BREAKING – Paris Terror Attacks



Terrible breaking news, a multi-event attack in Paris

Eight terrorists dead after Paris attacks kill more than 120 people – live updates



  1. I fear for the refugees pouring into Europe. At their tail ISIL terror. In their face terror. Doors slamming shut. We must show humanity, we cant let those who think killing others is justifiable win.

    • Umm, GIGN rolling in, I imagine.

      And they’re pissed, they got called away from watching France beat Germany at football.

      An explosion went off in a snack shop not far from the game.

      First order of business, France beats the krauts. Next prosecute lone wolf with extreme prejudice.

      • No. These guys are not refugees. They are well trained. And considering these events are happening in the Charlie Hedbo attack area. The implications of IS envolvmnet at this point is likely

        • Indeed. I seriously doubt they tramped all the way from Syria or Iraq, with knapsacks full of weapons, bombs, ammunition, etc, and no one noticed?!

          Ah, no.

          Considering that the refugees were running from ISIL, if they’d discovered these terrorist amongst them, I can imagine what they would’ve done to them.

          Humans have a thing for revenge, and discovering ISIL operatives amongst a few thousand refugees? I can imagine what would happen after five minutes.

          No, these terrorists got in another way.

          Europe is not a fortress, and it’s borders are porous.

          Even former Eastern European communist states couldn’t keep hundreds of thousands of their people escaping to the West.

          • Da’ish has for sometime now boost about being able to smuggle fighters in to Northern Europe. Assuming of course that we believe them.

            You can pick up a nice enough AK in Kazakhstan and other military hardware cheap enough, and have them deliver the goods to a road side petrol station in France. But all that requires some amount of local knowledge.

            It could be some home grown not job or returning jihadis. I should wait until some better information comes out about who is responsible.

            But gezz. You have to feel for the French today.

            • Indeed, Sam, indeed. No one deserves such cruelty. Not citizens in Paris, the Middle East, or anywhere. Violence begets violence and hate begets hate. Somewhere, somehow, the cycle has to be broken. Or more innocents will perish.

              • Separatist/nationalist attacks are usually careful to hit military, warn civilians, primarily demonstrate ability or all of the above.

                Weak versus strong is about provoking/degrading strong, but enraging strong with something like this is not the goal. It means no political solution, ever and a blank check to be vicious. Neither are in the interests of the insurgent group.

                There are exceptions (Tamil Tigers…) but that’s the usual rule.

                Sadly this will likely give rise to more claims that the refugees are actually terrorists, regardless of where these attackers came from. We’ll likely see more closed borders and fewer countries willing to accept as many refugees as they might have. Which will allow groups like Da’esh turn around and say “See how much the Westerners hate you? How they turn you away in your greatest need? Come back to us and take up the true fight”.

                Assuming ISIS does have something to do this this… The the sad truth is that what happened in Paris is nothing special by ISIS standards. Sectarian massacres have been occurring all over their territory and outside of it for months. Innocents have already been dying wholesale, and many of those innocents have been muslims. And it’s going to continue. This is one of those rare and bizarre moments in history when a theoretical ground invasion might actually lead to an overall reduction in casualties.

                Even though the danger from this particular incident may have largely passed, people may be interested to know that Facebook has opened its Safety Check feature to allow people to broadcast to their friends and loves ones that they are safe.

                (And before any one mentions it, I know it’s a CNN link but desperate times desperate links and all that)


                • As yjou say Sam ISIL have been massacring thousands within their territory which along with a civil war and bombing by all and sundry creates a stream of refugees. Why would these people tolerate ISIL wolves traveling with them? Why would these refugees risk their welcome? Yesterday what they experience daily in Syria was visited upon innocents in Paris. The West has it within its power to resolve this.

                  • Because IS trainers have been embedded in Lebanese refugee camps since presumably 2008. Definitely since 2014. And it’s not like they took the long way around and walked. Don’t know how they got to France but normal modes of transport where taken.

                    If these guys where seriouse about refugees at all. They would have targeted the port of Calai where most of the French side refugees are held up. Making them look like human shields. And immediately hated by every one. And kicked out fourth with.

                    It’s a really dangerous time to be a French Muslim right now. When ch sucks cause non of f them would do this.

              • Had you been around in 1939 no doubt you would have been saying the same things as the Nazis rolled across Europe. It is all very well wittering about breaking the cycle of violence but that only works with people who also want to break that cycle.

                I also see reports that one of the attackers found with a Syrian passport. It will be interesting to see if that is confirmed. Regardless of that it it easy for ISIL fighters to infiltrate refugees. They do not need to carry weapons with them; their are enough sympathisers in Europe who will provide the withe tools.

