A panel of lepers judging a beauty contest


$640 dollars per day to add a veneer of gated community support for changing the flag? And what a wide spectrum of opinion, if your definition of wide is National Party voting media and advertising brand managers.

Julie Christie, Rod Drury, Nicky Bell, John Burrows, Kate de Goldi, Lieutenant-General Rhys Jones, Beatrice Faumina, Sir Brian Lochore, Stephen Jones, Peter Chin, Malcolm Mulholland and Hana O’Regan are about as representative of wider NZ as a South Island jury.

At a cost of $25.7 million dollars, can’t we save everyone’s time and our cash by just holding up the flag Key really wants…


…but we can’t do that because this whole flag debate is just a pointless distraction Key can wave around rather than answering serious questions about privatising state houses, rorting ACC, going to war in Iraq, child poverty, affordable housing, charter school whitewashing, student debt, inequality and of course mass surveillance.



      • I don’t think any amount of money could buy that:)

        Apparently Winston is going to stop the ports of Auckland extension and demolition and put/improve a port in Northland. Not a bad idea. And improve rail there. Prefer to see the $25 mill there. Plus the money that was going to prop up Sky Sore, theres the budget. Take away a bit more corporate welfare and give to real infrastructure.

        win win especially if Aucklands get more access to the waterfront instead of prime real estate being a port.

      • Better to spend it on making a case for Keys removal and a ticket back to Hawaii his real home, that would be money well spent.
        Most people would be against any flag Key wanted, at last people are seeing him for what he is, Obamas puppet.
        Of course the money could be spent on a referendum,but Key would ignor that unless the result suited him.

    • Martyn
      NatZ = Penny wise pound foolish.

      How about saving our $2 billion dollar asset now sitting idle, investing just four million dollars spent on it?

      Yes it’s our Napier GIsborne rail service that National caused the blocked drains/culverts to fail after a heavy rainfall from the resulting lack of money to keep them clear.

      Caused by NatZ Minister of Transport then Steven Joyce who “redirected” took the 2 million dollar annual maintenance funds budgeted that year 2012, and spent them on Auckland’s passenger rail for propping up the private French rail operator service there.

      So for a measly four million dollars to fix the 400m of slips on the 212 km rail service it lies dorment while Government ponders whether to spend Billions on the roading instead???

      Who said National were good stewards of our tax dollars?

      Ha ha, smoke and mirrors folks.

      Winston promises to immediately fix the rail and get it back in service, why not eh?

      • Yes, I’m yet to see any of the financial genius that the natz admire themselves so much for. They are wasters and thieves. Ppl need to look closer at his reason for the change of the flag.

  1. maybe he wants to change our flag at the behest of the USA? ( because all the polls say NZers don’t want to change their flag)

    ….and who runs the USA?…Israel?

  2. And not one artist amongst them.
    Talking about distractions, what about this 1080 “ecoterrorist scare”… why has this gone public as police have been investigating since November last year. It’s like the threatened release of Foot and Mouth on Waiheke in 2005, which took the heat off Helen Clark during the Peter Doone affair.

  3. EE

    Yes the NatZ diversion machinery is now winding up to block out the northland election, National are hoping it will dampen down Winston’s media spotlight as they know Winston can play the TV camera’s better than slimy Key & co.

    Why didn’t the TV media also broadcast that Fonterra lost a 33 Million Dollar US Cheese contract by not renewing the contract in time?

    Cover up as usual.

    Good for Stuff reporting it though.


  4. Overall, the flag referendum process is expected to cost $25.7 million, of which $17.3 million is for the two referendums and the remainder for public consultation.

    Expected to cost $25.7 million. A budget blowout wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprising.

    More money will need to be found for postage and processing costs if voter turnout exceeds 70 per cent.

    They obviously don’t expect the public to be all that enthusiastic.

    It’ll be amusing to see the probable dreary conservative crap designs chosen. Someone at least give this process the due respect it deserves by submitting the above design.

  5. The thing that really gets me about “our panel of NZers” is that not one of them has any expertise (professional or hobbyist) in vexillology (flag studies). Why is that? You can imagine trying to set up an inquiry into justice an using only sportsmen and businessmen! So this means the people determining our future flag are simply offering their own personal tastes with no practical background in flags or even basic design.

    It’s gotta be a joke. Prolly on us too…

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