EXCLUSIVE: Housing NZ claim terrorism while humiliating tenants

By   /   November 26, 2015  /   17 Comments

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Today we were contacted about an appalling situation created by Housing NZ in Auckland. Here is the story…

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There are many angry stories circulating from people using Government services as those agencies face continued cut backs. If you are a housing NZ tenant or a beneficiary who is sick of being abused, contact us on the confidential tip line and we will do all we can to publicise your mistreatment.

Today we were contacted about an appalling situation created by Housing NZ in Auckland. Here is the story…

Several MONTHS ago, Housing New Zealand did what they laughingly call “repairs” to a fence to the retirement complex where I live. Attached to this fence were the letterboxes to all 33 units. After a matter of days, three of the letterboxes fell off the fence. Some of the elderly residents, with their hunched backs and their arthritis, had to get down on their hands and knees just to retrieve their mail. After many phone calls and many weeks (when we were told that this would “be fixed in fourteen days”), they had not been fixed. This was supposed to be done by a company of contractors called Henshaw’s. Yesterday, three more fell down. One of the pensioners phone up Housing New Zealand to complain at this lack of work and breach of promise. He said, “You need to put a bomb under Henshaw’s bum and get them to do what they said they would.” “I’m sorry, what was that that you said?” “Get Henshaw’s to do what they said they would!” Two minutes later, the pensioner received a phone call from the Housing New Zealand office manger expressing concern that the pensioner had “threatened to blow up Housing New Zealand” and stating that the police had been notified of the terrorist threat. Yes, apparently al Qaeda have now recruited 84-year-old crippled pensioners to manufacture, plant and explode terrorist devices here in Auckland.

…turning their own incompetence into a terrorism threat is intimidating behaviour meant to shut down complaints.

Very ugly behaviour by Housing NZ.

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  1. Richard Christie says:


  2. Kim dandy says:

    Talk about blown out of all proportion ( excuse pun).
    Just fix the mailboxes already HNZ!

  3. Drew says:

    Appalling behaviour by our so called public service. This government is gutting our public services. Has any one noticed that while you wait to speak with someone at Housing NZ after hearing HNZ messages they play a Pizza Hut ad? Is this ethical for a public service to be selling ads while you wait for your call to be answered? I have not never heard other government departments have ads on while you wait or have I missed something.

  4. Silk says:

    This is what New Zealand has become under the Key regime. Lies, humiliation, broken promises and the victimization of the poor.

    And that grinning reptile Key oversees it all – when he lifts his head away from the naked lap of some corporate plutocrat.

    And the Media say nothing.

  5. Stephen Howard says:

    There is a charge available of wasting police time. Let’s see the police charge the idiot who doesn’t have a realistic grasp of NZ English. I wonder how they would react to “rattle your dags” or one of the myriad of saying older NZers use

  6. Steve King says:

    Incompetence, yes. But incompetence as a result of what? poor training? Understaffing? Inadequate systems and procedures? It all comes back to sufficient funding, or rather the lack of it, that would allow staff at agencies such as Housing NZ, Work and Income, CYF, Corrections, DOC, etc to be adequately resourced to do their jobs properly. Chronic underfunding leads to a stressed, demotivated workforce, who make mistakes, and before you know it, “this isn’t working, we’d better privatise it.”

  7. mary_a says:

    WTF???? Unbelievable!

    HNZ seems to be demonstrating some bullying behaviour. More threatening than the terrorists themselves I’d say! Oh well, I guess leadership is coming from the top … government … Key, Bennett et al!

  8. jay says:

    When I lived in the UK, someone who wasn’t doing their job would get a ” rocket” Told off to get moving and doing! http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/give+a+rocket

    HNZ’s reaction is hysterical, I think even the police will be able to understand this storm in a tea cup.

  9. jay says:

    These arthritic retirees hobbling about are obviously an NZ chapter of ISIS! Heh Heh Heh. Could be Carry on Housing New Zealand, a comedy to get you laughing!Threatening them with the police, whoever did that should get a psychiatric evaluation: they’re nuts.

  10. Blake says:

    More horror stories but not many truths about why all this ugliness is happening. Suggestion – try exposing the greed and dirt behind these ongoing government decisions and why they put mega-oil exploration and other corporate greed ahead of peoples needs. Our government is owned and dictated to by these very corporations that care only about profits – no matter what the expense to humans and our culture and our environment.
    They care less whether our people are properly housed or fed or helped when in need.

    Why and who ? ==>> Google – Agenda 21 ; Tavistock Institute ; NWO and start reading Rosa Koire more and see who is behind all of these ugly and horrific stories about human abuse. Instead of constantly reporting horror stories, consider exposing the culprits.
    They have the money to fund deep sea oil exploration and a new flag but geee there just is not money for proper housing and helping all those in need.

  11. Al says:

    MSD National Style!

  12. Sam Sam says:

    When some one rings to have a mailbox repaired. The idea of that request being labeled terrorism isn’t supposed to come up in a strong country.

    Come on, seriously. New zealands GDP has never been higher. We have never been this rich. Now we can’t fix a letter box.

    I say again. Feke

  13. Ben says:

    I am a pensioner and like many pensioners I live in my own home. Periodically one of the local scumbags (probably Labour voter) thinks it fun to go down the street and wreck the letter boxes.

    I and other pensioners in the street, including a frail woman of 90, have to bend down to pick up the pieces. We have to buy a new letter box and either fit the box ourselves or pay someone to fit it. We do not have the option of whining to HNZ.

    I have no doubt that some beneficiaries are suffering injustice at the hands of MSD, WINZ, HNZ but you have chosen a bad example. I have little sympathy.

    And do not assume that a pensioner in his or her own house is rolling in money. Many are as impoverished as those in HNZ accommodation.

  14. I’m tempted to say “UNBELIEVABLE!!”… but all my dealing with MSD, Housing NZ, and other government agencies indicate that this country’s public services have been devolving into a Bizarro-World -version of what we once had.

    Unfortunately, the dumbing down of our MSM news media (with the sole exception of Radio NZ) has meant that the majority of New Zealanders have little idea how bad things have gotten in this country.

  15. Shared link on the Facebook group, “Housing NZ Tenants Forum”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/housingnztenantsforum/

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