UPDATE: The NZ Police would like to have a word with me



In this media landscape where progressive voices challenging authority get strangled off on a near monthly basis, hearing that the NZ Police are suddenly looking for you gives one a slight cold shiver up your spine.

I’ve just been contacted by friends that the NZ Police are keen to speak to me*. A Detective no less. I’ve been asked to meet with the Police tomorrow at midday to discuss this blog by John Minto.

Mr Talley and his rich friends certainly seem to have a lot of pull to be able to get Detective’s to contact blogs wanting a chat about negative coverage.

I will state here so there is no confusion, I will not censor or remove John’s blog from this site.

I  won’t be intimidated or threatened or pushed around by monied industries who make workers lives a misery.

I will explain that in polite language to the Police tomorrow.

If you don’t hear from me after midday Friday, I’m guessing it will be because I’m under arrest.

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Welcome to the new world of intimidation.


UPDATE: *There seems to be some confusion over what I wrote here. Friends of mine were contacted by the Police asking about my where abouts and how I could be contacted and left their number. I called the Police yesterday and the Detective in charge of this wanted to come to my house to speak to me, I said no and that I would meet them midday today at a neutral location.

I will update after that meeting.


  1. Jeez, luck to you Martyn, sounds ominous. So sick of voices being shut down to please the moneyed bastards.

  2. Good on you Bomber. Best of luck facing the intimidation by the corporate fascists power behind NZ politics. I wonder if the police feel as used and abused as we do?

  3. No doubt you’ll be accused of supporting the incitement to violence, or at least property damage.

    When people eventually get really angry, they’ll have a lot more to worry about than a rotting bag of frozen peas stuffed down the back of the pet food aisle.

    Good luck, Bomber. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  4. Good luck @ Martyn Bradbury . When the rats get cornered huh ?

    Ask the DC what he thinks of this link while you’re there. You know, if there’s a lull in the conversation. That jonky’s been linked to a potential murder of an old man to get his money.

    A series of unfortunate events leading up to Alan Hubbard’s untimely death .

    • OMG. further proof that the Fourth Estate is bought and paid for and defficient in it’s duties. R.I.P New Zealand democracy and finance

  5. So, Whaleoil continues on with his incitement to hate crimes, etc, with the police turning a blind eye to that!

    Hmmm…. there is only one word for our police force now, and that word is spelt “c – o – r – r – u – p – t”, and if they wish to send a detective to speak to me about THAT, I will be happy to spell out to him why his bosses are CORRUPT!

  6. This is fascism! Attempting to shut down the voice of the people, through media interference!

    John Campbell
    Mihinirangi Forbes
    Dita de Boni
    Hillary Barry & Mike McRoberts likely to be next on the chopping block
    and now our very own Bomber.

    Martyn our friend and defender of the right of ordinary Kiwi folk, (with a different political perspective to that of the present status quo), to have a voice, stay free and look your accusers in the eye. You have done no wrong.

    Is this linked to what’s been happening to TDB site over recent days? Is the site under attack? I have had one post today, marked as spam, not to mention issues with the Captcha maths!

    Martyn, John (Minto) and the rest of TDB’s great contributors, Kia Kaha.

      • Ok that link is no longer working…I wonder why….but here is some of what it said:

        “The ‘Key’ brand is over.

        The business community has spoken and say it’s time for the National party to groom a replacement.

        NZME’s fourteenth annual Mood of the Boardroom survey has shown three quarters of business leaders want a new John Key.

        The survey had 110 respondents from the Deloitte top 200 list of chief executives, company heads and heads of industry-leading businesses including the private and public sector.

        Business Editor Fran O’Sullivan said last year, two thirds of respondents felt the ‘Key’ brand was damaged …

        • Yuk the talk of ‘grooming a replacement’ is so creepy like pedophiles or something. God they make me sick! All the right wing dicks on the t.v and dick-ettes are so painfully corney they have no idea how dumb they all comes across. “Look at moi look at moi look at moi”. Trashy, absolutely no class, I so miss John Campbell’s natural finesse. Watching the others is like watching pigs in a trough squealing and honking, honking hosking haha.
          P.s I would rather watch real pigs in a trough it would be more honest.

          *Give the cops a knuckle sandwich from me haha.

  7. Aiding and abetting?????
    Inciting to riot????

    If nothing else, it should be an interesting get together. Ask the police to explain to you their interpretation of freedom of speech and then let us know.

    Hope you had nothing important you had to cancel.

    All the best, Martyn.

  8. Is this why the Government was so keen to pass the harmful digital communications bill? To curtail freedom of speech? #JesuisMartyn

  9. Good luck Martyn. This is what the TPPA will bring in spades as international corporates are able to sue for anything that threatens their profits. Tell the police to stand up for freedom of speech not corporate domination of our community.

