Latest Snowden revelations: NZ spies on China, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, South America, South Pacific, Pakistan, India, Iran…



AND Antarctica! We bloody well spy on Antarctica as well! Since when were penguins  a national security threat?


On the very day Snowden releases his latest revelations that we are spying on China, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, South America, South Pacific Islands, Pakistan, India, Iran AND Antarctica we have Key using language like ‘eco terrorism’ to describe a threat to milk powder.

How very, very, very convenient.

Do I think Key is corrupt enough to spin this into a political stunt to obscure the new news that we are spying on China, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, South America, South Pacific Islands, Pakistan, India, Iran AND Antarctica? Well aside from the fact that he already has done that by contradicting the Police and MPI in his first press conference, let’s remind ourselves of what we do know about Key.

In 2011, the PMs Office colluded with and instigated the false smearing of the Leader of the Opposition months before an election with the Secret Intelligence Service, (it’s good that a Journalist of the calibre of Andrea Vance are now alerting NZers to this abuse of power). If Key’s Office was prepared to use the SIS to influence the 2011 election with false information about the Leader of the Opposition, then his Office is capable of using a threat to milk and turn it into a a national security issue to purposely distract from the latest Snowden revelations.


  1. I wouldn’t mind a spot of spying to keep an eye on those other evil bastards out there who’d come to NZ and fuck all our shit up given half a chance but I just can’t shake the understanding that spying and war is so delightfully profitable . While a dead soldiers blood drains out into the dirt , if he/ she’s lucky , some awful person is making billions of lovely dirty dollars .
    Jonky’s well capable of using spin like the threat of poisoned babies to achieve his goals . Absolutely . No doubt in my mind what so ever .

    For example ;

    Israeli arms dealers .

    Re Antarctica .
    I had an acquaintance once who knew a thing or two . That person said that if Greenpeace knew what was being shipped through the USA base at Harewood to the ice they’d have a fuckin’ heart attack .


      I enjoy most of your posts. Your humour is unique. Poetry in motion.

      The video link does not work.I’am sure it worked when put up before?

      I presume you have Free to Air? Like me,when I dished Sky.(propo)

      Can I make one humble suggestion. Try

      Aljazeera was set up with the help of BBC.

      In other words,it is still part of the western MSM for Middle East,in
      my humble opinion.

      RT has more viewers worldwide than BBC.

      Hillary Clinton once said “because of RT-America,we are losing the

      Go to FRANK’s column March 9th “Opposing the TPPA……” for further
      elaboration in my post at the end.

      Martyn;good post.


      • RT is owned and basically controlled by the Russian government. If you are happy to accept that level of bias in your media then that is your choice but to argue it is better than alternatives like Aljazeera because of the involvement of The BBC is laughable.

        • If you think the commercial money making western media is not biased or controlled or owned by vested interests friendly with whatever government or corporation it does business with then you are extremely naive yourself. Look at the sad state of the “media” in NZ!

          RT reeks of Russian government spin and propaganda no doubt, but what makes RT interesting and refreshing is it critically looks at the west in a way the western media would never dare do!

          • XRAY;

            I don’t see it as spin&propo as such but rather the
            “other side of the story.’ Like you alluded to.

            It operates like the BBC did decades ago. ie professional journalism. With no celeb gossip etc and
            sport to distract.

            Gosman doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I doubt he
            has ever looked.
            He acts like a troll(internet)-wiki def. Who’s
            paying him? and you don’t feed the trolls.Others
            will decide for themselves.

            I used to have Sky and ended up watching RT most
            of the time because the BBC(and America + others)
            were telling me that;
            Russia was attacking Georgia (reverse)

            Iran Police station fired on peaceful protesters when in fact they were fire bombing the police station(provocateurs) You could see the flames on
            the window sills,two stories up, and flames on the
            barricades. Skillfully edited out.

            That Iran was near to creating a nuclear bomb.
            They were not. The West had broken a written
            agreement to supply only energy grade uranium
            for their electricity shortage for hospitals etc.

            God knows what bullshit they were flinging on the
            Serbian/Bosnian conflict in hindsight.

