Why you must march today against the TPPA



Brother, sisters, comrades, whanau.

We gotta kinda go marching today. We can’t let the government think that we will just lie down and let them pass the TPPA without fighting every step.

This deal is wrong, this deal needs to be stopped, this is not free trade deal, it’s a forced trade deal.

30 chapters, 6 of them about trade, the remaining 24 chapters are about corporations being able to over ride our ability to pass domestic law.

If you believe in democracy, if you believe in our economic and political sovereignty, you need to turn up.

This one matters as much as anything we’ve done before this. It’s time for all good people to come to the party.

Day of Action Events Saturday 14 November

Kerikeri – 2:30pm at Kerikeri Library

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Auckland – 1:00pm at Myers Park

Hamilton – 1:00pm by Cock and Bull Te Rapa

Tauranga – 11:00am at Red Square

Rotorua – 1:00pm, at the Village Green – Corner of Whakaue St and Memorial Drive

Gisborne – 12.30pm, at Elgin Shops

Palmerston North – 1:00pm, The Square

Wellington – 1pm at Midland Park

Nelson – 11am at 1903 Square – near the church steps

Christchurch – 2pm, Cathedral Square

Little River – 1pm, Craft Station

Timaru – 1pm, Bay Hill Piazza

Dunedin – 11am at the Railway Station

Invercargill – 1.30pm – 3pm, Invercargill Library Meeting Room, TPPA Public Meeting




  1. Obama will sign but it then goes to Congress and it will likely take a year before they will decide. Nothing will be final for at least a year. Our pressure needs to also be on communicating with the US Congress with letters and emails and calls to them.

  2. The Re-enserfment of Western Peoples — Paul Craig Roberts
    That includes New Zealanders: Three processes doing this:

    ” The re-enserfment of Western peoples is taking place on several levels. One about which I have been writing for more than a decade comes from the offshoring of jobs. Americans, for example, have a shrinking participation in the production of the goods and services that are marketed to them.

    On another level we are experiencing the financialization of the Western economy about which Michael Hudson is the leading expert (Killing The Host). Financialization is the process of removing any public presence in the economy and converting the economic surplus into interest payments to the financial sector.

    These two developments deprive people of economic prospects. A third development deprives them of political rights. The Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic Partnerships eliminate political sovereignty and turn governance over to global corporations.

    These so called “trade partnerships” have nothing to do with trade. These agreements negotiated in secrecy grant immunity to corporations from the laws of the countries in which they do business. This is achieved by declaring any interference by existing and prospective laws and regulations on corporate profits as restraints on trade for which corporations can sue and fine “sovereign” governments. For example, the ban in France and other counries on GMO products would be negated by the Trans-Atlantic Partnership. Democracy is simply replaced by corporate rule. ”

    1. Offshoring of manufacturing to Asia for cheap labour but corporate profit. Fiscer and Paykel?

    2. Financialisation: The elimination of the “Public” by the process of privatising wealth also eliminating the concept of the commongood replaced with services for profit. In a word Privatisation. Sell of the assets and minimise the state, Shonkey’s doing this with Double Dipton.

    3. Relevant to TPPA The dismantling of democracy and the say of the people with a new Corporatised, management system(For and behalf of the FIRE economy and International Corporations, including foreign banks) to be imposed. PMs do not represent the people they manage the corporate system and ignore the people.

    The only way to stop this is people to be aware and come out into the streets. Of course the police are there to protect this new form of fascism.


  3. Bit of a sad show in Welly, maybe 500-600. The rhetoric has changed to from “No TPPA under any circumstances” to “Let’s have a look at it and decide for ourselves”.

    They’re slowly chipping away at us, but it ain’t over yet.

  4. Ive just come back from protest march in Keri Keri,it was brilliant many more than last time,a lady called Nina came down from Kaitaia to organise it.
    Big banners, and flags, an Italian lady living in NZ told how her country has been brought to its feet and the suicide rate has increased .
    Maori people brought their own banners and joined in it was a great
    The TPPa is a corporate coup,designed to take over NZ
    The reason why John Key wants to change the flag was explained and its not good .Basically the flag is part of NZ constitution the union flag
    is enshrined in that constitution, if the flag is changed the constitution can be changed and the corporations can set the rules for their own benefit.John Key already has people setting out the new constitution,
    .Online sales ask which currency do you want to use, displayed is $US
    with the American flag, other countries currency with their flags displayed, $NZ currency is displayed WITH JOHN KEYS CHOICE OF FLAG DISPLAYED AS NZ FLAG and we havnt even voted yet ,so expect dirty tricks to get his own way,like the vote count that was rigged by leaving out votes ,and when challenged said it wasnt a scientific poll,but of course if no one pointed it out and they got the result Key wanted it would have claimed as legitimate.

    The whole TPPA agenda is set out and its much worse than anyone can imagine, Barristers ,Lawyers ,Drs have written to John Key , to say its a travesty of justice and will ruin our health system.Please people join the protests. MSM tells you bits of the so called trade deal,the info the crowd here was given was much more explicit.
    More and more people are hearing and understanding the con that is the TPPa We must stop this deal ,John Key will call us Rent a crowd,hes good at name calling,he dosnt mean us well.

    People think he dosnt care about Kiwis on Christmas Island, but he dosnt care about NZers in general.

    He has American Paula Rebstock and Goldman Sachs working on the sale of privatising Aucklands infrastructure, nothing is safe in NZ from ths rapacious outfit.
    Dont leave the fight to others remember we will all suffer if it goes through.Join in and help stop this criminal behaviour.

  5. I did not see one parliamentarian from any potential future coalition at the Auckland TPPA. protest rally in Queen St today. I was dissapointed!
    Hone Harawira attended and I commend him. Can those people wiser than I am advise me why this is so and blog please.

      • Great to see Hone and Russell Norman and Jane Kelsey in Auckland!

        Pity more of our ‘paid MP representatives’ were not there making a stand for democracy.

        I guess our parliamentarians were ‘too busy’.

        Just want the National party wanted.

        Another chance for the opposition wasted.

        • I’ve heard Marama Davidson and Denise Roche were in Auckland – so representation for the Greens.

          And a possible reports maybe? a sighting of a Labour MP?

          Does anybody know?

      • Sue Moroney spoke at the start of the rally in Hamilton. She was on her way to Auckland so she couldn’t march.

        Mixed reaction to her speech…but at least she made the effort.

        Maybe 500 marching. Wonderful mix of Kiwis.

  6. Fighting talk by Hone – and that’s what we may end up doing – fighting!
    …and where was labour? Come on guys, sort your s**t out!

  7. What’s the hourly rate for a Nat troll? $5.50 – so is that considered a job? Can these trolls be used to dodgy up the unemployment stats some more? Desperate times, I guess…

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