  10. If you ever walk the Coastal Stewart island Track you will find plastic litter with Talley’s name on it. Ask the police why littering of pristine NZ is not as important to them as protecting NZ’s corporate 1%.

  11. “I’ve just been contacted by friends that the NZ Police are keen to speak to me”

    Sounds a bit vague, I wouldn’t do anything until I was personally contacted by the cops and then I’d tell them to get stuffed.

  12. The police feel more threatened by activists than terrorists – telling the truth is no safeguard against the supporters of the regime

  13. Martyn fo hard and don’t be intimidated.

    This sounds very spooky,

    If there was a compliant laid they should have a writ served?

    So get anything in writing and get a lawyer to prepare a counter claim for this action.

    We need a Lawyer to represent you as you can bet Slater did this also I remember he did file a counter claim.

    Important to do now.

    Can you setup a fund raising campaign for a legal fund for a lawyer to go global if they arrest you please as we need to fight this intimidation the police are conducting here on behalf of the corrupt administration we see today.

    Take a video or request a video be given you following the “Interview” because police are not being transparent here and their process needs to be examined by a human rights lawyer also for wrongful practices as it seems strange how they don’t want to meet you at your abode instead of their interrogation lair.

    Keep the faith and hope of free speech alive, and don’t let us become another case of pre-war Germany 1933 again here in our Freeland

    Power be with you mate.

    Remember why can others get away with intimidating journalists and others keep on running down who they wish using dirty politics and not found accountable?

  14. Law is Contract and Contract is Law. They are a Corporation, therefore give NO Consent and Do Not Contract. You Do Not have to answer questions, nor follow their directions. Under 1215 Magna Carta, Article 61 – Lawful Rebellion against Lawlessness.Do Not go to their Police Station. Have them come to your premises instead. Remember to have witnesses and tape the conversation.

  15. You’re going to go and talk to the police because a friend thinks they want you to?

    pffft be serious man. Pull yourself together.

  16. What did you expect them to do?

    You hosted a blog inciting people to commit criminal offences and even explaining in some detail exactly what to do and target.

    I’m sorry but you are hardly a martyr here Martin.

  17. The Police aren’t known for critical analysis. They do what the fuck they’re told, by whatever govt is in. Meaning they attract the kind of people that do not question, do not think.

    Arresting the Bomber for blogging? Are we N Korea already? Go and find some criminals, FFS! If being a boofhead is a crime, go and talk to Seymour, Mccully, KEY!

    Don’t make me hate taxpaying too!

  18. While your there tell them it was handy they wanted a date as you want to lay a formal complaint about the corruption in the current government.

    Also as if it is indeed legal for the PM to be a share holder in the bank of america.

  19. Right !!! – Time to start showing these corporate troughers and their odious sense of self entitlement that they will no longer be tolerated using these sorts of gutter tactics.

    Let us provide a comprehensive list of rogue corporate’s and their CEO’s to be singled out for public disdain.

    If this is how they want to play – lets give it to them – hard ball style!

    And lest they forget ….the Employment Contracts Act may have weakened the unions so far….but there are an awful lot of them still left.

    If boycotted ….the effects could be tremendous.

    Let the TallyBan BEGIN .

    • Yes Wild Katipo,

      Martyn can just be first of a class action against the corporate thugs?

      Can Matrtyn begin a class action as the first among many of us all and others who have been coerced into silence from “certain quarters in their pursuit ton silence their critics as it appears Talley’s are trying to do right now?

      All the fired whistle blowers will then come out nof the woodwork and martyn can really start a global class action against free speech?

      Will it work? Can we ask a Global Judge not bought by Planet Key and NZ Inc’?

      There is the grounds now clear for this and can we have Nikki Hager as first witness please?

  20. Yes, you don`t think it`s real until they come knocking on the door. But, they`re watching our every move, really, they are. That`s the reality.

  21. Film and record all of it, so we can know our enemy better.
    “There’s something very wrong with country” .V.

  22. Ask the detective if it’s okay to record the conversation. Then do it anyways and post it online. We are all interested in his approach to bloggers and their freedom of speech.

  23. It was absolutely stupid of you to publish a blog post that advocated or could lead to advocating terrorism.

    Yes, terrorism.

    While you can argue that encouraging people to deface products is, at the most if anything, the very low end of “economic terrorism”, encouraging people to leave food out as one commenter on the blog post did so that there was a risk of food poisoning is without a doubt a form of terrorism.

    That said I don’t think you or Minto are liable because the blog post was targeted at people in general and not anyone in particular. But if Minto were to say reply to the commenter mentioned above and encourage them then he would be liable.

