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  1. ‘Campaigners are key to getting secret TPP and TTIP trade deals published’

    “The fact that WikiLeaks is offering €100,000 for documents that reveal thedetails of the secretive TTIP shows that the US and EU are attempting to block anybody that has any sort of real information regarding this treaty, Matteo Bergamini, director of Shout Out UK told RT.

    WikLleaks has launched a bounty hunt for the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership documents. The terms of the trade deals, including the loss of sovereignty for participating countries, have been kept away from the public….

    Assange can’t leave embassy as UK wants to arrest him, no matter what – attorney to RT

  2. Watching (for my sins) Jono and Ben …..
    I did have unfounded hopes that they wouldn’t fold under corporate pressuse and maintain some degree of independence.

    Not so however …. here they are propping up the corporate Garner and du Plessey-Ellun’s “Story msking”

    Still – I ‘spose they’ve got mortgages tp pay – AND obviously they were ‘just following orders’

    PLUS Duncs n Hetha are just the coolest aren’t they?
    The closet and the poor wee vuctum et the hens of the woif beater.

    Oh well, I knew there was a good reason to continue boycotting “for me its 3”.
    BTW …. have any of you actually visited that govt flag website and watched the illustrious Joolie Krustie – forskin and forwumun (and representative of the evridge Koiwoi on the panel of ‘experts’?

    CHRIST! spare me please

  3. What’s the probability that comment just disappeared up its own arse huh?
    Bomber – you really do need to do something about the problems people are experiencing intermittently on this site. Many think they’re being censored when they’re not.
    OR – at least make some sort of statement.
    (That is of course IF you remain a free man and aren’t bailed at her mejusties plesha on account of a Minto expression of opinion in an increasingly fascist state)

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