            And now we are being told,again,that Russia is the aggressor in Ukraine when America spent $5 billion
            setting up NGO’s etc acting against the democratic
            Gvt which ended in a very bloody coup and funding
            Nazi style groups to do the job.
            Webster Tarpley will tell you they actually are from
            Nazi families that settled there after WW2.

            GO to
   and on the front page you
            will see a video stack of 100 clips on the right(that keeps being added to.)
            You can fast click through
            them until you come to that period where you will
            see the most ghastly atrocities I have seen in my
            Particularly the Odessa Massacre.

            RT does not edit the violence like we do.Just as it

            Gruesome to see someone with their head
            half off and still alive. Left for dead because the
            emergency staff knew she would not make it to
            hospital and plenty of others to help.
            Like a bloody real war scene.
            Did we see or hear anything on the West MSM.?
            Not a bloody jot!!

            At the start of the stack you will see stuff on the
            Western funding of ‘Terror’ and the TPPA that affects us.
            ALL of our USA trained journalists and politicians
            should be made to watch them. The 1st 8 of them.

            That’s right. Espiner and Bennet and co have been
            off to get their induction.
            Not to ask proper questions but to make unfounded
            statements that sets Key up for the easy answer.
            Dan is included. TV 1 has become the mouthpiece
            of Government!

            But I digress. (I got upset)

            About any bias;
            If you get to know the website,shows like ‘Cross Talk’,you will see that both sides are represented.
            The rules that anyone can jump in can provide
            exciting viewing,especially those that represent
            The Keiser Report about financial fraud etc can be
            ‘Trutherseeker’ was a superb 10min piece that
            condensed the truth, but got taken down after
            the very revealing eps. on 9/11.(RT pressured?)
            Look for them on YouTube. Must see’s.
            Documentaries are excellent.

            For more expansion see my comment on FRANK’s
            ‘Opposing the TPPA…..’ March 9. At the end.

            I hope that clarifies the issue.


            PS: If Gosman thinks that TV1,ABC,BBC are not
            owned by their Governments,then he’s a joke.
            It’s called Public Broadcasting.! Aljazeera?

        • Agreed, Gosman. Not only that, but the picture, and it;s implication, is highly misleading. John Key said he would resign if it could be proven that the GCSB was conducting mass surveillance….on NZ’ers. No-one has.

          • Lol…I just saw a pig fly by….a fat neo liberal pig practicing the ‘ trickle down ‘ effect…..

            Guess I wont elaborate just what it was trickling down on us all…..

          • Nehemia, It is not a game of hide and seek, where you get away with it as long as you are not caught out. These people are grown ups and these are very serious issues of the role of state power and upholding the law. Your attempt to minimise the seriousness of this issue by inferring that as long as you are not proven wrong there is no wrongdoing is facile and belittling.

        • Alas! The BBC is no longer the voice of neutral reason.

          Dodgy. Very dodgy, by some accounts.

          ‘Such a parcel of rogues in a nation’.

      • Iain Mclean you are right about RT channel, on RT this morning
        an article by an American on American Tv Angela Merkel told America that she was really angry at America for spying on her personal phone messages , America’s response was virtually Mrs Merkel had better remember her place,and not question America,
        and that Germany should be more like the 5 eyes which included Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Britain and America, they all fall into line as ordered by American rule.
        So any doubts NZs might have that JK is not an American tool then this disabuses the notion.

  2. Spying on China, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, South America, the South Pacific, Pakistan, India, Iran and the Antarctica? All on behalf of Obama, simply because America has already ravaged these countries before, so the American administration from Washington is now looking for a scapegoat to do their bidding and let them in through the backdoor of the above mentioned countries. Who better than to rely on Key?
    And caught out out again. So Key comes out with a milk powder scare as a ruse to back out from the truth. This just shows how low Key will stoop every time he gets caught out.
    Eco-terrorist be buggered. There’s only one real terrorist within New Zealand, John Key is his name and profiteering through dishonesty is his game.
    You’re a liar John Key, and I make no apology to the fact.

  3. John Key you are a war making merchant,

    “You said we are now in the club.”

    It now is clear that John Key was sent here by elitists to bring NZ into the US lead fight with other nations, & to join with other parties seeking total dominance of the world.

