Key, poisoned milk threats and ‘Eco-Terrorists’


What remarkable timing. Just when National are looking damaged in Northland, just when Mike Sabin’s suppression orders are about to be lifted, just when  scrutiny is going on Key’s mass surveillance lies, suddenly we have a threat of poisoned milk from – wait for it – ‘Eco Terrorists’.


Who wants to play ‘Who wants to be a terrorist’


Skepticism aside, the manner in which Key is already exploiting this threat for political point scoring is sickening. Key managed to contradict the Police and MPI 3 times in just one press conference, he called it ‘Eco Terrorism’ when the Police wouldn’t. He refused to negotiate when the Police said they were prepared to do that and he shot down any suggestion of reviewing 1080 drops when the MPI had just said they would.

I know plenty of activists in the anti-1080 movement, and I can’t think of a single one who would be prepared to poison and kill children for a change in policy.

If someone is being this extreme, then Key’s political point scoring is a threat and risk to the only industry he hasn’t managed to destroy yet.

This is a situation that requires cool heads, not a PM desperately trying to gain political advantage through inflammatory language.

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  1. I’m surprised that John Key didn’t claim that the Queensland Fruit flies weren’t deliberately planted in Auckland.
    But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was National behind the whole thing. They have already shown many times that there are few limits to the murky depths they will go to score political points and keep themselves in power.

  2. 100% correct Martyn. Key has learned at the feet of the masters. What about the possibility that this threat was engineered by someone and then left asleep to be brought out if necessary. Maybe getting too far fetched but when one turns to double dealing and intrigue as a way of getting your choice of government anything becomes possible especially as an organisation that can read all communications could have known about Mike Sabin before the election.

  3. I don’t believe for one moment, 1080 activists would target baby formula to make a point to attract attention to their protest cause. I doubt any NZer would use such an appalling tactic.

    Authorities were supposedly alerted to this “scare” in November last year, but chose to go public on 10 March 2015???


    A dirty big smelly rat there right from the start.

    Key is a man obsessed, with his constant calls of “terrorism” for just about everything which crosses his path! This one I’d say would be yet another instance for an excuse to extend GCSB mass surveillance on Kiwis here and elsewhere in the world and relay the info back to his good ole boy buddies in the US of A!

    This issue is a diversionary tactic to take the heat of National for the reasons Martyn has indicated in his blog.

    Methinks Key’s sordid little world is beginning to crumble! Oh goody.

  4. Three months late…..

    How come it wasn’t a terrorist threat three months ago?

    How come this threat was such a matter of inconsequence that it didn’t even bare mentioning when it supposedy first occurred?

    My opinion is, is that this belated terrorist emergency, is more to do with the current by-election in Northland, than any real threat to our baby milk formula.

    • Yes, hoax or no hoax. Thiis debalce has been poorly managed. Informaing the opublic this nlate has made things harder to swallow.

  5. “This is a situation that requires cool heads, not a PM desperately trying to gain political advantage through inflammatory language.”

    Key uses an autocratic control system to keep all under his control, as we saw during the Stalin & pre war German leadership.

    During times of autocratic governance unfortunately the human spirit is supressed and this suppression of the population by the fear generated by autocracy supresses imagination in the free spirit of all we are told.

    Most notably public trust has been severely eroded during these times.t

    “Government and the market are similar to two legs
    on a three-legged stool. Without the third leg of civil society,
    the stool is not stable.”
    Bill Bradley

    “Trust lubricates
    cooperation. The greater the level of trust within a community, the greater the likelihood of
    cooperation. And cooperation itself breeds trust” (Putnam 1993:171).

    In history there will always be those in the general public who will rebel with extreme reactions to the Government suppression of the human spirit.

    We have gone to was against the suppression of the human spirit against autocratic governments many times, and now we find our own Government is turning against there own citizens in an autocratic manner, and this is frightening many very decent normally gentle compassionate people who feel helpless during this time, so rather than blaming the individual I would suggest that this recent extreme threatening of poisoning our food supply is a product of our autocratic government who has willingly placed us under a blanket of fear and suppression of our free speech, privacy & democracy by their willingness to resort to heavy handed controls and unwillingness to listen to the will of the people they are meant to represent.

    NZ First Winston Peters and other opposition Leaders have all said previously that this Government is not listening to the wishes of the people.
    Take the flag issue, an overwhelming proportion on the people want the flag left alone yet this Government is pushing ahead with a use of taxpayers 25 million to change the flag?

