Malcolm Evans – real threat to NZ


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  1. The cartoon might send a legitimate message but the label on the can looks as if it breaches truth in advertising regulations. Where are the boarded up shops and people living on the streets?

  2. That tin might have been made before the whole rogernomics neo lib thing kicked in. Maybe late 70’s?

  3. The truly chilling thing for me is that there seems to be thousands of stupid Kiwis lapping this swindle up . I watched some of tv1s news briefly last evening . Oh my God . Mike Hosking ? Oh my God .
    I heard National Radio’s dumb hate merchant and ill informed bigot kathryn ryan too .
    Kiwis are completely divorced from their ability to make informed decisions based upon clear , quality information because there is NO clear , quality information being given . By any of the MSM outlets ! And even if Kiwis tried to search out an opinion ? Their brains have been so distorted that they’d not know good and quality information if they bumped their empty heads on it .
    The Daily Blog must get out there and make a bigger noise because right now ? They’re winning .

  4. If New Zealanders were really ! ! aware of how much these mega-corporations are already entrenched in our country and how much control they already have over our rights and our sovereignty, they would start a revolution to take back our country.

    The truths about TPPA are appalling and the truths need to be exposed and the people need to wake up to the FACTS. Our PM and Jerry Brownnose ; Steven ( joy less ) Joyce and Simon ( lick a___ ) Bridges are selling us down the river. Wake up National supporters. Wake up all of NZ. Learn the facts. These corporate fascists need to put out to pasture.
    Sonar testing is killing sea life before any deep sea oil drilling happens.
    Fracking should be put on a moratorium in the Taranaki area. Come on ! !
    Stop TPPA; Stop deep sea oil drilling and stop fracking. This is our country – not the corporations to rape and gain from and than leave the mess for us to clean up. Get informed, take actions, wake up the sheeple.

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