UPDATE: NZ Police request Minto blog be removed or censored



I have spoken with the Detective handling this case. He has asked me to remove or censor John Minto’s civil disobedience blog for public safety reasons.

I asked under what law the Police were asking me to do this and the Detective replied no law, they were just asking me to do so.

I asked if there had been an official complaint, the Detective said no, the blog had just ‘come to their attention’. I asked if the Police regularly monitored blogs to see if they were breaking laws he said no but this one had.

The Detective again asked if I would remove or censor the blog, I told him that no I would not as the principle of free speech was one I took seriously.

The Detective said I would be contacted next week.

Talley’s is a company with a well known track record for maiming their own workers, adopting hunger to starve 5000 kids as a negotiating tactic and Union busting work conditions. The only public safety issues here are the way Talley’s treat their workers, not activists intent on resisting the cruelty Talley’s operates under.

The Police should be arresting Talley’s, not demanding I censor blogs.

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Round 2 next week.


  1. So am I reading this correctly? The officer said the Daily Blog had broken the law but that he wasn’t asking you to remove the posting “under any law”?

    • re : the Minto post…it would be stupid to risk escalating the problem and have the whole ‘The Daily Blog ‘ at risk of being taken out …’The Daily Blog’ is essential to NZ’s democracy with some important voices/posters/articles/ points of view which must not be jeopardised

      ‘The Daily Blog’ could have a simple disclaimer in its heading the way they do on ‘RT’ at the beginning of the ‘Keiser Report’ stating:

      “The views and opinions expressed in the following programme do not necessarily coincide with those of RT”

      ( instead of “programme” insert “Post”)


      • Yes if our king of critics of Wall St crooks our strong hero Max Keiser did that, by placing a disclaimer up on his show on RT it was to protect Him, Stacy & his host RT and their co hosts also.

        So we could do on TDB and not loose our credibility & rights to continue to speak out against the widespread NZ corruption.

        Think on it Martyn, as we need you mate and we need to fight come election time too, but it is your choice and we will respect and support you whichever way it goes.

  2. Well done Martyn, on behalf of Talleys, bullying and intimidation is done to make you comply, no laws have been broken stick to your guns.Im sure most bloggers on this site are behind you 100%. Tallys think they can pay to get their own way.

    • Public safety? How are John’s suggested actions a matter of public safety? The fuck are they talking about? The fuck is going on here?

  3. Thanks for the update bomber. I’m glad some journalists in New Zealand still have their journalistic integrity intact; pity about all those piss poor journalists in the main street media or corporate fascist lame Street media as I believe is a fairer way to discribe them

  4. I don’t see what all the fuss is about – Minto reported on something that happened overseas, the fact that this is how it occurred and the fact that it affected another’s property. Journalists report of murders, rapes and assults everyday, does this mean they are inciting violence.

    Talley is a weak man if he is threatened by how this article will affect his profits. He should pay attention to his labour practices cause that will tell him why he’s a loser.

    • I think he’ll just take any chance he can get to put the boot into “lefties”. We’re all a bunch of dirty communists you know.

  5. Well done you Martyn, for sticking to your strong principles of free speech and expression. You are a star 🙂

    Good luck with future encounters with the authorities over this issue!

  6. Public safety??

    What a crock of shit…

    Coming from such a corrupt mechanism of right wing government that’s rich.

    If you need a stand in for any prison time offered I’m more than happy to sub for you; been there before and anyway you need to keep this mosquito bite going; especially as it seems to be getting results.

    • Public safety???
      I reckon eating half the stuff on the supermarket shelves is poisoned with toxic waste today!!!!!!

    • It actually could be an issue of public safety. Packaging is damaged by person following John Minto’s suggestion – buyer doesn’t notice – food gets contaminated – buyer and buyers family get sick – buyers elderly mother dies of food poisoning – but what the hell, its just free speech isn’t it?

