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  1. We must be worried that this is happening here in our once free society.

    MBIE (Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment) is the NZ equivalent to Hitler/Goebbels “Ministry of Public Enlightenment & Propaganda” (MPEP) back in Germany 1932.

    John Key studied German history war & Hitler widely we are told.

    Similarly, MBIE serves to provide Propaganda through it; tentacles into all agencies under it’s umbrella as their agent’s are installed deliberately into positions now on Local Council’s, consultancy networks, media and even unions now, so they have enormous influence as a Government propaganda agency.

    Probably this agency is used for Government policy during election time as the GCSB and SIS is used during Phil Geoff election campaign.

    Sad that this Government has resorted to using a taxpayer funded agency for it’s own gain during the next run up to the 2017 election, and use it as a propaganda machine also against us all.

    Corruption is certainly well & alive, and we need to expose this crooked MBIE monster agency that bought us the “NOVAPAY” mess so we term MBIE as “Ministry of Bullies, Intimidation & Enforcement”

  2. Why isnt Merkel asking questions about the the root causes of the Middle East and North Africa /Libya destabilisation and the refugee crisis? …Who is culpable?…Is it too embarrassing?

    Sure what a nice German for being so open to the huge influx of refugees ( poor Greece and other small countries though)…but really Germany and Europe must get to grips as to the root causes for this desperate human tragedy of people being ripped up from their homelands…otherwise they are in cahoots with USA and friends

    “In this edition of the program we discuss whether there is such a thing as the Obama Doctrine – if there is, is this a good thing? And again Syria, the word ‘partition’ won’t go away.

    Also, is Russia REALLY trying to topple Angela Merkel and determine the UK’s destiny? And finally, why we are watching the South China Sea.

    CrossTalking with Mark Sleboda, Dmitry Babich, and Rory Suchet.”

    The point I am making is not anti immigration or anti refugee as such , rather it is why aren’t Merkel and European leaders questioning the causes of the refugee crisis:

    Why arent questions being asked about who is responsible for Uprooting peoples from their native lands due to devasting their country with war… or drugs…. or crime…or economic sanctions bullying …or interfering in their political process and installing tyrants

    (….not withstanding the resultant refugees fleeing these countries should be treated with compassion)

    What should be addressed is which nations are causing the mayhem and refugee crisis in the first place:

    …these nations need to be called to account !!!!!

    ….and who benefits from a refugee crisis?


    …nations needing refugees as cheap labour?…

    …corporations who want to destroy the sovereignty and democracy of nations and their borders?….for their own profit?

    ….countries /corporations that want to take over countries for their land or assets?

    …questions need to be asked not only as to which nations have caused the refugee crisis in the first place but also which countries are benefiting from the desperate migrant and refugee crisis…what is needed is TRUTH and accountability for these war crimes:

  3. Agreed @ cleangreen – it’s obvious to me, but how may others?…
    This government is certainly not ‘ working for New Zealanders.’

    • Yes KIM DANDY, you are correct there.

      The MSM has completely hoodwinked the public who cant see what’s happening around them.

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