Duncan Garner, Josie Pagani and the NZ Herald walk into a bar…


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The establishment have found some odd bods to become their defenders of free market dogma. Duncan Garner has written a mindless opinion piece on the TPPA saying…

We will still have our Parliament and we still have our sovereignty and Labour needs to grow up. The US apparently had so much to gain from it and now it gains very little after all. There will be protests at this signing in Auckland, it will be the same rent-a-mob boof-heads, there will be aggro and they will claim this is the end as we know it but both Governments, red and blue, have been pushing free trade for close on 30 years. It’s economic orthodoxy and Labour needs to grow a pair, put on their big boy pants and align themselves with the Government on this.

…Josie Pagani has blurted out her support for the TPPA with the sort of undying hatred for anyone more Left wing than herself that has made Phil Quin as effective as a Nazi human rights activist, with in an opinion piece so confused, fellow bloggers on her own site have had to step in and explain how wrong she is…

It’s time for opponents of the TPP to stop the gesture politics and answer some questions – like what is the alternative you propose? Do you really believe we can stay out of the TPP on our own? And do you want to pull out of the agreement after it is signed?

…and let’s not forget the Vichy NZ Herald editorial that demands we fall to our knees and thank our new Corporate Overlords for their dominion of us…

it should not be too much to ask that those philosophically opposed to free trade respect the views of those who disagree with them, and let this country host the occasion with dignity and pride.

…what each of these mindless free market cheerleading zombies do not understand is what this bloody TPPA is actually about. It’s not free trade, it’s forced trade. It’s a geopolitical leash used by America to position against China’s influence in the Pacific. How do we know this? Bloody Obama said exactly that in his own State of the Nation address 6 days ago for Christ’s sake…

Obama emphasized that, although it involves many other nations, under the TPP “China doesn’t set the rules in that region, we do.”

…let’s look at that again…

“China doesn’t set the rules in that region, we do.”

This. Is. Not. About. Free. Trade. It. Is. About. Sovereignty. The TPPA effectively creates an upper house to our very own Parliament under which the Corporate Overlords of America get to challenge our own house on the domestic legislation we pass!

To watch such jingoistic pro American fluff replace real debate by the likes of the Herald, Garner and Pagani is a sad indictment on how intellectually blunt our media have become.

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TDB will live stream the debate at the Auckland Town Hall on the 26th January and TDB will be on the front line of the protest action on the 4th of February.

We can not. Must not allow our own democratic sovereignty to be ripped from us for 30 pieces of silver and 3 magic beans Key and Groser have managed to get after trading all our cows at market.


  1. We have a rich country peppered with idiots determined to believe the best when the worst is happening then demand to be tortured. We have a government that lies, steals and commits treason on a daily basis and it’s all shits and giggles around the barbi. We have a primary industry fawning around their abusers then when things go tits up ( Oh dear ! What a coincidence ! ) they go broke,go mad, go suicidal or go to Australia but would never , ever stand up and fight for themselves or, God forbid, each other. We have a faux opposition political party with as much gumption as a fence post and all they seem to do is float about in the shadows mumbling ‘ jobs , ‘ jobs’ , ‘jobs’ like Zombie parrots. I do firmly believe that if Labour were to be elected in ’17 they’d all die of shock from not knowing what to do. I can see Andrew Little in the Prime Ministers office. ” What ? Can I sit there? You mean ‘ there’ ? Right there? In the big chair? With all that stuff ? Is that mine to use and everything? What ? Even the phone ? Nooo ! Surely not ? That’s amazing ! “. If Andrew Little then went forth and said unto the farmer … ” Lo ! For I have seen you suffering. Therefore , you must come over here for hugs and tea and we can promise you security and protection from far off bankers in foreign lands. We will create a vast garden of meats, fishes, fruits and vegetables and feed the world. Yay, go us ! ” The farmers would respond thusly. ” Kick , punch , bang, bang, strangle strangle . ” Why ? Because farmers are just too narrow minded to see a good thing so would rather stick to something they know. Like being mercilessly fucked on virtually every deal at every level.
    Speaking of fucked ? I think we are that.

  2. MSM opinion shapers, yes, are we surprised at all?

    Garner is a shallow media person, he has been throughout his career, he is slippery like a wet bar of soap.

    What does he know about trade agreements and the complex details in them, I bet he has not even read the TPPA text that was agreed upon between governments.

    And with trade, no matter how you look at it, comes also economic influence, usually favouring the larger powers.

    The TPPA does not offer New Zealand all that much, as we already learned, and it is indeed an agreement where the US wants to exert more strategic and other influence on the Pacific region.

    All superpowers must be treated with caution and suspicion, just look at their track records. But New Zealand governments are either totally naive or ruthless sellout artists, some are both, when it comes to trade negotiations.

    John Key and his mates will not lose out of such deals, and as we learned, only 67 individuals own more than the 3.5 billion poorest of the world’s population, in wealth. 1 percent own more than the rest:




    So who really benefits from all these FTA deals? I rest my case.