    We must send the Government a clear message during the Northland election to make them more receptive.

  6. And what of our, see it all, catch it all, GCSB and SIS?

    What have they been doing these last three months?

    How can these useless intrusive snoops justify their illegal mass surveilance and invasion of our privacy, if they can’t use it to deliver up one eco terrorist?

    I call bull shit.

    Because we all know that this mythical creature will never be named, that the police have no suspect and that no one will ever be charged.

    And this eco-terrorist alleged to be amonst us will be be left at large, will be left to haunt our imaginations, and create an atmosphere of fear. Just as all the “alleged” 88 terrorists the GCSB say they illegally monitered for our own protection, are also left to roam amongst us unnamed and uncharged.

    My guess is that the authorities who are responsible for keeping us safe will not even release a statement that they are making every endeavour to seriously follow up investigation into this threat. And further that after the by-election we will never hear of it again. (unless National lose that is)

  7. Could be something big is about to blow.

    And it’s nothing to do with 1080 threats in infant formula either! That’s a diversion.

    Something to do with Northland, such as Sabin revelations about to be exposed perhaps?

    More lies, spies and alibis maybe?

    Key is so much up to his eyeballs in the slime and sleaze, it’s about to trip him up?

    I noticed he was sweating again (twice in one week) during a press conference on TV last evening! He’s going to be dehydrated at this rate!

  8. I wonder if they’ve started to find 1080 in milk due to the endless aerial application and they took to opportunity to divert attention from the TPPA, John’s rescinded resignation promise and the rest of their bad news by shifting the blame.


    Is this a test run for the GREAT NZ T3RR0R-H0AX.

    So at least a thousand people were under confidentiality/gag order. . .legally binding. As of yesterday that became null and void eh?

  10. If we are about to go into a financial meltdown Key is going to blame the eco terrorist? It all smells like a rat all right that needs a fox terrier to sniff it out. Or maybe China doesn’t want our milk due to our kissing American butt and the eco terrorist is trotted out now to take the blame and have us all freaking out, Key’s pack of rats would think that was a win win. Key’s cronies little rat brain imaginations are on over drive, it looks and sounds unhinged. And yes I bet also the fruit fly has infested NZ, seems Key has to try and divert attention from a whole lot of crap sticking to him. I just wonder how long the media can straight faced report seriously on all this without saying ‘come on John WTF are you doing!’?

  11. These nasty threats must have been made by far-left, anti-corporate, anti-1080, pro-breast feeding eco-terrorists. Perhaps we’ll hear later Islamic State is involved as well.

    • No, no. Didn’t you know Islamic State is busy radicalizing penguins in Antarctica now? According to the latest Snowden revelations, the GCSB is carrying out mass surveillance down there!

      I feel so much more relaxed now, knowing Key and the GCSB are keeping their beady eyes on the next big terrorist threat to NZ, the southern continent IS caliphate, Antarctic penguins!

  12. Oh cmon. These conspiracy theories just demean any possible point that you might make. The Government would have agreed with the Police to sit on the threat for a while to allow the Police to investigate and see if they could find the culprit before going public and scaring everyone needlessly.

    There are some real nutbars in the 1080 movement for whom making threats like this would be nothing. Of course they would never carry through with the threats which is why I think this threat should have been completely and utterly ignored & given the contempt it deserves.

    • I agree it would have been better to leave it out of the media as then it would have been unsuccessful as blackmail The milk companies can and have been testing for 1080 so any product should be safe. I disagree with your rejection of possible conspiracy. This requires it to be made public and if you follow the actions of the USA in many countries around the world they have little respect for anything but getting their own way. Keeping John Key in power is what they want for NZ so why wouldn’t they stoop to this sort of tactic. Any country that supports Nazi’s in Ukraine, may have been involved in the shoot down of MH17 and lies about and provokes war with Russia cannot be trusted.

  13. As a conspiracy theorist who agrees that thing thing should have been kept hidden, to announce it after almost 3 months of silence smells of a MAJOR CONSPIRACY to me.

  14. Hey Martyn, – How toxic is 1080?

    There is something not right here about the deep concerned terrorism threats of 1080 poisoning given suddenly by Government and MSM.

    My memory serves me right (I hope) that when the 1080 aerial spraying of pellet drops was announced by COC last year they said in defence that it (1080 ) was not vey toxic or dangerous to humans.

    The arguments were spoken about rivers and our drinking water being contaminated by 1080 poisoning yet a DOC scientist said it was “safe and mostly harmless” so why now are they treating 1080 as so wildly toxic?

