Your Voice Election 2017

Welcome to Your Voice Election 2017. This is your opportunity to speak out against how the neoliberal welfare state has hurt you and continues to hurt you.

This is your chance to let the rest of New Zealand know as they enter the voting booths in 2017, that the punitive, spiteful and damaging social welfare policies of WINZ, Housing NZ, Corrections, Parole, Ministry of Social Development and CYFs are crucifying the poorest amongst us.

There are almost 300 000 beneficiaries in New Zealand, yet their voice and true political muscle are ignored and forgotten. The Daily Blog offers you a chance to take back some mana and have the empowerment of a platform that will amplify your truth.

Use the form provided below to contact us anonymously with your story of how the policies of WINZ, Housing NZ, Corrections, Parole, Ministry of Social Development and CYFs have actually hurt, not helped you.

We will contact you via the contacts you provide to check and verify your story. We will review what you have written, and as long as it isn’t defamatory, we will anonymously publish it and give you a voice in this election so that you can criticise these agencies and highlight their abuses without them being able to retaliate negatively against you, because we won’t reveal your identity to them.

It’s time the rest of voting New Zealand understood just how harsh the neoliberal welfare state is.

Our Guarantee: The Daily Blog considers whistleblowers and our whistleblower laws as an important function of our democracy.

We therefore guarantee that we will not identify you as a source of this tip off information unless you expressly state a preference that we do so.

We will need to contact you to verify details of your claims, but once we have done that, we will never divulge your details to the Government.

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