Denying Helen Kelly justice



I’m fucking disgusted…

Helen Kelly’s medical marijuana bid rejected
Helen Kelly’s application to use so-called medical marijuana has been rejected by the Ministry of Health.

..what a shallow, baseless society we have become when the war on drugs trumps basic reason. Cannabis IS NOT the horror drug the cops and right wing politicians have made it out to be. It has huge medical properties and denying a social justice hero like Helen Kelly pain relief and dooming her to pharmaceutically crippling alternatives is a slap not only to her face, but to all educated and reasoned NZers.

Our Government would prefer Helen Kelly suffers in pain rather than acknowledge cannabis could help. They would see her in the grave before they admit they have lied all these years about cannabis.

We have a debate about the right to kill yourself – but we won’t allow a terminally ill person take cannabis???

Disgusting decision!


  1. The bullshit around cannabis is utter garbage. I have yet to see a nation/state that regretted legalisation. Here is even more evidence what a total crock the “marijuana is bad, mkay” propaganda is:
    NZ, as a country, needs to grow the fuck up and a get hit by a clue by four to the brain and see beyond the utter crap we’ve been fed for the last 50 odd years and get some fucking perspective.

    • Edgar J Hoover turned up the heat on marijuana nearly 80 years ago.

      1937 was when Reefer Madness, his main propaganda weapon, was first screened.

      It seems that everyone who knew nothing at all about cannabis believed every word of the bullshit film.

      Right wing control freaks hate anything that they cannot control. Hoover was a high achiever as a control freak, and his activities have created much hardship for millions of people ever since.

      It is sad to hear that Helen Kelly has been denied legal access. If it is available to some then why not her?

      More control freaks at the controls I think.

  2. Do you wonder how things would go if one of John Keys family members had cancer?
    Where is the risk in saying yes to people like Helen?
    Where is the compassion?
    Where is the logic in allowing the sick to suffer when there is a known treatment that works?

  3. Helen Kelly is a national treasure and I’m disgusted that anyone including our elected govt should want her or any other sick people to suffer more than they already are.

  4. As usual, NZ will be about 10 – 15 years behind the times with current analysis of important issues.
    Legalizing medical marijuana is a no brainer – it is happening all over the world.
    Industrial Hemp could turn ours and the worlds economy around and is a
    great idea and economic plan whose time should come very soon.


    Check out MMS – google it – and start to learn about what can possibly and easily cure and heal most diseases.
    Much better than chemo and radiation and it works fast and without the horrific side effects. The A.M.A. and most
    doctors feel very threatening by MMS because it really is effective and works and they would prefer to dole out meds.
    and not cure disease but just treat the symptoms.

  5. Those many of us intelligent and reasoned NZ/ Aotearoa people have , for far too long, ceded to the Moron Class. The cock gripping, crusty fanny’d arse-be-smacked hypocrites that force feed us their vile stupidities while cunningly hiding their deviancies and perversions lest they give their own game away. The dull minded wall- bumping-into blank-stare types are now in control of us all and there would be no shame, no crime, no argument, that we should take over the mad house and put those fuckers back down in their place. We owe it to ourselves to stop being subservient to their bleak, tainted views. We need to stop them, flatten them, remove them to a safer place for us. Perhaps to be forced to live in the public glare once outed as the evil, mean, greedy, petty , power-grasping, feeble minded little people they are.

    There’s a lot to be said for The Stocks .

  6. Well I don’t use it…. but the fact remains that to be selectively biased against any plant based derivatives and its possible use in a medicinal context really starts to highlight less the so called ‘evils’ we have been traditionally led to believe – but more the govt’s fear that the booze industry’s may find a new source of competition…

    I would say this has a lot to do with it… which only goes to show how vested interests dominate this backwards govt .

    You will find the pharmaceutical company’s will always oppose a natural product just long enough for them to produce a synthetic product… and even then the lobbying continues to stamp out natural and/or herbal remedies because they fear direct opposition – and usually because the natural product can be cheaply produced – which means the pharmaceutical company’s lose profit.

    A classic example is the highly effective anti cancer treatments discovered in the 1930’s – which were then outlawed by the FDA. And why?…because of lobbyists from the pharmaceutical company’s.

    What an evil , spiteful world we live in.

  7. The NZ doco “Druglawed ” says all you need to know about this issue . We downloaded it for about $4 .

    If we had decent State Owned television they’d be showing docos like this every evening .

    Peter Dunne is a fcuking disgrace .

  8. It’s not justice she’s denied, it’s compassion.

    It doesn’t show that our society is baseless. It shows that we are base.

    The decision is indeed, disgusting.