      • “buyer doesn’t notice – food gets contaminated – buyer and buyers family get sick – buyers elderly mother dies of food poisoning – but what the hell, its just free speech isn’t it?”

        You are over dramatizing the issue, unless you are concerned as I am about our toxic food today you are just dramatising the issue for political reasons obviously.

        Get a life.

        Do they check the safety of every item before it’s packaged?

        Don’t you read the US press statements coming out from their regulatory officials on food safety?

        Read this site.


        They say that their studies have found that half 48% of all packaged chicken meet products have harmful bacteria’s and a figure of over 500 die of food poisoning annually just in the US alone.

        So ask your self how many die here of food poisoning in NZ?

        You can bet they don’t even check for that here, as it s best for them not to upset the business community eh?


        In the link above another study in US finds contaminated Food Causes More Than 3,000 Death Each Year

        There is (PBA) in everything we eat now, and was found when they were forced to check where the contaminated milk products came from in 2008 remember? NZ has not even banned it yet so they don’t care if they are poisoning us all do they since China and EU have banned it.


        They said it was not bad enough to recall every food item, so we consume it all today through the plastic everything is stored in now days so they are slowly killing you and me every damn day don’t you know?

        2008 – Baby milk scandal, in China. 300,000 babies affected, 51,900 hospitalisations and 6 infant deaths. Lost revenue compensation~$30M, bankruptcy, trade restrictions imposed (by 68 countries, 60 or more arrests, two executions, one life sentence, and loss of consumer confidence.[44][45] Melamine from the contaminated protein worked into the food chain a year later[46]



        Campylobacteriosis is a disease caused by the campylobacter bacteria, a weak bacteria that can be killed by exposure to oxygen. Often found in chickens, it is commonly contracted by eating undercooked poultry or drinking raw milk. The bacteria are present in more than half of the raw chicken in the United States.

        The CDC estimates that of the 1 percent of the American population that contracts campylobacteriosis every year, virtually all who are infected will recover without any special treatment, while 500 people will die. Symptoms of campylobacteriosis include vomiting and diarrhea, and it can also lead to Guillain-Barr» Syndrome, a rare yet severe neurological disease.

        Campylobacteriosis has become increasingly resistant to fluoroquinolones, a type of antibiotic that is used to treat it, and some have argued that the overuse of antibiotics in poultry has contributed to this development.

        • “you are just dramatising the issue for political reasons obviously.
          You may think that, but personally, I would just rather food in a supermarket be kept, as much as is reasonably possible, free from contamination from a car key that has been in someones pocket along with their snotty hanky or which they have used to scratch their ear, and I am sure most people would share that sentiment, regardless of their political affiliations.

          • SGTHREE

            Like I said, if you are that concerned about food safety (and that is admirable) get yourself really involved in all our food industry issue here that is killing us all slowly with contaminated toxic waste.

            Or do you suggest we all should not care about the industry food contamination of the mass population I have clearly showed you in my previous blog?

            If not then you are being very shallow and selective for your own purposes, so we will count you as a troll.

            • since when did one have to get involved boots and all in issues relating to food safety in order to be able to comment that sticking a potentially snot infested car key into a sealed bag of food could have some potentially harmful consequences for the unwitting consumer of that food?
              And where do you get the idea that I am suggesting that you not care about the food industry and its alleged contamination of the entire population. You are quite entitled to pursue that as a cause if thats what rips your shorts. I don’t deny you the right to do that. You on the other hand seem quite comfortable denying me the right to purchase food product in the state it left the factory. Instead you insist that I have no right to complain if someone compromises the packaging and in doing so potentially exposes me to infection that I would not otherwise be exposed to.
              If you don’t like Talley’s food, thats fine, don’t buy it. If you don’t like what the food industry is purportedly doing, thats fine, grow your own food. What I object to is the way you seem to insist that your beliefs should not only determine the way you live your life, they should also determine how other people live theirs. Why should a corner dairy owner miss out on time with his / her family because they had to spend hours processing product returns and going over their CCTV footage just because you don’t like Talleys. Why should an unsuspecting person get sick just because you don’t like Talleys.

