bill English lower the top tax rate and then raise GST ?????

  8. Don’t take it for granted that the alternative (original) flag will come through – just wait until the fat lady sings. With the PM anything can happen – hold your breath please. That’s my thoughts.

    Somebody I know has come up with an alternative theory, the flag change has all been just a smoke screen to keep people absorbed so that he could get his big prize the TPPA through and that the flag was never going to change all along. Being a lover of the royal family and the Knighthoods which come with it, why would he give the finger to the Queen when she has welcomed him into her home etc etc.

    The fact that he is scarpering off after the interim result has come through, which he usually does as he hates being involved with losers does seem to suggest he knows the end result. The flag no doubt will be retained, his behaviour says it all. Just another thought to add to tonight’s comments.

  9. Maybe the new flag will be announced the winner. Key wont hang around to cop the flak,he will run away and let someone else cop it.
    If by any chance he should run away, can we not have a general election.None of the National party wannabes would be suitable for PM.all as bad as Key. in fact Paula Bennet would be worse,more so than Collins and Bridges,i shudder to think they could be PM.

    • Then he’ll be big-noting from the steps of the White House and probably getting Barry Soetoro to autograph one in the Oval Office (while being filmed and photographed, of course).

  10. Hes got to go to the war office meetings for the next stage of the global war games now that we are all signed up with the security council without a new flag to bolster his ego .Goin to be hard having to go with no sense of history about the fact that we have had enough of bloody war in this country and we should be neutral

  11. I for one can not read Mr Keys mind, however you can not have it right all the time. Before getting a new flag, this one seems to be popular, let’s get out of the commonwealth first, I have no time for Charlie’s if you know what I mean! I hope he follows David Longies thinking, no nuclair involved New Zealand.

  12. Bon voyage Mr Prime Minister. I wonder if he is taking his golf clubs to Washington.

    But another thing I wonder, though, is why Obama never offered his very good friend, that top bloke John Key, also known to be a keen golfer and his neighbour in Hawaii, yet, a second game. I mean it would be terrible if it was our PM who won and then shunned his new chum. I mean, it is pretty rude for whoever won not to offer a rematch. We would certainly expect that he would get on the blower every fine morning in Hawaii – and they have more than their share of fine mornings -to try to set up another game. That’s the kind of shmoozing we selected him to do. It is Mr Key’s forte: he is widely recognised as a world class brown-noser. Perhaps he could send over a couple of bottles of wines from his own winery. It didn’t quite sooth the feathers of a prickly, if hyper-partisan, waitress, it might just work on a sullen loser or an unreasonably aloof winner. But, whatever the truth of the matter, whoever lost has now been waiting several years and that darnn red phone at the end of the great-friends-but-not-allies hotline has never rung.

    It seems a shame to see so highly publicised a bromance on the rocks. Particularly when at least one of them is such a pearl.

  13. On the mark again Martyn – thanks for pointing out the things that others (like me) don’t always see. You are really getting a measure of the man, which makes you a dangerous enemy.

  14. I’ve been cracking up with laughter at JK’s remarks over the last 24 hours, which can be summed up as “Flag change vote? Nothing to do with me.”

    • Bet when he slinks back into the country again, after escaping to his buddies in Washington, FJK will have no recall of promoting a flag change!

      When questioned, FJK will state “I have no recollection of that.”

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