    This outcome happened on your watch, Peter ‘common sense’ Dunne. Long may you be associated with it.

    • Dunne does, and ever shall do, what is best for Dunne. He’s a self-serving, ludicrously-coiffed hobgoblin of a man.

  9. Christ all mighty, I can’t believe this! I thought even Dunny had an iota of decency but I’m wrong. I can’t say what I think of this smug self serving pigmy. Combined with our couldn’t care less PM Shonkey poor ole NZ is royally buggered.

  10. In a letter to Ms Kelly, the Ministry says it’s assessed the application but “considered it to contain insufficient information to enable a decision to be reached”.

    It then says that the Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne was briefed and a “Ministerial decision was made to defer the application”.

    In other words, Dunne vetoed the decision.

    Nasty, cruel little man that he is.

    • I wonder why, exactly?

      Does he think he’ll be somehow held responsible for any adverse reactions…that it could do her harm?

      Dunne is, and always was, a tool of this government.

      What…is this punishment for Helen Kelly standing up to John Key’s mate Talley, perhaps?

      Rhymes with banker.

    • Indeed, Dunn is a nasty and cruel prick, and good New Zealanders should ensure his time of troughing it at tax payer expense permanently ends at the next general election.

      I wonder… if Helen Kelly wasn’t who she is, would Dunn have reacted differently?

      • re next election:..will the greens and labour again both stand candidates..split the vote..and again gift this cunt his seat..?

        ..fucken idiots that they are.. has been in their hands..time and time again..

        ..with of course the ultimate irony piled upon irony was the time the greens helped dunne into his seat..and then dunne blocked them from coalition..

        ..did they learn from this..?

        ..did they fuck..!

  11. “considered it to contain insufficient information”

    That is the cruelty.

    What information is required? In what form? Verified by who and how recently? Or does a seriously ill applicant have to guess, imagine, flounder about trying to satisfy a vague ‘consideration’? Reads like a script straight from the WINZ playbook.

    “Ministerial decision was made to defer the application”. Defer, not decline.

    We can only hope that the applicant was provided with a realistic timeframe and a total commitment to fast track service once she has met whatever arcane information requirements have been posed as the next wretched hoop to crawl through.

    Actually, given Dunne’s past allegiances – wouldn’t it be civil in him to meet with Ms Kelly face to face and get this sorted? Or doesn’t he involve himself in ‘operational matters’ when his department is causing misery?

    • I think they expect you to stagger into their well-appointed offices and expel bodily fluids from every orifice before they’re sufficiently convinced of your terminal condition. And even then, it’s 50/50.

  12. I really hope I am wrong, but this almost looks like Helen Kelly is being punished for being Helen Kelly.

    How on earth can her being able to have marijuana, frankly, in any damned form she wants it, have any adverse effect on any other person on the planet?

    Just fucking ridiculous

    • Yes, as Groucho Marxist in the comment above, aptly points out:

      “If it is available to some then why not her?”

  13. Martin Luther King, in his famous “Letter from the Birmingham Jail,” called on all Americans to actively but peacefully oppose laws that were morally wrong. King wrote:

    “There are just laws and there are unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that an unjust law is no law at all… One who breaks an unjust law must do it openly, lovingly…I submit that an individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and willingly accepts the penalty by staying in jail to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the very highest respect for law.”

  14. Helen Kelly. A tireless advocate for those shut out of and shafted by the brutal forces of National’s rock star economy. She stood up to Warner Bros, she stood up to Talleys, she is a thoroughly decent human being and epitomises the values that as a nation, it seems to me we are rapidly losing. She deserves so much better treatment than this, and it speaks volumes about how warped the priorities and values of “the powers that be” have become. I am ashamed, again.

  15. .it has been in their hands..time and time again..

    ..with of course the ultimate irony piled upon irony was the time the greens helped dunne into his seat..and then dunne blocked them from coalition..

    ..did they learn from this..?

    ..did they fuck..! election and every one subsequent..

    ..the greens repeatedly helped the man who has perhaps fucked them over the most.. they have some kind of battered-victim/stockholm-syndrome thing going on with dunne..?

    ..what else could explain these repeated acts of self-harming on their part..?

    ..over so many years/elections..

    • and..i’ll bet u a hundred bucks to a pinch of green fairy-dust..

      ..that the greens and labour repeat this helping-dunne exercise in 2017..

      ..given that history..does anyone really think they won’t..?

      ..and if they can’t even get their fucken acts together over this..

      ..where they both work to hurt each other..and gift that prick dunne his seat..time after time..

      ..what hope is there of them working together in a functioning coalition..?

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