Want infrastructure? Have your Government MP resign for ‘personal reasons’ and get 10 bridges


Seeing as National voters can be bought for the price of a flat white…


…the sudden need for National to promise 10 news bridges for Northland seems extravagant.

The panic has set in for National.

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Key’s arrogance in writing Winston off has changed with the realisation that an electorate as neglected by National as Northland has been is intending to send the Government a message by eliminating their ability to ram through controversial legislation with just the help of ACT.

Labour’s hamfisted campaign to date isn’t fair to Willow-Jean Prime who is an excellent candidate. The sudden wake up of Little giving his nod to Winston over the weekend should have been worked out well before now. This was a chance to look like a Government in waiting rather than squabbling again. If Winston wins it will mean the Greens get relegated to support partner in a Labour-NZ First minority coalition come 2017 as Labour’s move to the middle is now well set.

Regardless of who wins, Northland will still lose. The only hope for those ground down by poverty will be a change in Government 2017, it won’t be the replacement of the self-interested pretending to represent their interests.

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Northland should hold out until Sabin’s ‘personal issues’ are made public, Key will have to promise 10 airports then.


  1. Love the clip of Key hammering – the man can’t even hit a nail squarely on the head – let alone the truth.

  2. Nice bridges , John …..say , – isn’t that a bit too Social Democrat ?….or does Mr John XKEYscore only let them eat cake because he fears a political revolution if he doesn’t?

    The things these maggoty neo liberals will do to save their own worthless arses….

  3. Got to admit, I’m pretty useless at hammering nails too – it’s about the only thing I have in common with the PM

  4. Willow-Jean Prime winning Northland for Labour would bring joy unbound to the left, but it’s never going to happen. But my joy would be pretty wild if she can hold Labour’s vote, while Winston wins with the support of angry and disappointed National voters. These folk will not vote for him if they think he’s a Labour stalking horse, they are not left-inclined.

  5. So National is a fiscally prudent, expert manager of the NZ economy is it? What a filthy lie. Now we find that these experts, these millionaire geniuses are willing to spend $70 million of TAX PAYERS money to BUY an electorate, yep, buy it! Because for 70 years they have neglected it to near ruin and payoffs, that is buying and selling people, is all John Key knows.

    Ironically Northland, more than most other electorates, is a tribute to the sum total achievements of the National Party.

    But Northland would be unwise to take this bridge building bribe because more deserving in this sewer of corruption will need to be a bribe of the London Underground rail network proportions. But even then when Sabin’s reasons for bailing out are made public, it’s still too cheap!

    • Dont worry all the people up here are furious with the 10 bridge thing. As one said ‘might as well be a blanket and two muskets’!! Cause sure as eggs them 10 bridges will go where the money is.

  6. Great make believe Key carpenter video, Martyn.

    I Like that short video of Key trying to nail with a hammer, pity he didn’t bang his finger with the wild swings he was giving he is useless.

    And yes he can probably shake two hands all at the same time as he also talks out of both sides of the mouth at once with a forked tongue.

    A true magician isn’t he.

    Winston will eat him for breakfast as Key has no longevity as Winston has.

    Key has gone over the top and on his way down that slippery slope all overconfident politicians face.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish my Dad used to say.

  7. 1. If Kim Dot com wasn’t illegally spied on and illegally raided at his mansion, Key wouldn’t have been snapped with his GCSB bungling.

    2. Had Key not lied about Cameron Slater and Jason Edes parts in smear campaigning, Nicky Hager wouldn’t have caught Key out yet again.

    3. Had Mike Sabin not done his porkies, Key and Osborne wouldn’t be in a pickle over the ten bridges saga. More National party lies.

    So, who really is at fault John Key?

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