How come we have the money to re-invade Iraq and can we trust the media to cover Key’s war objectively?



How come we have the money to re-invade Iraq for America but don’t have the money to feed hungry kids in poor schools for NZ?

The last decade of propping up a corrupt Government in Afghanistan cost us $300 million. That’s a cool $30million per year, plus ten solider’s lives lost, plus our Military becoming involved in handing civilians over to known torture units in breach of the Geneva Convention.

That’s right, our last decade of ‘peacekeeping’ put us on possible war crime charges.

Key’s War will be far more dangerous and expensive. Re-invading Iraq with a mere 16 specialists suggests that the vast bulk of that 100+ force are soldiers for killing things, not bridge building engineers hand crafting schools out of snot and hope. According to Jon Stephenson, NZs best investigative Journalist on the subject, the SAS have been operating in Iraq for months already.

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Key’s attempt to re-write history this week was bewildering and thuggish. He tried to claim that when he said entry into Iraq was the ‘price of the club’, he actually meant the ‘club of Nations’ and not the 5 Eyes Club. Problem is, that Key was referring directly to the 5 Eyes Club in the BBC interview where he gave that answer, so waiting weeks to clarify that statement suggests that Key is simply lying through his teeth and is confident that the Country will fall in behind him.

Key’s just so confident isn’t he?

And why shouldn’t Key be confident? ISIS have shown an incredible skill at using basic internet abilities to put together produced acts of violence made more disturbing because we never see the results of Western drone strikes on our mainstream media.

What happens if one of our soldiers gets captured? What nightmare scenario could they dream up and broadcast? What if a mentally disturbed person does what other mentally disturbed people have done and kill locals at a Mall? Some of us would point the finger directly at Key and blame him for the decision to invade in the first place, but I fear most NZers would feel so outraged at the killings that they would rally around Key and demand we increase our troop deployment.

Watch how NZ reacts to violent crime domestically. We get so outraged at a killing, we demand feral prison sentences and harsh treatment. I can see those angrier angels of our natures being played horribly by Key should a domestic act or soldier kidnapping occur.

Can we trust our mainstream media to keep Key accountable? I’m afraid it is unlikely. There is a damning history of the NZDF manipulating and conning a very compliant news media over what our troops are really doing overseas. If we look at the recent scandal of the NZ Herald revealing that the donor who had falsely smeared Cunliffe over donations that never occurred had actually donated to National, it seems pretty apparent that the news media are content with zero evidence gossip that diminishes the Opposition rather than Government scrutiny.

This is what full spectrum political dominance looks like, Key can do what he likes and he is.




  1. When things turn to custard in Iraq Key will blame Labour and his supporters will believe him.

    When global warming kills millions, Key will blame the Greens and his supporters will believe him.

  2. I see Cameron is committing UK troops to train Ukrainian troops despite a relatively successful cease fire. Must be so he can remain a member of the club too. What happens when the US propaganda against Russia escalates and the US requires more support in that American instigated conflict. Will NZ be sending troops there. The supreme irony would be Australia joining in to support the people who killed many of their citizens and one NZ’er in the MH17 false flag.
    Everyone really needs to wake up to how aggressive and inhuman the Washington regime has become, all hidden by propaganda of course. As a country we need to act in our own best interests.

  3. The Dear Leader is milking the ISIS and terrorism issues for all their worth. In this he is being ably if unwittingly assisted by the usual flock of National trained parrots. What a wonderful heaven sent smoke screen behind which he can obscure his continual dishonesty, e.g. Fund raising dinners, his erosion of rights, dismantling of NZ state housing, the running down of the NZ economy, hungry children, galloping house prices, ballooning debt and so on.
    While our people are concerned about the middle east at the end of the day they are far more worried about issues closer to home and just when Key and co are starting to look vulnerable unfortunately like good little snapper all the opposition is rising to the bait.

    • Hi IKE;

      Excellent work. Can see you are well informed so don’t stop for good.

      I’m impressed at the number of readers that are now posting links to
      websites and articles,be they mainstream or alternative,to endorse
      what they are saying. It becomes not just opinion.

      The Daily Blog could well become the resource that people go to for
      info that is not covered or a 10 sec sound bite on TV /radio news.

      You may like

      This site was recently “lent on” and taken down to revamp their
      content. Gone is the list of “backgrounders” of prominent people
      throughout Hitler,Napolean.Kissinger,Bush,Obama etc.
      Gone too is vital info on the Club of Rome for example or the UN.

      But if you browse thru the archives,esp the Glossary you will find
      information that may change our paradigm on how the world really
      Even use the search engine on site for those[or any]names above
      will bring up useful information.

      This is the site that crystalized all the info for me.