    • It would be interesting to know from where this detective will get his orders for next move-next week: Super Ego Talley, or Really Super Ego jonkey.

  7. What a happy coincidence that the New Zealand Police happened to spot this dangerous blog post.

    And how fortunate they were able to take such prompt and decisive action.

    Now, if they could provide such a luxurious level of service to New Zealand citizens who have been the victim of burglaries, imagine how their public image would improve.

  8. Come on. The blog post is clearly advocating an illegal activity. Are you really surprised it has come to the attention of the police?

    • That’s what I thought.

      Should I be inciting you to key John’s car? – I know where he lives.

      You know, just to see how he likes it…

      But I wouldn’t – because I don’t commit crimes.

      • John’s article went too far. Advocating an illegal activity that actually brings harm to others and then invoking free speech just doesn’t cut it. In fact it makes John no better than Talley’s.

  9. Well done meantime get anything in writing please as the issue is then taken into consideration by them as to the legalities.

    Above all we need to protect our freedom of speech.

    I will now give my observation of the blog under consideration John Minto’s “Take your keys with you”

    I must admit when I saw it I didn’t think it was even that “Radical” as anything one could reasonably expect from John Minto.

    John has made his life a series of “radical actions” beginning with the civil disobedience calling kiwis to action during the springbok tours of 1981.

    During that event 1981 changed the whole political outlook after many followed by conducting civil disobedience by forming human walls blocking fans from entering sporting fixtures, and flying over rugby matches dropping large flour bags on players disrupting games.

    So this call for key ripping open frozen food containers of a particular manufacturer was not much different here.

    The suggestion that this was endangering humans is far fetched as who is going to buy a ripped open bag of peas or beans or anything else?

    And why wouldn’t the checkout spot that and reject the sale anyway?

    Go hard and place a fund raising site ready in case as this will alleviate the issue of lack of workers rights under the government as they attempt to bust up our unions as usual.

  10. Where were the cops and Talley boys when the whale was publishing actual contact details of people he was attacking?

  11. Martyn you followed the correct path for our fallen hero’s who fought and died on foreign fields to protect our right to free speech.’

    “When injustice is law resistance is our duty.”

  12. How deeply have the Police and other agencies been involved in monitoring and disrupting anti-slavery activists I wonder, given their interest in Mr Minto’s post?

    What underhand attacks have they made against those who might have housed or aided migrant and other workers reporting murder and cruelty at sea and on land? Have they actively been working with the MPI hand in red hand? How deep – or how high – does the rabbit hole go?

    Stick to your guns. The South East Asian workers usually at the end of them don’t get the chance to put up a fight.

  13. I would have more time for the Police argument if they just didn’t seem to be only pursuing the law in the case of journalists who make the government look bad.

  14. Public safety? How are john’s suggested actions a matter of public safety? The fuck are they on about? The fuck is going on here?

  15. Kia kaha Bomber. I’m guessing we can expect a lot more of this kind of creepy intimidation once the Harmful Digital Censorship Act comes into effect. Blogs like TDB are the equivalent of the subscription funded newspapers and newsletters which clubs, societies, and small political parties once printed to inform their members and supporters. Nobody is forced to read them, and their editors and authors have a right to their views, and to freely express them. Secret meetings where Police give “friendly” warnings to editors to censor their contributors have no place in a democratic society.

    You may remember though, a few occasions where I cautioned you about celebrating state attacks on WhaleOil, despite the fact that I disagree with the vast majority of what he says (agree with him on the Harmful Digital Censorship Act and 1080 though). I warned that state suppression of Slater’s freedom of speech creates dangerous precedents which could come back to bite you in the arse. I hope you now understand what I meant, and that Slater defends the free speech of theDailyBloggers on his blog, just as I defended his here.