                • Righto, Ben, and 1939 followed…?

                  Clue: starts with “World”, ends in “One”.

                  Jeezus wept, man, you can’t get more violent than the event we stupidly call “The War to End All Wars”, can we? That conflagration puts every other conflict in the 20th and 21st centuries into perspective.

                  And it didn’t achieve a single damn thing, except set the stage for the follow-up event. (Starts with “World”, ends in “Two”.)

                  As for “reports that one of the attackers found with a Syrian passport” – so what? (A) it’s a rumour and (B) Even if true – so what? Probably a shitload of Syrians are fighting with ISIS (c) Even if true, he probably picked it up for ten bucks from a black marketeer.

                  Brain cells, Ben. Use them. Think it through.

                • Yep read that too. Terrorist who blew himself up but his passport, presumably in his,pocket, identified him as a syrian refugee who had passed through Greece. Take home message: passports are amazing! We should make planes out of them

          • I wouldn’t be so sure, how easy would it be for ISIS to move fighters into Europe with the current situation? It’s unfortunate and hampers efforts to help real refugees.

            • These are the full remarks from President Hollande, when he addressed the nation earlier from the Élysée Palace.

              “What happened yesterday in Paris and in Saint Denis is an act of war and this country needs to make the right decisions to fight this war. This act committed by the terrorist army, Islamic State, is against who we are, against a free country that speaks to the whole world.
              It is an act of war prepared and planned outside, with outside involvement which this investigation will seek to establish. It is an act of absolute barbarism. France will be ruthless in its response to Islamic State.
              At this painful and serious time, which is such a decisive one for our country, I call for unity, for a collective spirit and for cool heads. I will address Parliament at Versailles on Monday.
              France is strong, and even if she is wounded, she will rise once again. Even if we are in grief, nothing will destroy her.
              France is strong, valiant and will defeat this barbarism. History reminds us of this and the strength we today bear to come together convinces us of this.
              My compatriots, what we defend is our homeland and much more than that, it is our own values of humanity and France will bear its responsibilities.”

              Article ripped from here:

              My previous comments about waiting for officials to state categorically ISIS is behind the attacks was because all media always jump the gun. Until Hollande Hollande himself says IS is the behind it, media reports can be viewed as propaganda and war mongering. Now France will likely negotiate with Assad and Putin over French military aid in Syria, I Expect the Charles De Gaul to remain off the coast of Libya for another 6 months and increased Rafale flights from bases in France.

          • Also – I am 100% sure they have terrorist networks within Europe that can help with weapons and planning, they just need the cannon fodder.

          • “Considering that the refugees were running from ISIL, if they’d discovered these terrorist amongst them, I can imagine what they would’ve done to them.”

            Somehow I don’t think ISIL fighter will be advertising that they’re ISIL to the rest of the refugees. ISIS claim they have smuggled as many as 4,000(!) ISIL fighters among the refugees. I have no reason to not believe them, especially in the wake of this attack. We’ll see who’s right.



            [Blake, TDB does not normally publish comments regarding 9/11 and other conspiracy theory material. There are adequate other on-line fora where such views can be adequately discussed. I have published four of your 9/11-related posts on several pages even tho they have little bearing on 9/11. That’s given it a fair go. No more, please. Stick to the issues raised. – ScarletMod]

          • well, yeah. There where three suicide jihadis targeting the French international for one confirmed kill. So there fundamental trainging failed its objective in this instance

    • Andrew, if you’re going to be racist, just be more open about it. Your denigration of multi-culturalism is nothing more or less than racist bigotry.

      You’re welcome.

    • Yes I agree Nick – we must show more humanity. Shocks me that your comment got so many down ticks.
      But things aren’t as they seem and the main stream media is only giving us lies and their brainwashing version of Paris ( 9 / 11 ) and so much more. All dictated to them by the powers above them and the same powers above jonkey donkey.

      I am posting two links here that are very important for us all to hear.
      Ken O’Keefe will spell out what is behind all of this and if you are interested, please listen to them both in their entirety and have an open mind. They are both current links and extremely urgent information.

      Please pass them on.

  2. Heartfelt thoughts with the people of France at this time, in particular, those who have lost a family member, friend, neighbour or colleague.

  3. ISIS wants Europe to close its doors to refugees so that they are forced to stay in Syria and choose between Assard, Rebels and ISIS.

    Stay and be bombed by everyone there AND Russia. What a choice!

    Feel for French citizens. What a horrendous situation and feel for the refugees.