      The terms Dominant Social Theme and the Internet Reformation
      were first used on this site.

      It’s a process, not an episode.

      Keep up the good work.


  4. Part of the rules of belonging to the club is that leaders can lie whenever they what to. Even if they contradict themselves, there is contrary evidence, they still lie. Lying according to the rules of the club is GOOD. Not knowing turns most subjects into subservient followers. Seen how Key, Abbott, Obama (Liar in chief), Cameron and Harper rattle out the lies? Incredible how they keep a straight face knowing that some know they are lying. But it doesn’t matter. The majority of people don’t, so onwards and upwards. And the news media complicit in this have either been unknowingly brainwashed and/or knowingly pressured that they report these lies (as truth). Some may speak up against the lies but if they know what is best for them, most will go along perpetrating, expanding and making up their own lies. If you follow any of the overseas conflicts using reliable alternative media sources, it will become apparent why, how, and when Key acts. (We also haven’t had our false flag/terrorist incident yet.) We are no longer a sovereign country and TPPA will soon be here.

  5. That is exactly how it is Martyn.

    There is inevitably going to be some sort of ‘terrorist event’ here in New Zealand (or false flag event) sometime in the future.

    If it is a false flag, as opposed to some deranged individual(s), then it will happen when the as-yet-unresolved GFC reasserts itself with a vengeance, at which time they will be sure to engineer more war which is their now obvious default position to create maximum distraction and justify severe austerity, which will include Cyprus-like bank haircuts of depositor funds which NZ and other nations have already signed off on. NZ Government / John Key has already announced this probable future contingency to keep the banks liquid (by any normal company balance sheet measure in reality they are already insolvent) – this is named the Open Bank Resolution
    (check it out here:- )

    If it is to be a false flag event then it will be unlikely to be organized by any NZ interest but will be undertaken by our offshore masters who have a proven track record of innumerable false flag events going way back to the American Spanish war in 1898.

    As for New Zealand mainstream media – what a joke. One wonders how they can sleep at night. There is no investigative journalism of any description in NZ mainstream media – they just sit at their desks waiting for their handlers to email or phone in the gospel news.

    It is the same now across all Anglo-American and EU nations mainstream media.

    If you have not yet read / viewed this recent revelation / confession by German journalist and whistleblower Dr Udo Ulfkotte then you should do so:-

    Editor of Major German Newspaper Says He Planted Stories for the CIA

    • Allan M;

      More excellent work. Well done.

      Yes,I believe there is a CIA or Intel type person placed in ALL the
      major newsrooms to make sure nothing goes out that does not
      conform to the pre-ordained Narrative.

      You may like

      Webster Tarpley is a highly educated geo-political historian and
      He is the false flag expert that Italy hired to investigate the killing
      of their Prime Minister and uncovered the GLADIO network of Intel
      left behind after WW2. Responsible for numerous false flag events
      and assassinations across Europe,to usually blame socialist’s or communist’s for political gain.

      Tarpley believes that the Guy Fawkes event was also a false flag.
      Set up by the King to make war against Catholic’s.

      Unfortunately,Tarpley’s site has been “lent on” as well. His search
      engine has been disabled and all his interviews on MSM [ Fox,Cnn etc,except Press TV] has been removed.Copy right laws,I suppose
      because they don’t agree with his message.
      This has only happened recently. His 9/11 interviews were there.

      But if you trawl thru his archives from beginning to the present day
      his own articles are more than enough.
      He is the top false flag expert. He has Intel sources.

      Also see my reply to IKE ,above ,about the Daily Bell’s glossary.

      When websites are put under pressure it usually means they are
      close to the bone with sensitive info.

      If / when the TPPA is signed The Daily Blog could be one of those
      sites that are censored.

      Keep up the good postings while we still can.


  6. Martyn – re your statement as follows:-

    ISIS have shown an incredible skill at using basic internet abilities to put together produced acts of violence made more disturbing because we never see the results of Western drone strikes on our mainstream media.

    My comment to this:-

    The people in our nations have become such brain-dead zombies.

    None of them can envisage the most horrible carnage that these ongoing incessant drone strikes are wreaking as they usually incur enormous collateral damage which is a nice fuzzy word to describe innocent non-combatant women and children being blown to shreds with many dying slow agonizing deaths by disembowelment with their guts spread all over the ground.

    I am no way trying to justify the gruesome ISIS beheadings and live incineration of a pilot – but in reality that is nothing compared to the horrors of people being dreadfully maimed and disembowelled by the drone strikes from our side.

    This is part of the reality as reported in The Guardian

    Nation of brain-dead idiots who choose not see beyond their noses as they obsess over reality TV, celebrity gossip and everything and anything that panders to their unquenchable thirst for fictions and lies.

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