  3. Absolutely Martyn.
    It was always about sovereignty and hegemony. The United States fears China becoming the Pacific custodian/policeman because that means the US is relegated to secondary importance.
    However US wouldn’t have a hope of getting a whole lot of smaller nations giving their corporations almost quasi-government status, (even the Sleepy hobbits would see through that one) so they dress it up and spin it out as a FREE TRADE DEAL.
    Then if the spin doctors lie to us and tell us that a sovereignty-robbing document masquerading as a free trade deal is good for us we are in a difficult position are we not?
    After all, no-one wants us to be left out of a genuine trade deal, because most people would agree that a genuine deal is a good thing for us.
    However a document of lies and deceits is NOT good for us and we have every reason to be suspicious of it. The more that John Key, National and the Vichy Herald tell us how great it is, the worse it sounds.
    The whole thing is being sold on a “trust me” basis. I have been around long enough to know that you cannot trust National.
    The lack of serious analysis of this “trade deal” by our media says it all. They don’t want us to know what it REALLY means for us because it destroys the illusion that National has our best interests at heart.
    They don’t, but we won’t know it until it is too late to go back.

  4. Can NZ afford to be left out of the TPPA?…. Can we afford to be in it? We will be exposed to the tentacles of the corrupt american banks. We will be subject to legal action on any laws passed that benefit New Zealanders at the expense of corporates, eg. pharmac. It will open up opportunities for poisonous GMO products to be grown and sold unlabelled in NZ.
    I don’t think NZ would be alone if it had the courage to stand up to America. You wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media but there is huge support for opposing the TPPA and its Transatlantic equivalent throughout the world.
    Anyway China is more important to the NZ economy than the US. http://deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de/2015/11/09/freihandel-buergerinitiative-sammelt-drei-millionen-stimmen-gegen-ttip/
    You may need Google Translate

  5. I don’t see how anyone can read Barry Soetoro’s words and fail to get it.

    “China doesn’t set the rules in that region, we do. You want to show our strength in this century? Approve this agreement. Give us the tools to enforce it.”

    Seems about as legit as saying under oath at your presidential swearing in that you’ve never gone by any other name…oops.

    Lol @ Pagani getting Geddisised in the comments to her own post…

  6. The sociopaths who run NZ know exactly what they are doing with respect to looting and setting up rorts to fill their own bank accounts.

    However, when it comes to the consequences of their looting and rort operations, they appear to be completely clueless. They are, after all, scientifically illiterate. And most of them are financially illiterate (beyond counting their own ill-gotten acquisitions).

    Like a cancer that eventually kills its host, the government and its agencies are ‘progressively’ ruining everything they touch, ruining everything that makes life-as-we-know-it possible -that is everything from financial systems to energy systems to the environment.

    The normal procedure for ridding a body of cancer -cutting out the affected portions and/or chemotherapy- will not work because the cancerous growths are now so gross and so distributed throughout the land.

    It will be the global financial collapse and the global environmental collapse -both of which are underway- which will expose the faux narratives of the maniacs who hold the reins and the mainstream media cheerleaders for dysfunction and destruction.

    Whether anyone will survive the consequences of allowing lunatics to run the asylum for such a long time is yet to be seen: all the scientific evidence suggests not.

    CO2 at 403ppm and rising at over 3ppm per annum = accelerating planetary meltdown.

    What is the plan of the maniacs in charge? Burn more fossil fuels and cover more of the land with concrete and asphalt !

    Of course there is the ‘Conspiracy Theory’ that suggests the scumbags at the top know full well everything is in meltdown and are preparing for the mayhem that will come soon by setting up gated communities surrounded by armed guards, leaving the ‘peasants’ to fend for themselves as best they can.

    Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ suggests the scumbags at the top intend to impose feudal-fascistic arrangements on the uninformed and unwary general populace by stealth, and that TPPA is a component of that strategy.

    All we can be sure of is that everything that matters gets made worse by the day by the government.

    I see the Dow is down over 2000 points from last year’s peak, as the Orwellian nature of the US government -‘strongest economy in the world’- is exposed as a pack of lies….and that’s got to be good news

    I am sure the truth will once again be greeted by plenty of thumbs-down from the fuckwits and saboteurs who inhabit Internet blogs. Can’t have inconvenient facts interfere with rort systems.

  7. I’ve had enough I’m travelling to Auckland for 4 Feb demonstration. They need to see that we don’t want this and we certainly don’t need it.

  8. The time for talk has passed. Nobody is listening to us, the people of NZ. This is OUR country, OUR country, not the property of the nasty natzis to hand over to american corporations so that they can bleed us dry financially and destroy OUR environment. It’s a call to arms this Feb 4th, we need to show the strength of numbers so that we cannot be ignored. I am only concerned that it may be held elsewhere and that the Skyshitty story is a blind and they will secretly sign it elsewhere. I don’t live in auckland myself anymore BUT I will be there. This is the most important event for our country that we have ever witnessed.

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