    It is convenient to portray 1080 now as toxic in the shadow of suspected home grown terrorism?

    National are purely opportunists and liars, as we now “you cant have it both ways” toxic & non toxic can we?

  15. If this person isn’t an eco-terrorist I don’t know what is.

    Someone who threatens to potentially kill innocent babies to make an ecological point is a terrorist.

    He/She/They are the lowest of the low, and should be locked up and the key thrown away at the same time.

    The whole conspiracy line/Northland by-election to me is insane.

  16. My money is on this being the action of a lone deer hunter, who spends a lot of time in the bush and for who, hunting is a way of life and actually his means of support, some of these people can be a wee bit different.
    I imagine he is getting increasingly pissed off because he is constantly finding his prey already dead from eating 1080. I have known a few people who would come close to this in my time.
    It would not be difficult for someone like that to lay their hands on a few pellets of 1080 after a drop and do what’s been done in a bit of a desperate move and a scare tactic only.

  17. Labour Party Press statement:

    “Key overplays hand and puts dairy trade at risk”


    “Everyone hopes the Police will quickly resolve this situation so we can reassure our international trade partners that New Zealand continues to produce the highest quality and safest food in the world,”

    This is my hope too.
    And we will all get to see how effective our hugely expensive and overly intrusive spying aparatus is at catching this “nutter”, or not.

    My guess is that GCSB and the SIS will prove themselves to be so completely useless, so geared up to serving their masters in the US State Department, that they will unable to provide any practical support to the police force at all.

  18. Key said “yes it was industrial grade 1080” only people in the manufacturing supply chain could have got hold of it. And your average person opposed to 1080 is nowhere near the industrial supply chain.

    There is a legitimate scientific, ecological and ethical debate about the government industrial-scale dispersal of 1080 over forests but now these reasoned arguments will get all smeared by association with an act of economic treason and safety threats to babies.

    This “ecoterrorist” threat has a lot of perception management spinoffs for Key.
    1. He projects that he is in “in control” the alpha Leader
    2. The milk powder threat story dominates the news and deflects from the bad news story of the mass surveillance of our neighbours and trading partners by the GCSB,
    3. It’s an opportunity to repeat the pro-1080 hysteria ” we must use 1080 else we will have no kiwis by 2050″ !!
    4. An opportunity to denigrate by implication all the ethical, caring compassionate people who oppose 1080 for very good reasons and who would never do a criminal psychopathic act like threatening the safety of baby milk powder & NZ’s dairy export industry.
    5.Milk powder Industry CEO said that they get food safety threats all the time and it is unusual for the government to “give oxygen to blackmailers”.

    So the 3 months gave them the time to develop the specialist websites, signage, install extra surveillance cameras in stores, spend millions on the 45,000 safety tests, prepare the press releases, all good to go when the “leader” gives the nod to put the plan into action.

    The whole thing smells of a very large rodent, a clever sophisticated manufactured high risk terrorism threat, to make people afraid and compliant, to deflect attention away from exposure of mass surveillance, away from the TPPA, away from Winston Peters in Northland, away from the felling of a 500 year old kauri tree in West Auckland

    It was only a matter of time until some warped sick person used one of the world’s most toxic chemicals to carry out a blackmail threat that could harm babies. or was the whole drama dreamed up and designed by a PR firm specialising in political strategy? I wonder…..

    • Your ABSOLUTELY correct – a manufactured FALSE FLAG event designed to create fear and produce ACCEPTANCE of new tighter controls on the population.
      China will be pissed off about “our spying” and once they have brought up a few more farms NZ will be completely cut out of that operation….

  19. 1080 milk poison threat: police question politicians

    Police grasp at straws while our security services are missing in action.

    (I suppose they were just too busy spying on our Island neighbors for their US masters, to give any time to this)

    After months dealing with the threat away from the public eye, police had moved into a new phase where they wanted the public’s help.

    “I’m confident the public will solve this,” Clement said.

  20. This is exactly why the Left got it’s ass handed to it at the election. Instead of focusing on real issues you waste your time and credibility on loony conspiracy theories…

  21. Martyn, one puts 2+2 together.
    I watched a video today regarding the poisoning scare and he said 2-5mg per kg of body weight is lethal. (as little as 0.2 gram could kill an adult) from 1:20 in the video
    Aren’t they dropping this stuff in the Hunua ranges this winter????
    Isnt this a water catchment for Auckland?
    The announcement to drop 1080 in Hunua was made October last year!!!

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