    6 + 4 = 10 (your captcha is going spazzy again)

  16. I had a flatmate sexually assaulted and there was no follow up by police forensics to get fingerprints from the door where he forced his way in, obviously not a serious enough crime. Never heard anything after the event and 4 hours at Auckland Central Police Station.

  17. Wow what a fascist dictatorship we live in.

    Where you can post up a blog telling people to commit crime and instead of being locked up you end up getting a polite call from a cop asking you to please stop.

    I’d say this is more about someone loving being the center of attention and saying look at me as opposed to anything else….

  18. Boiling the frog
    (and the climate)

    Living in the new age of corporate welfare

    Leaks around the secret text of the TPPA has revealed, that the TPPA seeks to enshrine the rights of bankers and investors, above national laws that protect the welfare and rights of the people and the environment.

    The weakening of social welfare provision and the dismantling of the old Welfare State goes hand in hand in tandem with the rise of Corporate Welfare and the gestation of the new Corporate State. (and all that, that implies).

    Solid Energy’s investors like those of the other large corporate failures, South Canturbury Finance $1.7 billion, AMI $1 billion have been bailed out by the taxpayer to the loss of healthcare, education, the privatisation and contracting out of state housing and other social welfare provisions.

    The collapse of Solid Energy gives further indication of how the welfare of investors will be put above the welfare of workers, the taxpayer and the environment.

    In the age of climate change in relation to the collapse of Solid Energy, nowhere in the official discourse will you hear the words “Stranded Assets” in the new age of ‘Corporate Welfare’ (of which the TPPA is a part) there is no such thing as stranded assets. Investors get their losses covered by the government and taxpayers.

    In October 2013, Solid Energy was bailed out with the first of two massive payments, the first for $155 million which was followed up in September 2013 with a second payment for $103 million . The first bailout was to cover the losses of the Australian and Japanese owned bankers who had were investors in Solid Energy, this bailout money did not go to Solid Energy or their workers, but went straight off shore. In fact shortly after the $155 million was paid out Solid Energy began a round savage layoffs of their workforce, laying off almost 500 coal workers.

    Depite this “restructuring” and because the bail out money had gone to the investors instead of Solid Energy, Solid Energy was still effectively insolvent.

    (The bankers did not get their total losses covered by the taxpayer and still took what they called a “haircut”, The Japanese investment Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi, took the government to court to get the full 100% of their losses covered by the taxpayer. This case taken through the New Zealand High Court failed, but if it could have been taken to the secret overseas tribunals envisioned under the TPPA Investor State Dispute Settlements provisions, ISDS, this outrageous legal action would most likely have succeeded. Under the TPPA the taxpayer would have ended up paying out even more than the $155 million they have already given these foreign investors. And quite possibly, not just for their actual losses, but for their projected losses as well.)

    The second bailout of Solid Energy for $103 million may be even more controversial, this time the money did go to Solid Energy. In the second bail out of Solid Energy, this bailout was earmarked to cover the cost of Solid Energy’s old coal mine site remediation. Under their resource management consents Solid Energy have a contractual obligation to rehabilitate their old abandoned mine workings, a contractual responsibility that Solid Energy were financially unable to meet.

    In this latest insolvency, is this $103 million still to be used for mine workings rehabilitation or will this also be hoovered up by Solid Energy’s creditors, and will the environment be left with the old polluting mine sites, just as the financial debt has been left with the taxpayers?

    In the first bail out the interests of the bankers was put above the interests of the workers and the taxpayer.

    In the second bail out will the interest of the banksters be put before that of the environment?


    “The Government has already bailed out the miner twice, including a contribution of up to NZ$155 million in October 2013 and an agreement in September 2014 to cover Solid Energy’s obligations to remediate old mines to the value of NZ$103 million.”

    “The Government will provide cover worth $103 million to Solid Energy for restoring mining land and to avoid its technical insolvency.”

