Imagine if it had been Little screwing up the hammering of a nail?


Imagine if Andrew Little had screwed up nail hammering as badly as Key did this week

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…the mainstream media would scream ‘Labour Leader can’t do labouring’. Patrick Gower would interview angry tradesmen who would feel betrayed by Little, Duncan Garner would muse on how it will damage Little’s credibility with working class people while Mike Hosking would declare the 2017 election already a forgone conclusion because men won’t vote for another man who can’t handle a hammer.



  1. On a lighter note Martyn,

    Have these MSM zealots investigated thoroughly if John Key is in complete compliance with his new autocratic overreaching “Building Act?

  2. Martyn;

    Love it. Notice how he bends the nail and the video stops.

    And that’s bloody pine!


  3. One wonders what the aspirational voters who have swallowed the Nats neoliberal pie in the sky theories think of John “you Don’t Want To Be That Type” Key after his effort as a hammer hand.

  4. As JK said when there is anything like that to be done around the house Bronaugh gets a man in.

    When it comes to summing up JK that hits the nail on the head.

  5. I’m a weak little girlie and I can hammer way, way better than that!!! Probably the first time he has held a hammer.

  6. Well…as GROUCHO stated…. John XKEYscore says Bronagh gets a ‘man ‘ in…..

    Now far be it from me to judge a guy by that standard…but hells teeth , man !!

    We can all see he spent his formative years hammering home a forex deal and that he was on the nail about doing so….

    I spose next we ‘ll see him trying to bait a hook and putting it clean through his finger…

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