Someone at Fairfax is a subversive?



Pointed out to me by several Facebook readers…


fairfax - stuff - story - Customs seeks powers to disclose passwords  - customs can go fuck themselves


Note the URL?

Someone at Fairfax/Stuff has a wickedly subversive sense of humour.

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I may have to re-new my subscription to the ‘Dominion Post‘…



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  1. Brilliant ! That’s what I like to see ! Very heartening stuff . No pun intended . Banksy said ” The worst thing you can hit someone with is a wall . “

    • “I may have to re-new my subscription to the ‘Dominion Post”

      Me too Frank,

      Why not support the press that supports both sides eh Country Boy?

      I will wait a week to see if this is DP doing a one liner or new direction of “both sides of the story”.

  2. The pretence is that this new power is to catch people with objectionable material on their IPads, PC’s etc. Actually, the real reason National want to do this is to catch people who have downloaded music and films for free. National is the paid policeman for the mega rich United States entertainment industry.

  3. Certainly good to see. The authorities really are just bizarre perverts nowadays.

    The last time I went overseas, before this warped “War of on Terror” era, flights were pretty much like catching a bus, since then; stepped up security checks for domestic flights, really puts one off of travelling anywhere, and now this.

    Seems like some bizarre social engineering campaign of extreme control and compliance spearheaded by using methods that are psychologically intrusive and intimidating.

    When the Soviet bloc did it – bad. When “free” market megalomaniacs do it – good.

  4. Amazing that even after someone pointed out this is not what it seems people still comment as if it is.

      • L00L ! – at least you hit the nail on the head , KIWIBURGER – unlike Gosmans hero John XKEYSCORE.

        Gomsan….why does he use a pseudonym?…privacy perhaps ? ….like Nehemia Wall….a hypocrite in all ways.

        • Some people cant tell the difference between critical analysis and entertainment. Rigid and narrow views, no sense of humor, lack of anything resembling honor and empathy. Pretty chilling when these principles are in power. I think hes doing a dunne. Hehehe.

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