    Solid Energy begins round of savage layoffs:
    (I) http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/business/9048873/Heartbreak-for-Huntly-East-miners
    (II) http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/7719822/Last-ditch-bid-to-save-mine-jobs

    Stranded assets are “assets that have suffered from unanticipated or premature write-downs, devaluations or conversion to liabilities”.[1]Stranded assets can be caused by a variety of factors and are a phenomenon inherent in the ‘creative destruction’ of economic growth, transformation and innovation, as such they pose risks to individuals and firms and may have systemic implications.[2] Coal and other hydrocarbon resources may have the potential to become stranded.[3]

    A high court challenge to the debt restructure by Japan based bank of Tokyo-Mitsubisi fails.

    The Corporate State
    “a state governed by representatives not of geographical areas but of vocational corporations of the employers and employees in each trade, profession, or industry.”

    South Canterbury Bailout bill $1.7 billion

    The Government says the bailout of insurer AMI could expose taxpayers to a $1 billion bill.
    Finance Minister Bill English this morning announced a back-up financial support package of up to $500 million for AMI but indicated the full cost could be double that amount.

    “According to Southern Response, the company set up by the Government to administer AMI’s Christchurch earthquake liabilities, the Government’s total claim exposure is now $1.934 billion after EQC contributions, up from an estimated $1.8b.”



    Pat O’Dea is the Mana Movement Spokesperson for climate change issues.

  19. TTPA is designed to protect Corporate Greed and the members of the worlds Higher Order in which John Key has been inducted as a member.

  20. I have strong moral objections to your views, is it okay if I write a blog post encouraging people to vandalise your property?

    Will you publish it for me?

    • The difference is, Sceptic, that we are not abusing and exploiting workers – a fact you seem eager to overlook in your defence of Talleys. Perhaps you should be asking yourself why people are driven to desperate measures, rather than slavishly obeying Authority, regardless of who is in the wrong.

      Going by your strict adherence to “the law”, no human being should ever break the law when resisting tyranny.

      Do you think that Black South Africans had a right to break the laws of South Africa?

      • Civil disobedience is one thing, encouraging vandalism another. Gandhi and Martin Luther King did not ask their followers to vandalise.

        So the Talleys are tyrants equivalent to apartheid South Africa – a little over dramatic don’t you think?

        And yes, I do think black South Africans had a moral right to break the apartheid laws in order to achieve change – but I wouldn’t have encouraged them to vandalise white’s property, as that would be pointless destruction and they would lose the moral high ground.

  21. Thank goodness, I can comment here again, there was a hell of a problem with the captcha, it never worked for me, so I suspected the cops or so may have done something to the blog here.

    Stay strong, Martyn, do not let the bastards intimidate you or anyone involved with TDB.

    We will stand together, and if things get tough, call on us, or get someone to call on us via this post, or if need be TS, and we will mobilise and come and support you.

    This is the kind of crap that goes on in authoritarian kinds of regimes, and I know it has happened in Hobbitearoa before, so we must be on guard 24/7, and also leave open the communication channels to all those that can and will support us. That is why progressive forces should try to stay together, despite of disagreements on some matters. Lively discussion and debate is always good, but think about the risks of burning bridges, when it comes to the hard yard stuff.

    I am sure that you and Minto do not have that much to worry about. Some of his comments were a bit risky, but I doubt it is stuff to prosecute him or TDB for what was published.

    Kia Kaha All, stand strong in solidarity, never give in to intimidation, as otherwise we risk losing the battle.


    • Mike, I am curious as to what the situation will be should you ‘win the battle’. Presumably you (whoever you collectively are) will then set the rules.
      Tell me please, when that happens, will you tolerate those with opposing political views advocating that their supporters commit criminal offences to further their protest against your system?
      I would just like to know, in advance, so that if the situation ever arises, there can be no confusion as to the ground rules. Thats fair isn’t it?

  22. Talleys certainly are a company without ethics. But Minto is advocating that people attack supermarkets by destroying their property, which is stupid and criminal. There are other ways to oppose Talleys.

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