So when will the NZ Herald apologise to NZ for the Dirty Politics Donghua Liu smear?



As the Daily Blog exclusively noted at the time, the entire Donghua Liu smear against David Cunliffe was another Dirty Politics organised black ops perpetrated against Labour with the NZ Herald the willing vehicle.

That the very same individual the NZ Herald was claiming had bought a $15 000 book that never existed, a $100 000 bottle of wine that never existed and hundreds of thousands of other dollars in donations  to the Labour Party – none of which existed – actually ended up donating to the National Party. This revelation should force immediate resignations from the NZ Herald Editorial team responsible for the false allegations against Labour.

The NZ Herald used the manufactured Donghua Liu smear to generate a character assignation of David Cunliffe that culminated in Political Reporter John Armstrong questioning if Cunliffe should actually stand down as leader.

How extraordinary is that? The NZ Herald’s claims of vast donations all a total fabrication and the embarrassing revelation that instead of donating to Labour, Donghua Liu actually donated to National. The very same Donghua Liu that had Maurice Williamson intervene with the Police for a domestic violence.

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This appalling and shameful level of Journalism by the NZ Herald is in my mind another dark chapter of the malicious Dirty Politic tactics used by National’s black op team to plant smears against political opponents that the mainstream media were all too willing to use to con the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind.

The voters were played.


  1. Didn’t Frank lodge a complaint with the Press Council regarding the Herald’s outrageous fabrications?

    What was the upshot of that?

  2. Is this is the same Labour party which SOLD citizenship to William Yan/Bill Liu despite all official advice he was dodgy? They then organised a private citizenship ceremony in their offices at a day’s notice – something which they have yet to offer a reason for?

    Both major parties can’t lie straight in bed when it comes to the topic of favours for donors.

  3. And you’re absolutely sure that Donghua Liu didn’t donate any money to either Cunliffe or Labour? If he didn’t then why did both Cunliffe and Labour go quiet after Liu’s lawyer wrote to them? What was in the letter?

    • I wonder, is the Herald shitstirring again?

      “Labour was unable to find any record of major donations and no proof has yet emerged beyond Mr Liu’s statement that he had donated to both parties.”

      Clearly Mr D. Liu donated to National though.

      David Cunliffe said “Dodgy because the Prime Minister was involved, dodgy because a member took $25,000 from Donghua Liu and dodgy because National were trying to frame Labour up while they were on the take.”

      • On one news tonight they pointed out that the donation by Dong to Jamie-Lee Ross of $25K was refunded AFTER the NATIONAL party gave the SAME AMOUNT to Ross on the eve of the election. Whereas other electorates received their party funding months in advance of the election. It looks like a turd, smells like a turd, feels like a turd… unfortunately we are all being asked to swallow it. #fuckoffnational

    • Enoch – your assertions are meaningless because they are patently untrue.

      There is no evidence that Liu donated money to Labour. So you might as well be asking if Liu donated money to you, to buy drugs. Can you disprove that?

      And feel free to tell us more about the “lawyer’s letter”?

  4. This is really shocking and not once did I see this new Liu donation revelation mentioned on the 6 pm News i was waiting, and waiting…. What a bunch of totally crooked, dishonest, creeps, how can they get away with this! This makes me sick to my guts, and hardly anyone gives a toss, what have we become here?! @$&%*£€? & GMO!

    We have been taken over by Total Fuck Wits! Well you know what, the fucken methane in the Arctic is destabilising seriously while these cheating fucks play ‘who’s the man. ‘ The time bomb is ticking while the so called leaders CHEAT to win the GAME, well not for much longer. We will all lose when the Arctic methane hits the atmosphere. I give up, we are doomed! We have idiots at the so called top playing us all for fools. Someone needs to whack the stool out from under these bastards FAST!

    This cheating Liu, lier affair just proves the tip of the (rapidly melting) ice burg of bullshit and lies this government is capable of, and they have no morals, or care for us the NZ people, or democracy! We are the game board they jump all over.

  5. Never a truer word said martyn.

    Instead we are left with a corrupt government that a gutless governor general wont sack.

    If this was labour who had done this you can bet the establishment would have moved heaven and earth to sack the government and call a new election.

    • I have said this before and no-one contradicts it – as far as I know the Governor General cannot sack a Government unless the nation has become ungovernable and, as much as we hate to admit it, that point has not been reached.

      • Sorry you are wrong

        The Australian Govenor General did it to Gough Whitlam in the 1970’s .

        Our Govenor General has the same rights.

        We Have a Corrupt Govenment if our govenor general cannot act there is something wrong.

        Especially after it was stated nemerous times on facebook of young nationals bragging of stealing voting cards and using them to for double and tripple voting at different the last election .

        People registering to vote and their names not being listed on the electoral rolll among other things.

        All this was reported to the voting commission what happened nothing.

        All this is typical right wing Republican party crap being played out in NEW ZEALAND.