    We must be made clearly aware of the Policies John Key is actually now a party to.

    John Key is already involved in a “One World Government” strategy run by Bilderberg Group/affiliates to which John Key has attended their meetings in 2011-12 as Prime minister of NZ without notifying us at home..

    What are your plans John Key or are you keeping everything as secretive as the TPPA so when it is signed we are powerless to change our bondage you have placed us into with foreign powers?

    So an unsubstantiated threat that the police are now stating on the midday news is most likely a hoax has been known by you since November, five months ago and you have made this a secret till now and al of a sudden it’s the most crucial event today?

    We don’t believe you any more John Key as you are a proven liar time and time again.

    Do the right thing and resign as you have placed us all in harms way with your war games and mass surveillance on other countries.

    You breed wars and conflicts you are trouble.

    • Well said Cleangreen , I have been telling people this for years and was called a conspiracy theorist,now anyone with a brain can see its the truth .

      • ELLE;

        Give your friends just the one website

        Tell them to search, on site,any subject they like.

        In small doses they can soon see for themselves.

        Tell them about the Stack of 100 video’s on the right hand side
        that they can fast click through ( first 8 a must view) to find
        what they like.

        The ‘about section’ will tell you they specialize in ‘what MSM is
        Not telling us.’ Huge Data Base.


        • Thank you Iain, another new site to tell us whats really happening. Will check it out as soon as I have time, ciao

  4. I read John Armstrong’s article in the Herald whereby he too uses Keys “eco terrorism” label, and where unconvincingly Key is praised for keeping all and sundry in the dark with little other real analysis.

    Refreshingly I note the majority of the comments in response largely see though our cynical, manipulative, opportunist, tired old PM. Perhaps his lack of integrity is at long last starting to wear thin!

    The timing of this release and grandstanding by Key aside I cannot help but conclude that the handling of this matter was purely financially driven knowing that vast majority of our economies eggs are still in one basket and after both Fonterra and the government have done so much to give the impression that food regulation, safety and hygiene are things best left to the winds of the free market, vis a vis less $$$ spent by business on ensuring such things are paramount, much to the horror of the real world.

    Very very poor from whatever way you look at this crime and its aftermath.

  5. Got to watch out for those Antarctic penguins! Any one of them could be IS in disguise, waddling across the continent, up to no good!

    Key is mad, quite mad in fact, judging by his outrageous performances in Parliament today! His rants and outbursts in the House would have done the third reich proud! He was completely out of control!

    Consider everything he has done recently and you have a mad man!

    • “Mad” or not doesn’t matter – he just follows his orders – he’s been rewarded and will continue to be. It’s just an increasingly thin facade, the smiling assassin indeed.

  6. Think about it, apart from the Phil Goff smear, they went on to derail Labours campaign in 2014 when Key led the David Cunliffe is “tricky” smear campaign. As we all know that produced the infamous unsigned statement purporting to be written by Donghua Liu but who knows who really wrote it, fraudulently claiming Labour had received corrupt sums of money in the form of “donations”.

    Of course what we didn’t know at the time until “Dirty Politics” was that this was this from a government that had a smear, misinformation, information hacking and character assassination team based smack bang in the middle of the office of Prime Minister featuring his closest taxpayer-funded aids and a litany of individuals from the sleaze industry.

    I recall Key in one of his odious smart arse rants in parliament goading the opposition and bragging about his drawer full of dirt on them. So proud was he!

    Two baseless slanderous corrupt campaigns alone out of a lot of questionable activity by National were big hits that helped cement each election victory. What seemed impossible of any New Zealand government just a few short years ago now makes anything go for this National government.

    • Also of note was the fact that the entire time they were having a go at Cunliffe over the allegations of receiving donations / bottles of wine / etc from Liu, they had also been holding their own fundraisers in his home, and receiving donations from him.

  7. I will truly rejoice once these clowns have gone. Pity they are going to leave behind the most despicable mess for someone else to clean up. They are traitors not government.

  8. ECO-TERRORISM = By-election diversion. Period. These threats were made in November last year. I am sure the population of Antarctica, all five of them, will be just as disgusted with our government as we are.