    The US bombing the crap out of the middle East for 14 years is making things worse. Now anything goes and no end in sight.

  4. God, how awful this is? Poor Parisians , poor victims . The city of Love. What a monstrous thing. I wonder who’s responsible for creating such monsters?

    Move the Israeli Jews to Texas? Problem solved? Just askin? I’m only little ? ( Envisage big eyed kitten looking up ? )

    Or ? Or move them to New Zealand aye jonky ?

    • This attack is a million dollar op. For sure some one along the chain of command fucked up to the nth degree. That money should have been spotted from a mile away. But to think that any self respecting French person would knowingly allow these funds to get into the wrong hands after the string of high profile mass incidents is not at all likely

      • You mean, like, by spy services? Perhaps they’d have more luck spotting terrorists coming if Snowden et al hadn’t taken it on himself to educate ISIL to degree to which they were being monitored by government agencies. He has blood on his hands.

        • What I mean is most of the stuff you can do to prevent terrorism won’t change your life in any meaningful sense.

          Preventing terrorism isn’t dramatic. It’s all basic, unsexy security precautions, basic, unsexy low tech police work and basic, unsexy analysis.

        • There are around 250 known French citizens fighting for ISIS that they could have smuggled back into France. Unconfirmed reports claiming that the police caught someone in a control a few days ago, with multiple guns (pistols, revolvers, machine pistols), ammunition and a few kilogram of TNT.
          He may have been on his way to Paris. The police has not confirmed this–

          It can be really easy or really hard. Check bank records of perp, travel movements, known associates, reasons for carrying a stash like that, have the information verified by 3 independent sources. It’s already been widely report that the French international was to be postponed because of a threat to there hotel so some new to me inform the teams.

          Now f$&k off

    • Looks like it from the PM’s 9/11 Bush face .
      (And all the down votes you have on this mainstream but so called lefty “alternative” site.)

  5. The attackers in Paris let forth sheer hell on the French. A gutless and merciless act.

    Same as with the sheer horror and terror the Israelis let loose on Palestinians in Gaza regularly, where too many innocent civilians have been maimed and slaughtered.

    Both acts are equally barbaric, yet the rest of the world throws up its hands in digest and horror at one and rightfully so, while virtually shrugging it’s shoulders and saying “oh well” at the other, siding in with the murderers!

    Humanity has a lot to learn.

    • Or the sheer horror and terror Palestinians regularly let loose on innocent Israeli civilians stabbing and knifing them in the streets.

      • KS, you are missing the point. Palestinian attacks on Israelis are not the cause of the violence. It is a symptom.

        If you want to address the root causes of violence, you have to look at what radicalises ordinary people and makes them throw away their lives in acts of terror. Until you do that, you are in a death-spiral of tit-for-tat, and no way out.

        When people are driven to such acts, there is almost always a root cause. Find that cause; address it; resolve grievances, and you’re on the road to peace.

    • Better than perpetual conflict, Andrew. We either learn to live together, peacefully and in tolerance (New Zealand is not a bad example), or we will die in mistrust, hatred, and war.

      I know which road I prefer, and it’s not the one travelled by militants, bigots, and others who use conflict for their agendas and profit.

    • This ain’t the subject to be trying to score political points. Oh what I would have given to be a fly on a wall in the Charles De Guale that left there port in France on route to Syria to conduct bombing missions against IS.

      Most would have been watching the game. Heard the explosions. I pity the fools who set a fa the explosions.

    • To use the deaths of 120 people to score political points is a pretty low down. If that is what you are about Andrew then you would be much more at home at Whaleoil, where they think things like that are amusing and you can exercise your misanthropy to your heart’s content.

  6. Unfortunately, this all plays into the hands of the right-wing hate merchants who will now be rubbing their hands with glee in anticipation of the backlash against the centre-left French presidency. Isn’t it wonderful how the political right use violence, hatred and revenge to achieve their political aims!!!

    • Oh, so is there a difference between right wing extremists and extremists?

      Maybe Andrew could elaborate on why it is operational expectable to drop a 5 million dollar nuke on a 3 man firing position, than dropping a 50k dumb bomb?

    • Yeah because they were the ones that commit the violent act, oh wait no, that was the Jihadists. But of course lets not talk about what drives these people to do such terrible acts, that would be bigoted right?

    • Hollande seems to bein a honey moon period, there could be a whole lot more criticism thrown his way over the statues and intake of refugees, most of that critism seems like to be aimed at Merkal,

      This is again, all the more reason not to take our ques from mainstream media

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