        I particuarly noticed the reduction of voting booth last year in the christchurch central seat of booths being missing in areas of the seat that normally voted left.

        I would say there were only half the number of booths there noramlly would have been.

  6. Its a circle: Washington – soft bribery of the media – Win an election-get a favourable party into power-Washington wins.

    • @ KIM DANDY . I totally agree .
      The election was rigged unabashedly by unapologetic crooks .
      It only took an egotistical narcissist like Donghua Liu to start waving money around to attract the flies to the stink . Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw will relate to that .

      The New Zealand Herald is as unreadable as National Radio is unlistenable and all because OUR side is losing the war .
      THEIR side is winning . The Dark Siders are winning and if I have to be honest , that scares the shit out of me .

      I was over at Whaleoil the other day to see what the enemy was up to and to my great surprise they were up to ‘boring’. What a dreadful , bleak thing whaleoil is . The Commentors are so unbelievably boring . The Posts are humourless drivel about … well nothing really . Just stating the obvious then kind of pecking at it to get a response, like a chicken , unsure of the health of the worm . And you do know what Werner Herzog said about chickens ?
      ” You look into the eyes of a chicken and lose yourself in a completely flat , frightening stupidity . ”

      The New Zealand Herald , National Radio , Whaleoil , The Media generally , our lives specifically , our demeanour , our society , our dress , our speak . It’s all becoming banal and trite . We’re sliding off the edge of the kitchen table to the floor of mediocrity to be pecked at by frighteningly stupid media chickens .

  7. All just more of the rot setting into John Key’s Corrupt team he commands.

    One day thee new National MP’s will wake up and wonder why they placed such faith in this consistent lying lizard.

    Surely it will catch up with him one fine day, as we are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this Government of lies.

    • @ MATT re Dirty Politics .
      No . It wasn’t . And if you’d read it , you’d realise that .
      Or have you read it and just can’t comprehend the words that make sentences which become paragraphs then on to chapters . The end product is called ‘ a book ‘ . I’m sure you would have seen and heard ‘books’ mentioned on television ?

  8. I wonder now if the slimy toad Key’s timing to announce NZ’s involvement in the Iraq conflict, was deliberately intentional, to take the heat of him re the latest news concerning the Lui donation issue.

    Wouldn’t be surprising at all, considering over the past seven years,Key has proved himself to be a master of the dark arts of illusion and deception, designed to distract from the realities of his subterfuge!

  9. The key Herald editors will not bother to apologise, as they almost never do. For them it is rather “mission complete”, as they managed to help their favoured PM John (the Hollow Men) Key across the finishing line once again, during election 2014.

    Never mind the truth coming out later, about what really happened.

    It does not matter much now, hence the brief reporting on these new revelations. We have moved on, the journalists and politicians say, and so they move on and focus on the “job to be done”, none else.

    And that job is to ensure things stay more or less as they have been for years, and that no serious challenge to the status quo arises.

    RIP Democracy in Aotearoa NZ, there is NO Fourth Estate to be found here!

  10. If you think selling state houses to give sky-corp gambling den a whole lot of money stinks ……………

    If you think running with Sabin as a candidate and THEN appointing him as chair of the Law & Justice select committee is one of the sickest things you’ve ever heard …….

    If you think the manufactured and counter factual smear against David Cunliffe was Dirty Politics………..and our media were right in the middle of the orchestrated litany of lies from the PM and the nats who WERE consorting with and taking the dodgy alleged wife beaters money …..

    If you think any of the above you better shut the F-up and get patriotic because we’re going to WAR ……

    War …. Good for deflecting attention and selling newspapers

  11. The Herald weren’t just gullible innocents here, they were willing partners and played their part well. And by God it did the job and I can only hope their readership continues to decline.

    Too many wealthy people stood to lose if Labour did a Pharmac with the electricity industry, brought in a Capital Gains Tax, lifted the minimum wage, etc. Too much money at stake for the greedy to cope with. Favours called in etc etc etc.

  12. The MSM needs to substitute personal profit and a pat on the head from their neolib masters for personal integrity and the integrity of responsible reporting.

  13. The MSM needs to put aside a pat on the head from their neolib masters and concentrate instead on personal integrity and the integrity of responsible reporting

  14. All we can do is spread the word – ”Don’t read the herald – its rubbish” – “Don’t bother with the television (especially the news) these days – complete rubbish” – “Don’t listen to radio NZ – all one sided rubbish” just throw one of those in, in everyday conversations, just makes people think…

    • It’s a weird thing, but when one completely ceases watching the TV news or most of the radio news bulletins etc and by accident you hit the wrong channel button or radio station and hear the same old drivel all over again, “the debate” as some of these idiot celebs like to call it, it’s even more infuriating.

  15. Kinda makes the great talkback (propaganda) line “they’re (political parties) all as bad as each other” shine line a puddle of horsepee in the moonlight, doesn’t it.
    If they were both as dirty, wouldn’t Labour have been able to drag up Mr Shonkey’s dinner?

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