GUEST BLOG: Arthur Taylor – Why aren’t they investigating my allegations about gangs controlling our prisons?



My Leap Day gift this year was an interview with Radio New Zealand’s personable Kate Newton !
Tuesday , I have my TVNZ interview

Corrections , no doubt inspired by Judith , have told TV3 they are investigating me for having undeclared earnings ( alleged ) . However , they have investigated me before and found there was no breach of 66A & 67 , the relevant sections of the Corrections Act .

Why aren’t they instead investigating my allegations about gangs controlling our prisons ?


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Arthur Taylor is a prisoner rights activist and TDBs blogger inside prison


  1. Aw-same reason they prevent access for rehab assessments, and lawyers – if they stopped gang recruitment in prisons (and outside), there would be no one for the public to be scared of – another bureaucratic/multinational empire building opportunity would be lost, and the public might start looking at other things… (Whoever thinks LAWYERS had their snouts in a trough has got the wrong end of the stick!)

  2. The gangs have always controlled prisons in NZ, the reason it is not investigated, is it does not look good for Joe Public when it is splashed across the media. Prison is graduation to Crime University, many contacts are made in the penal system, it is like Rotary for Crims?

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