Political Caption Competition




  1. “That’s Where I Belong”

    When the frantic pace of life attacks me
    And weighs me to the ground
    I long for someplace to escape
    To the one place i have found

    No stoplights to obey
    No signs or limits there
    Just drop the hook
    And make your home almost anywhere

    – Alan Jackson Lyrics

  2. If you were to kick Shrek in the balls, what would you then have?

    Green acres. Hahahahahahahhahaha a a !

  3. Donald Trump spotted in NZ, meeting with leading NatzKEY cabinet ministers.

    Clockwise from left front – Smiley Wavey man FJK; Chief of Propaganda Minister Steven “Lord Haw Haw” Joyce; Trump; Judas “I am offended” Collins and BLinglish front right (with his bag of stale crumbs to throw to the great unwashed).

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