TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. A big pantomime, the big blonde fairy waves his magic wand and beats the prince of darkness,or Trump is trumped by Goldman Sachs aka Hillary Clinton at the finish line,unless Bernie Sanders the good fairy overcomes the corporation delegates, a big ask.

  2. “For the future of our corporations, vote for me. This man, Donald Trump opposes the TPPA, as does Hillary Clinton.”

  3. trump:..’i agree i am batshit-crazy..but that guy there is even more batshit-crazy’..

    (funny story..!’s true..!..both rubio and cruz are even fucken scarier than trump..these are strange times..)

    • Funny how people don’t get it, eh? I’ve watched most of the GOP debates in full and it couldn’t be clearer. Reproductive rights & access to birth control? Marriage equality? Peace with Putin? Trump is the best Republican candidate for any of these remaining an option – sign of strange times alright!

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