  9. The delay in informing the public about this threat (let’s not broaden the definition any further by calling it terrorism of any sort, it’s just not) is problematic on two fronts.

    First, surely the public should have been told that there was the potential that the milk powder they feed their babies could been poisoned. This has been kept secret for four months.

    Second, the release of the information now is just too convenient for the government. On the day when a third release of information on the activities of the GCSB was to hit the newsstands suddenly we have a baby-killing threat to push that story off the front pages.

    Do I think the National-led government is cynical enough to withhold information from the public about a danger to their babies to protect the profits of the dairy industry? Do I believe they are even cynical enough to release said information at a time which is politically expedient? Yes. Yes I do.

    • Just a little something they had on the back burner, to be bought forward at the right moment. Anger wouldnt even begin to describe what i would be, if i had babies drinking milk formula. The govt actually had/has your babies life up for political gain. Goats milk is a much better alternative, if prepared correctly from the source, not the tin, it is better nutritionally than cows milk.

  10. Y’ know…..why is it that in communist China when that sort of thing happened….the govt there executed the perpetrators…

    Yet here…in the neo liberal country of New Zealand we have the ACTUAL GOVT WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS FROM NOVEMBER 2014????!!!!!!

    And the roaring silence from this MAGGOT govt ( and in particular the CHIEF MAGGOT John XKEYscore ) about culpability in withholding foreknowledge to the public of New Zealand is deafening.

    • There is an auck based data collection agency supposedly private, but it is a USA based private company used to spy just as waipowai does, I did hear of the company name but cant remember it, Key will probably use this excuse if cornered that its not a NZ government agency,but if its not and it is a USA spy base then it would be Key who allowed it. Key is handing us over lock stock and barrel,he wont admit it until hes completed the job for Obama, Key has lied through his teeth and is not going to stop now because who’s going to make him resign?

  11. the GCSB has gone ROGUE – they dont work for NZ.
    They must be a black ops unit for the CIA doing all the dirty work whilst they(CIA) can calm they won’t involved, deny any knowledge of involvement – all with the help of our imported psuedo Prime Sinister and complicent MSM.
    This Bullshit must be stopped before our customs officers can get your passwords and codes to your personal devices.
    Who will represent the 99% of Kiwis???

  12. John Key, Liar; Supreme Terrorist & Bar.

    wasn’t there a guy who lived around here who used to be a hacker? Maybe we could get him to use his skills to spy on John Key and his cohorts, so we can find out just what the jerks are up to . . .

  13. Who trusts anything Key sez anymore? Every time he opens his mouth, six months later he’ll do something completely different.

  14. “…we have Key using language like ‘eco terrorism’ to describe a threat to milk powder” Come on Martyn, you accuse other media of watering things down. The threat is to the lives of potentially many many unknown babies and infants. This is terrorism, and deserving of GCSB involvement if required.

    • Well to date- doesnt look like John XKEYscores beloved mass surveillance full data uptake GSCB goons have really done a lot have they?…

      Probably the biggest lie and con job going at the moment ,isn’t it.

      And we will find it isnt the GSCB that will bring this to a head but our own run of the mill, day to day Police operations…..the GSCB is only there to spy on us and make sure WE don’t get out of the govts control.

      Get it right.

    • GSCB ?…ha !… thats only there for population surveillance .

      The real people who will be dealing with this are the Police.

      As it always should have been . And you will find the GSCB like tits on a bull as far as this is concerned.

      The only good thing the GSCB is good for these days is being a repository for USA intelligence. And as far as thats concerned ? – so long as we sign up to the TTPA they dont give a shit about our milk powder.

      Nor the fact they coerce us into spying on our neighbors that can so easily affect our diplomatic relations AND our overseas trade.

      Get Real.

  15. “Who’s that passing in the night? Foragers for Manny Rat!” The little squad of clapped out wind-up toys.

    So when do we, the people, get the power to toss these rogues out between elections?

  16. No you ‘come on’ Dan. How can you truly believe the garbage that comes out of keys mouth anymore? What is wrong with you, when its so obvious the guy is full of it. The ‘paid’ media leading blind sheep.

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