  24. Tell the cops to talk to your lawyer. They hate that.

    On the Talleys calling in the cops thats a long shot. I very much doubt that the money piranhas keenly observe TBD; the cops however probably do this on there own bat to keep the corporate kleptocracy safe from the populace.

  25. I don’t think either you or Minto are liable because the blog post wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. However allowing the blog post that encouraged people to deface property was a stupid thing to do. Not only that, what was to stop people from encouraging others to take things further as at least one commenter did in the comments section?

  26. What a bunch of rednecks Kevin Steven & Russ are, go back to whale oil where you guys started the hate campaign and don’t make Martyn a scapegoat for your mates failed whale oil hate campaign go find a real job trough feeders.

    • What hate campaign are you talking about FFS?

      And for record I don’t think Martyn should get arrested or anything like that. What I’m saying is that it was and is stupid to allow Minto’s blog post.

  27. Interesting…I agreed with boycotting Talley’s product but not damaging product in the supermarket idea but I think Minto has every right to have a view and no way should the Dailyblog be under pressure to conform to any form of censorship in this way…if indeed that is what Martyn is being asked to have a discussion about. At the end of the day if Talley’s were a fair employer then no action would be required to be taken against them. Talley’s management seems hell bent on ignoring all attempts to reason with them. Sometimes desperation leads to undesirable actions. Apathy from the authorities is seen as tacit approval of their business model which basically amounts to employee abuse.

  28. From the update I see you’ve already voluntarily talked to the police for no reason at all and even made an appointment so you can incriminate yourself.

    This course can’t go well for you Martyn. Don’t take this the wrong way but you’ve got a big mouth and you think you’re smarter than you are.

    For gods sake man just direct the police in contact with your lawyer and don’t say another goddamn word to them.

  29. What a bunch of rednecks Kevin Steven & Russ are, go back to whale oil where you guys started the hate campaign and don’t make Martyn a scapegoat for your mates failed whale oil hate campaign go find a real job trough feeders

  30. If the detective doesn’t agree to the meeting being filmed/sound recorded, take notes as the conversation progresses.

    Anything he/she says that you take down can be used in Court as evidence.

    Sound familiar? Yep, because taking contemporaneous notes works both ways – for police as well as citizens.

    If his/her cellphone goes off, note the time it happened.

    A witness is a good idea as well. Especially if the witness can take the notes.

    Whatever this person wants to say, they’ve made a bad strategic move. Threatening or intimidating high-profile activists/bloggers is never a good idea. It comes across as political involvement/intimidation.

    • Sound advice Frank Macskasy. Bomber is as entitled as anyone else to record the conversation either by electronic means or failing that, he needs to pull out a large note-pad from his brief-case (preferably with a dramatic flourish) then proceed to make notes of everything that is said.

      If questioned on his action he need only remind the ‘detective’ that he requires the information for his lawyers and friends in high places…

    • I would be more concerned about the media blowing this up into something that makes John and Bomber look really bad. It’s pretty obvious that taking the quotes in isolation could be used in that way – and having headlines that say the police are talking to people is usually all that is needed to make that association – we all know how it works.

      The only thing in John’s favour is that he’s already so well known to the public, a lot of people will just shrug their shoulders and say, “there goes bloody Minto again”

      I hope.

  31. Don’t mention Roast Busters.

    Cos running a website where someone else lightly talks about forgetting about the peas, is more of a crime than raping drunk 14 year olds below the age of consent and then videoing it and putting it on social media in which after a lengthy investigation no charges were laid to the offender who was the son of a police officer.

    Hmm I wonder why people are losing faith in the police as being independent.

  32. When the ‘little guy’ has a small problem the police just tell them it is a ‘civil matter’ and decline to investigate.

    In our corporate welfare situation the police paid by the taxpayer are duly dispatched because someone in Talley’s called someone they donated political money to, who called the police, to take it to court….

    Why should the corporates pay to take Minto to court, when corporate welfare will do it for them?

    The police are increasingly being used as a petty private security force for the privileged and the political.

    Look at Hagar.

    • What about Hagar? As I understand it he got raided because he refused to cooperate with the police. Slater was willing to cooperate with the cops which is why he never got raided.

      As I think Christopher Harder said, despite what you think of the cops, always be respectful to them and cooperate where possible. Advice Hagar should have taken.

      Also I don’t think Martyn has anything to worry about. While I think he should remove Minto’s blog post he has by the sound of things been polite to the police and cooperated as much as possible. And while I think Minto’s blog post is irresponsible and unethical to say the least, it’s TDB’s right to choose not to remove it.

  33. Have the police rehired Mike Sabin and Clint Rickiards ???????

    John Key likes experts like them …………………

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